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Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Traveling Poetry Book Now Seeking Submissions

The Traveling Poetry Book is a project that will enable poets everywhere to share their poems in a book that will travel the world. 
It starts with one book and gets mailed to different locations for people to add their poetry and mail it to the next address on the list. Think of it like a chain letter but one that you actually get something from.
1. You must sign up for the project if you wish to participate. No exceptions. 
2. You must only write one poem in the book and then pass it on.
3. You are allowed to create art in the book but keep it to one page only.
4. You are responsible for shipping charges.
5. If you do not complete your poem within a month, you must pass the book on to the next address anyway.
6. Once you receive the book in the mail, you must contact the host and the host will give you the next address.
7. Local venues will be decided at the discretion of the owners of the project.
8. Max number of entries are for 30 people. First come, first serve.
To Enter:
1. To enter, send an e-mail to:
2. You must give your name, age, and 3 reasons why you want to be a part of this project and your address.
3. Please be respectful and abide by the above rules.
4. For entering, you must be 18 or older at this time.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rougher Tides Chapter 9 Miles Kudover

Jacob was angry at how things had turned out but he realized it could have been worse. At least Miles got him out of his holding cell. Funny how this guy operated. He stayed secretive, only revealing what he thought you needed to know and still carried on a sweet demeanor to outsiders. Of course, the man was trying to become a politician in the near future or so he had said at one point.
Jacob took a swig from his water bottle as he walked up the steps to the building with the British Consulate General. He didn’t really know much about this operation nor did he care to learn it. The only thing that mattered to him was this Miles Kudover guy kept him employed, even if it was supposed to be a secret employment. Today, he’d just pretend he wanted information on possibly traveling to England within the next ten years. Not that he ever would, but he just didn’t feel like sneaking into the building. Besides, Miles would know how to lead him in and straight to his office. When Jacob entered he asked for Mr. Kudover’s room and said the entire lingo that he was trained to say.
Miles’ office was classic. Fur carpet, large desk, large window, almost like a 1950s mob boss set up. ‘Typical.’ Jacob thought. Miles was an older man, with a wig that didn’t quite fit. He also had a small gut and Jacob could picture him smoking a cigar in his office if it wasn’t for the smoking restrictions in public buildings. Smoking a cigar and drinking a shot of gin. Jacob had to force himself not to laugh at that picture.
“You really need to tone yourself down.” Miles said without prelude.
“It’s that bitch’s fault!” Jacob snapped.
“Perhaps, but you need to be able to control yourself. I can’t have you destroying my plans by your recklessness.”
“No one is able to trace me back to you.” Jacob stated adamantly.
“Not right now, no, but what if I wanted you for bigger jobs? For example, that little English brat that I had you take care of?”
Jacob shuddered. It was something he never did before but he did get a nice sum for it and although it was definitely wrong, he was going to hell either way for his actions with that. At least the murder of the drag queen would be counted as a method to absolve him of the sin of murdering a child.
“Why is that you wanted a kid killed?”
“I don’t pay you to ask questions!” Miles snapped. “You know this is step one for me to achieve my goals.”
“You never did tell me what those goals are.” Jacob said quietly.
“My dear boy, you have no need for those details yet. Why, you’re like a son to me.” Miles said and got up. He placed an arm around Jacob, and Jacob couldn’t help but wonder where a flask was or a shot of gin. Whiskey, even.
“My dear boy, when I feel like you are ready to know what I am planning, believe, me you’ll know.”
“Okay, Miles.”
“Did you make sure to cover your tracks with the English girl? I don’t want to pull strings to get you out of jail again. And this could lead you to prison, regardless of how much I paid you. You do realize that right?”
“I’m aware.”
“Good. I’m glad. Right now, I have a manila folder being dispatched to your place as we speak. Your newest job is in there.” Miles said and withdrew his arm. “Oh and Jacob, make sure you’re discrete. Any more, landing on news medias and I will have you discarded.”
Jacob stared at him and forced himself not to gulp. He was hanging with a powerful person but he wasn’t that powerful yet, or was he? Feeling a bit sick to his stomach, he persisted. He was already in too deep.
“Yes, Miles.” Jacob said and walked out.
Miles stared after him. He looked through some files on his computer at current immigration documents and other visa requests.
‘Ugh.’ He thought. ‘It’s only a matter of time before I can finally become a representative of the house and have my own views on immigration implemented. It needs to stop!’
