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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rougher Tides Chapter 1 Honey's Request

Honey was sitting down at her desk in the den area of her home. Grading her student’s papers, she smiled to herself at the results of her students. They had done exceedingly well and she prided herself on being such a great teacher. The test results of her class proved it! After she had graded the last paper she slipped her reading glasses off and placed them in the case on her desk. Getting up from her seat, she walked into the kitchen debating on what she should make herself to eat. Opening the refrigerator door, she quickly glanced at the contents therein. Sighing, she closed the door and settled on making herself a salad. If Jackie was home, she would have made something fancy but she didn’t want to eat something like that by herself.
She sighed again. Why was she the motherly type? Aw well. Jackie was working long hours on the police force and Honey missed her wife dearly. Their relationship was a great one and Honey smiled to herself thinking about their wedding day, when Jackie had even dressed up in a dress. Something she rarely ever did. Honey chuckled to herself at the memory. Smiling, she reflected on the past and then came back to the present. Something was on her mind that she needed to talk to Jackie about. Something she never thought would come up. Honey wanted a child with Jackie. Although she didn’t think she would ever have kids and used to be so adamantly against having children, her biological clock was ticking. Although, maybe a dog or a cat would suffice. After all, children eventually grew up to leave the nest right? Still, Honey wanted a child and she knew talking about that with Jackie was something that needed to be done. Her wife had never mentioned wanting children and Honey was briefly reminded of one of her college assignments. She chuckled to herself again at that thought. Raising a doll for a child psychology class was just ludicrous.
Honey forced her mind to go to another topic. She had been writing a book since her first day of college before she even met Jackie. Still, her manuscripts never flowed well and always, Honey started over from scratch. She wanted something perfect and no matter what, she couldn’t get exactly what she wanted down on the page. Granted, she was her own worst critic but she still wanted something substantial. Originally, Honey had been writing nonfiction pieces, but as soon as she drifted over to writing fiction, the words flowed more easily. Of course, she had also ended up unintentionally staying up late through the night much to Jackie’s dismay. Honey smiled again at the memory of the other night when Jackie and she had made love to each other. Her spine tingled with pleasure at the thought. Jackie’s touch would never get old to her.
After she was done with the salad Honey placed her bowl in the sink and grabbed a glass of water. Once she cleaned her dishes and put them away, she quickly skimmed through her students’ papers. She heard the rustle of the front door opening and looked at the clock.
‘Eleven already?’ Honey thought to herself and blinked.
The door knob turned and her brown haired, blue eyed lover walked in. Jackie’s hair was matted to her head with sweat and her blue police uniform clung to her lithe build. Even through the years Jackie was in decent shape, and had gained some decent musculature in her arms and legs. Honey breathed.
“You’re still awake?” Jackie asked as shock displayed across the soft features of her face.

“I was just about to go to bed.” Honey replied.