As Miles thought this, he worked on the files in his computer. Quickly, he glanced at his father, an original Englishman whom he had killed to get to where he was. No one could know that his parents were from another country. He prided himself for hiding it so well and no one would ever take his own opportunity away. He cackled quietly to himself as he continued to work on his files, although hating every minute of it.

A week later, Jackie walked up the same steps of the British Consulate General. She looked around and was briefly reminded of the court building she had been in years ago in which she had been injured. Pushing the thought away she ascended the stairs to the reception desk.
“I’m looking for Mr. Miles Kudover.” She said and flashed her police badge to the receptionist.
“One second.” The receptionist replied and picked up the phone.
Jackie waited as was customary in this situation. The receptionist nodded and got up. She led Jackie to an elevator.
“Take this to the fifth floor and once you leave the elevator make a right. Mr. Kudover’s office is all the way down and the last door on the left.” She said.
Jackie nodded.
“Thanks.” She said and got on the elevator.
Inside Miles’ office she suppressed a shiver. ‘What the hell?’ She was reminded of a 1950s mob boss office or was it 1920s. It didn’t matter.
“I’m officer Miller and I need to talk to Mr. Kudover. Am I pronouncing your name right?” Jackie said and flashed her police badge.
“You’re only a cop?” Miles’ asked politely.
“Yes, but I’m doing my job.” Jackie said, not letting it show she was losing her patience with these questions.
“Have a seat, Ms. Miller.” Miles’ said and beckoned her to sit.
Jackie didn’t want to trust it since he was a definite suspect in her eyes but she swallowed her pride and sat down anyway. She quickly scanned the room without letting him notice. There wasn’t much to see aside from one high school bowling trophy and some books. Did this guy even have a family?
“I imagine, you would like to ask me your questions now. Am I being arrested?” Miles’ asked.
“No, I have no evidence to suggest you being arrested but I’m working on a case and your name came up. So I just want to ask a few questions and I’ll be on my way.” Jackie replied.
“What is your name, rank, and station you work in?” Mile’s asked.
“My name is Jacquelyn Miller but you can call me officer Miller. I’m a police officer and I work in the Suffolk County Police Department, First Precinct.”
“What has led you to me?” Miles’ asked clearly amused.
‘Does this idiot not realize that what he says can be used against him?’ Jackie thought to herself.
“I’m working on a case, in which your name came up. It’s a special case due to a child being murdered. I believe you know the girls parents?” Jackie said and showed him a picture of the child and the couple Susan and Ted.
Miles’ involuntarily cringed. Jackie took notice and stored it inside her mind. The man looked like he was about to cry.
“Do you have a warrant?” Miles asked.
“No, I do not.” Jackie answered.
“Well, Ms. Miller, you may leave now. Without a warrant you have no business in here.” Miles stated and pointed his finger towards his door.
Jackie understood but wondered if he knew that he definitely was not helping himself. Not at all. In Jackie’s mind, Miles just confirmed she had every right to view him as a suspect.
“Thank you for your time, Mr. Kudover.” Jackie said, got up, and left.
Miles picked up his cell phone. He had to be discreet but he called the cell phone number he had given Jacob in the manila folder. When Jacob picked up the phone, Miles said, “We need to talk! You better come meet me at our first meeting place in half an hour.”
Miles hung up the phone after that. This wasn’t good. His plans couldn’t be ruined this easily. Perhaps,, hiring Jacob was an extremely horrible idea although he had come recommended by someone else in his employ. Sighing, Miles went back to his computer files to finish everything and then would meet Jacob and talk some sense into that man! If anything, at least Jacob could be used as a scapegoat. After all, he already set himself up for that and Miles ran out of sympathy towards the man. Not like he had it to begin with. Really, he was just a means to an end.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Special Announcement!!!

Rougher Tides is still undergoing some work but I promise that as soon as I can, I will post the next chapter!
Anyway, I just became a manager of an art gallery and we are collecting entries for an open call. See details in the photo below. I hope to hear from you soon!!! And yes, the next chapter to Rougher Tides will go up soon, I promise.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rougher Tides Chapter 8 Jackie's Case

Jacob strolled along the streets at nine in the evening. Having his hands pressed into his jacket pockets and his hood up, it gave the impression of a permanent slouch on him. Whistling the tune of Jeopardy, he’d been released a few days ago. As he walked, thoughts of the Miller bitch ran through his head. Shaking his head, he let it go. What was the point of dwelling on it? He was arrested by her and that grated on his mind, but she was just doing her job. Nothing was substantial when it came to that woman. His cousin Jean had said some things about her, but it was possible that was a completely different person. As far as he knew Jean never told her about him either. That was fine by him.
As Jacob walked the city streets, he passed a coffee shop. Glancing in the window there were some orange couches and some patrons drinking coffee. Thinking nothing of it, he was about to walk inside when he spotted the officer that had arrested him. She was not in police uniform but a light colored blouse and slacks. Jacob saw a blond haired woman sitting next to her, who was dressed in a purple dress with straps.
Watching the couple share a quick kiss, he cringed. He was arrested by a gay woman? Ironic that the very thing he was protesting could work for the law. Seething inside, he wanted to fight the police woman there and then, but subtle tactics would need to be used.
Quickly walking away, he turned down an alleyway. He had to get as far away as possible before he did something stupid. In his haste, Jacob knocked into a woman taller than he was. Tripping, he landed on his hands and hoisted himself back up.
“Sorry, Miss” Jacob looked at the woman. ‘Wait a sec.’ He took another look. It wasn’t a woman but a man dressed as a woman. Freak!
“Watch where you going mister!” the transvestite said.
Jacob’s hackles rose. How dare he! Punching the man in the face, the drag queen fell to the ground.
“Son of a bitch! What the fuck was that for!” the transvestite said with anger and got back to his feet while rubbing his eye.
“Shut up freak!” Jacob raged.
“Hey, I’m only a freak in the bedroom. The name’s Dina Godly and I won’t take so lightly with your attitude!” The drag queen said and waved his hand.
Jacob grunted and threw another punch. Dina blocked it and countered with another punch. The drag queen got Jacob into a choke hold. Quickly, Jacob stamped the man’s foot and elbowed him in the gut. Flipping him over and to the ground, Jacob straddled Dina and pounded his face with punches. Dina tried to block but failed. Quickly pulling out a pocket knife, Jacob held it to Dina’s throat while he was still on top of him. A sneer escaped his lips and Dina trembled in fear. A glint was in Jacob’s eyes as he smiled pressing the knife to the drag queen’s throat.
“You don’t want to do this.” Dina pleaded.
“Oh I so do. You’re a freak and don’t belong here!” Jacob said laughing. “It’s only a matter of time before you suffer in eternal torture from the fires of Hell.”
“You actually believe that crap?”
“You will not make the rapture.” Jacob said and slit Dina’s throat. “God will protect me from the likes of you. Ha, serves you right devil spawn.” Jacob said and got up. Kicking the man’s corpse for good measure, he cleaned up his handiwork and ran away. Let someone else deal with that atrocity. God’s work was nearly done!

That night when Jackie and Honey got home, Honey put on a genuine smile. Jackie was instantly relieved.
“Thanks for tonight, Jackie. It means a lot to me.” Honey said.
“No worries. Besides, we haven’t had a date in a while and I figure the place where we had our very first date would be special.” Jackie grinned.
“You’re amazing, you know that?”
Grinning still, Jackie held Honey close to her. She wanted nothing more than to keep holding Honey in her arms and she kissed her. Trailing her hands up Honey’s shoulders, she stripped off her wife’s dress. Standing naked in their living room Honey rested her head on Jackie’s shoulder.
“I love you so much!” Honey whispered.
Jackie stroked her wife’s hair. The feeling was mutual. Lifting Honey’s chin up Jackie kissed her passionately. Picking Honey up she carried her to their bedroom and buried her face in Honey’s breasts. Moaning softly, Honey stroked Jackie’s hair and unbuttoned Jackie’s blouse. Running her hands up Jackie’s chest and down her back, Honey grew excited in wet anticipation. Jackie trailed kisses along Honey’s chest and then down her neck. Using her tongue she licked Honey’s breasts and felt the blond involuntarily open her legs upon impulse. Smiling Jackie continued caressing Honey’s breasts with her tongue and trailed her hand down the inside of her thigh.
“Jackie,” Honey breathed. “Please.”
“Please what?” Jackie teased.
“I need you,” Honey finished and pulled Jackie’s face to hers and kissed her.
While they were kissing, Jackie relented and started to tease Honey’s clitoris with her fingers. She bucked softly under Jackie and dug her nails into her back. Letting out her own moan, Jackie moved her fingers faster and entered Honey. Moaning Honey clenched her fingers deep into Jackie’s back as the brunette felt Honey clench around her and reach orgasm.
“Jackie!” Honey screamed.
Looking into each other’s eyes, they smiled at each other. Jackie grinned and Honey knew something was up. Her wife had that glint in her eyes and that usually meant trouble but what trouble this time she didn’t know. Still in a state of euphoria, Honey wanted Jackie even more and was about to claim her prize when Jackie stopped her.
“Yes, Jackie?” Honey asked confused. Jackie never stopped her before. This was entirely new to her and Honey wasn’t sure what to make of it.
“I want to keep making love to you.” Jackie stated.
Looking up at her wife eagerly, she spread her legs wide as they could go and held Jackie tightly. Smiling Jackie shook her head. Still confused, Honey closed her legs and waited.
“What is it?”
“I’ve something I want to try,” Jackie said.
“What?” Honey answered losing her patience.
“I picked up a toy and I want to use it on you.” Jackie said.
“Jackie, you know how I feel about toys,” Honey said distressed.
“Well, I just want to show you how special you are to me and I want to please you even more.”
“What toy?”
“Why not?”
“Jackie, I gave you my virtue, my virginity. And now you want to use a phallic object on me?” Honey cried in distress. “I don’t like men in a sexual way, what makes you think I’d like that!”
“Honey,” Jackie said soothingly and caressed the side of Honey’s face. “I don’t think that at all about you. I love you and want to make love to you in the best way possible. Besides men despise strap-ons and I see it only as a pleasure tool, my love. I want to please you.”
“Jackie, I love you but I’m so afraid that if you make love to me with that and I enjoy it because it is you and no one else, you’ll look at me with disgust.” Honey explained.
“Baby,” Jackie said. “I could never look at you in disgust. I want to do this and I want you to enjoy it. If you don’t want me to I won’t. I don’t want to force you to do anything you don’t want to do my love.”
“Well we could try it this once, Jackie but if I don’t like it, never use it on me again.” Honey answered.
“Are you sure Honey?”
“I love you Jackie. I trust you and I want you.”
“Okay baby. Then let me make love to you and show you just how much you mean to me.”
Jackie kissed Honey again and then trailed her kisses down Honey’s neck, breasts, and stomach. Placing her head between the blonde’s legs, she began to lick her clitoris and Honey ran her fingers through Jackie’s hair. Moaning, Honey could do nothing as she was powerless to Jackie’s expert ministrations of her tongue.
Getting up, Jackie opened a dresser drawer and pulled out a box that contained the strap-on. Once she got it out of the box, Jackie stripped and put on the strap on. Pouring a little bit of lubricant on the dildo, Jackie walked to the foot of their bed. Pulling Honey closer to her, she pushed her legs apart and eased the dildo into Honey’s slick pink folds. Moving her hips forward and backward Jackie smiled in ecstasy never knowing how good it felt to be in this much power. Honey moaned and her hands clenched the bed sheet as Jackie humped her with the dildo. Steadily Jackie increased her speed as she still stood at the foot of the bed enjoying the blissful moment with Honey. There was a secret compartment on the dildo to make it vibrate and Jackie turned it on full blast as she increased her speed inside Honey.
Honey couldn’t take it. The new sensations of the vibration and of Jackie increasing her speed inside her took her to a new and even better state of euphoria. Jackie could feel the inside of Honey clenching around the dildo, although in her opinion, she liked using her fingers on Honey much better than this dildo. Still, her love for Honey was strong.
“Jackie, oh god, Jackie!” Honey screamed as she went through another orgasm and dug her hands into the bed sheet.
Her body bucked and she lay limp on the bed breathing heavily. Jackie pulled out of Honey, her wife’s cum all over the dildo and she licked Honey’s fluids off it. Smiling, she cleaned the toy and put it away. Still lying on the bed, Honey couldn’t move but she smiled at Jackie. Getting into their bed, Jackie wrapped her arms around her and kissed her once more.
“I love you Honey.” Jackie said and held Honey close.
“I love you too!” Honey said. “God, I love you too Jackie!”
“The sun’s coming up.” Jackie stated and laughed softly.
“Hmm, remember our first time we slept together.” Honey said.
“Yes, I do my love. I remember every moment. Get some sleep.” Jackie said but before she finished her sentence Honey was already asleep in her arms. Kissing the top of Honey’s head Jackie closed her eyes and fell asleep herself.

Jackie woke up at seven that morning with Honey snuggled up to her and lightly snoring. Smiling, Jackie didn’t want to be anywhere else but right here with her wife. Honey was beautiful to her and always would be.
Unfortunately, her cell phone rang. ‘What the hell?’ Looking at her phone, it was Captain Hanks. ‘At this ungodly hour?’
Answering her phone, she nodded silently and her smile vanished. Her eyes went dark.
“Yes sir! I’ll be there immediately.” Jackie replied and hung up the phone.
Honey looked up at Jackie, sleep still in her eyes.  
“What’s wrong baby?”
“It’s work.” Jackie replied simply and kissed the top of Honey’s head. Jackie got up and tucked Honey back in. “Don’t worry my love, I’ll be back soon.”
Changing into her police uniform, Jackie looked at Honey who had fallen back asleep. It was Honey’s day off and since she was still asleep and exhausted from last night, didn’t realize the severity of the situation. Sighing, Jackie turned away and rushed out of their bedroom and out the front door.

At the crime scene, Jackie looked at Captain Hanks. She was utterly confused as to why she was here. However, Jackie did notice the alley way with the body of a drag queen was eerily close to where she and Honey had their date last night. This wasn’t good!
“Captain Hanks? Why am I here?” Jackie asked. There were other officers that could have helped investigate and she still didn’t understand why she was summoned.
“You’re one of my best officers. I want you to solve this case!” Captain Hanks said. “Good luck!”
Jackie resisted the urge to gulp. Glancing quickly at Captain Hanks and then back to the crime scene she got to work. Putting on a pair of gloves, she knelt next to the body. It was a male in his early thirties. Signs of a fight were apparent but she looked over the corpse thoroughly for any more clues. Looking at the dead man’s throat Jackie saw it had been cut, but with what knife and by whom?
‘Who has a vendetta against you?’ Jackie wondered.  
Getting up from her crouched position, she looked around for any more clues. The ground was in disarray near the body. And there was a pool of dried blood around the man’s head. Hmm. There had to be something she was missing, but what? Jackie looked around and her head was a blank slate. Normally, she’d be able to pick up quickly whatever it was, but it just wasn’t coming to her right away. Suppressing a sigh, she looked around once more. From the corner of her eye, she spotted something shiny that was a few feet away from the corpse. Picking it up, she looked at a necklace of a crucifix. ‘Really?’ She asked for a plastic bag from one of the people around her and placed the crucifix in it. That would be evidence and probably a clue. Jackie highly doubted it belonged to the drag queen. She’d go through the files back at the station and figure it out.  Realizing Captain Hanks had already left she suppressed a shudder. Why did it take her so long to realize that? Was she losing her touch? No, that couldn’t be it. Exhaustion is the answer here, if she counted last night. Scanning over the crime scene once more, she saw nothing of interest. ‘Doesn’t hurt to look a third time.’ She reasoned with herself.
After scanning the area once more, nothing caught her interest. Looking at one of the other people Jackie asked. “We have an id on the guy?”
“Yes, his stage name is Dina Godly according to the local bar but his real name is Daniel Webster.” The tech said.
“I see. Thanks.” Jackie stated and walked away.

Back at the station, Jackie was at her desk looking through files on her computer, something she rarely ever did. Glancing through the documents on her computer her cell phone buzzed. ‘That’s not exactly professional.’ Jackie thought and answered it anyway.
“Hey, Honey.” Jackie said. After a few moments, Jackie looked around the department and nodded. “Only six. Okay see you soon.”
Hanging up the phone, Jackie went back to work. Fifteen minutes later, Honey showed up with a tray of coffees. Suppressing a smirk, Jackie went to greet her. Honey only smiled and handed her a hot chocolate. Jackie hated coffee with a passion. Captain Hanks came out of his office to see Honey.
“Hello, can I help you with something?” the man asked.
“I came to bring in coffee for the people here.” Honey said and placed the tray of coffees onto a desk.
“Captain Hanks, this is my wife Honey Miller.” Jackie introduced.
Honey shuddered. She still held her insecurities from the past and the fact that Jackie just outed her to her own boss gave her cause for worry. Later when Jackie got home, she was going to slap her upside the head.
“Ah. Nice to meet you Mrs. Miller. Jackie I had no idea you were married.” Captain Hanks said.
“I try to keep my personal life out of my professional life.” Jackie replied and glanced sidelong at Honey.
Honey gulped. Captain Hanks saw that Honey was uneasy and smiled a warm greeting.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Captain Hanks.”
“Likewise, Captain Hanks!” Honey responded.
After handing Captain Hanks a cup of coffee, Honey walked over to Elena who was just about to walk out the door. Handing Jackie’s partner her own cup of coffee, Honey sat down beside Jackie. Captain Hanks had already gone back into his office.
“Seems like this is a case that is a special one.” Honey whispered as she sat down next to Jackie.
“It might be, but don’t jump the gun just yet.” Jackie replied and went back to looking through the files on her computer.
Honey let out a small laugh. Getting up, she quickly kissed Jackie on her forehead and before walking out of the station said “If you need any help let me know.”
“Thanks my love.”
As Jackie looked through her documents, she found the one she was looking for. As pulled the document up she scrolled through its contents and felt like she was back to square one. So Daniel Webster did have a record but nothing to suggest someone had a motive to murdering him. All that was on his record were some minor traffic violations. Sighing, she took a sip of her hot chocolate and read more on his file. It was still nothing substantial.
Captain Hanks walked out of his office and towards Jackie. Looking up at him, Jackie waited. The look on his face was more than enough to know she wouldn’t be staying at her desk for long.
“There was another call.” The man said. “You’re needed on 4th ave. and Herzel blvd.”
Nodding her understanding, Jackie got up and rushed out of the station. Seeing Elena, Jackie stopped.
“I thought you left already?” Jackie asked.
“No, not yet. I had an important phone call to take care of.”
“I see.” Jackie answered not thoroughly convinced.
Getting into her car, she motioned for Elena to hurry up. Once Elena was seated and strapped in, Jackie sped to her destination. The crime scene on 4th ave. and Herzel blvd was a complete disaster. A child’s body had been mangled and bits of car debris were all over the place. The parents of the little girl were inside-crying and holding each other. Jackie and Elena walked over to them.
“Hello, my name is Jackie Miller and this is my partner, Elena Williams.” Jackie introduced. “Can we ask you a few questions?”
“You’re only police officers?” The woman asked.
Jackie responded “Yes, but we need to ask you some questions.”
“Alright come inside.” The woman answered and led them into their house.
“What are your names?” Jackie asked.
“My name is Susan and my husband’s name is Ted.” The woman replied.
“So, what was your daughter’s name?” Jackie asked.
“Her name was Jennifer and she was only ten!” Ted croaked.
“Do you know of anyone that may have had an issue against you?” Elena asked.
“I don’t see why anyone would take it out on my only daughter!” Ted said.
“Sometimes there are people out there that are very sick.” Elena explained. “It’s very important for you to remember even the smallest details as they can pin point back to who did this to your daughter.”
Susan shuddered. She looked at both Jackie and Elena and then to her husband Ted. Turning back to Jackie she spoke.
“Our daughter was just playing outside. It all seems so unreal.” Susan explained.
“It is very tragic,” Jackie sympathized. “But there must be something, anything, you can remember as to how this came about. I don’t believe this was an accident.”
“It was definitely not an accident!” Ted responded adamantly. “Who would do this to my little girl!?”
“I don’t know sir, but I intend to find out.” Jackie replied.
“We were at a dinner party a few nights ago.” Susan explained. “One of the conversations was the new immigration laws coming into play. We had adopted our little girl from England and so we agreed that the new immigration laws were definitely something to be embraced.”
“Was there anyone there that knew she was from England originally?” Elena asked.
“One of our mutual friends told us the laws needed to change and he would see to it. He also announced his hatred towards immigrants, which was shocking and Ted and I never would have expected from him.” Susan said.
“What was his name?” Jackie asked.
“Miles Kudover. I have his address too.” Susan said and pulled out a business card from her purse.
Handing the card to Jackie, she scanned it and placed it in her pocket. Miles Kudover was a consultant for the British Consulate-General in New York City. Fascinating! She stood up and shook the hands of both Ted and Susan. Looking at Elena and then back at the couple, she gave a reaffirming nod.
“If you have anything that remember later on, please don’t hesitate to call me.” Jackie said and gave them her cell phone number.