Still, Honey walked over to Jackie and threw her arms around her neck. She rested her head on Jackie’s shoulder. Jackie placed her arms around Honey in a protective embrace and just held her tight. Honey melted into Jackie, loving the comfort of being in her arms. Holding her like this and being held by her, made Honey content. Jackie looked down at her wife who was in her white bathrobe and she stroked Honey’s blond hair. She loved this woman so much! The blond looked up at her, Honey’s green eyes staring into Jackie’s blue depths. Honey was glad Jackie was home and wanted nothing more than to stay in her embrace but she relented.
“You need a shower.” Honey said to Jackie.
Jackie smiled at her wife, since this was Honey’s way of welcoming her home whenever she stayed up late. Still, the bags under Honey’s eyes and the habits that Honey had been picking up worried her. Jackie had even asked her to not stay up so late. After all she had children to teach and Honey was less than desirable when she didn’t get enough sleep. Honey said she was writing a book and Jackie had always nodded at this. Understanding creative types had weird and wacky schedules, but she worried about Honey’s well-being. However, she had never finished a book much to Jackie’s dismay. Jackie kissed the top of Honey’s head and tried to break the embrace but Honey held her even tighter. Looking down, Honey looked up at her and smiled.
“I love you Jackie!” Honey said.
“I love you too Honey, always!” Jackie answered and smiled back.
Jackie kissed her and then broke the embrace. Heading up the stairs to the master bedroom, she pulled out a change of clothes and hopped into the shower. Once she walked out of the bathroom, she saw Honey still up laying down in their bed. Honey’s face was in deep consternation and Jackie resisted the urge to gulp. Instead she got in under the covers next to Honey.
“Are you okay?” Jackie asked her wife.
 “I’ve been thinking about something.” Honey said.
“I can tell,” Jackie answered. “What is it?”
“I think we should expand our family.” Honey
“Hmm,” Jackie said confused. “How?”
“Well, I don’t know how to say this Jackie.” Honey said.
“Just tell me Honey.” Jackie said. “You can tell me anything you know that.”
“I think we should have a child.” Honey said.
Jackie’s eyes widened. What? She shook her head in disbelief. They were only married a year and now Honey wanted kids? She had never mentioned wanting kids before and Jackie didn’t know what to think. What the heck was wrong with her? Jackie knew she would definitely not make a good parent. Honey would, but if she had a child they would both be parents. There was no way this would work! She sighed.
“It’s only been a year Honey.” Jackie answered.
“I want a child Jackie,” Honey said. “One we can raise together.”
“How about a dog?” Jackie asked.
Honey playfully slapped Jackie who only smiled in turn. She looked at Jackie with rage in her eyes. Honey’s wife finally gulped.
“Can you take this seriously please?” Honey demanded.
‘Okay, then Honey!’
“Alright, well who is going to carry or are we adopting?” Jackie asked.
“I don’t know yet,” Honey admitted. “I don’t know about adopting or not but if someone was to carry I would. Your job is too risky for the sake of a baby.”
Jackie nodded somewhat relieved. She didn’t want to ever get pregnant and she didn’t think Honey wanted children although she was the nurturing type. Jackie should have figured this would happen sooner or later. Any woman that was a nurturing type always wanted children eventually. Well, not always, but a majority of the time they usually did.
“Well, can I think about it for a bit?” Jackie asked.
“Yes, of course baby. I just wanted to talk about it now is all?” Honey said. “I don’t know how we would afford it either but I was thinking about it.”
“It’s okay Honey,” Jackie said and caressed Honey’s face.
Honey leaned her face into the caress and then kissed Jackie. Afterwards she snuggled into Jackie like she always did and placed a hand on her chest. Honey had quickly fallen asleep with Jackie’s arm around her.
Jackie stared at the ceiling. She still hadn’t told Honey about the five million her father had given them for their wedding day. Money was definitely not an issue for them but Honey didn’t know that yet. In truth Jackie was trying to figure out what to do with that money, since they obviously didn’t need it. They had gotten by on their own and Honey had no extravagant and really expensive dreams. Had that been the case, she would have told her sooner. Still she did put the money in a savings account in case they did go through any rough times. As of right now, that hadn’t come up. Honey was great at budgeting money and even utilized dollar stores for necessary items. It amazed her how resourceful Honey could be living on a budget. She was a teacher that truly practiced living within her means and she was happy. Honey never stated otherwise and Jackie loved being with her.
But a child? That would mean telling Honey about the money they had. Would Honey forgive her for keeping this a secret from her? Not to mention it was physically impossible for Jackie to give Honey a child unless they adopted or Honey got artificially inseminated. This was something she was going to have to think through. Honey had never mentioned wanting a child before and Jackie was briefly reminded of a college assignment that Honey had to do at one point involving a doll. Ah, memories.

Jackie pondered this over. How could she distract Honey from wanting a child for a little while at least? She knew from experience that once Honey’s mind was set on something she’d stop at nothing to get it. Hearing Honey snoring lightly, she stroked the blonde’s head. ‘Hmm, maybe a puppy would work?’ Having no clue on how to put a stop to this crazy idea she fell asleep. This was going to be a huge dilemma.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Simple Request

I'm going to be posting back up the chapters to Rougher Tides very soon. In the meantime I must ask a favor. Quite a few favors really. I know many of you have come to this site from I believe Sarah Ettrich is wonderful with that web site. Anyway, please do me some small favors?
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Temporary Hiatus but New Fiverr Gigs

Yes, I know Rougher Tides is taking super long. I know, I know. Still, it will happen. Currently I'm in the midst of writing a new book with the tentative title: The Green Dragon. It takes place in an alternate world and that's all I'm revealing about that here. After all, this is a lesbian literature blog and The Green Dragon has a lesbian character in it, but she doesn't get mentioned to the middle of the story.
Anyway, I'm cowriting Rougher Tides with a friend but more will be revealed soon.
In the meantime, tell all your friends to purchase some gigs for me. The money will be used for a future lesbian literature magazine and possible publishing company. Here is the link:

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rougher Tides!!! Where Did It Go?

Hey there! So I just have to explain something is all. I will be posting Rougher Tides back up here soon, however, I am co-writing it now, with a good friend of mine. Or should I say, she is co-writing it with me, since the story is my idea in the first place although she is my muse? Yes, I have a muse. Rare I think but nevertheless, she's special to me. No, I don't know if what I'm saying makes any sense.
However, my friend Charlotte (I can't reveal her real name for privacy reasons.) is my muse and one of the reasons I went back to college, if I may be allowed to get personal, but not too personal.
It's actually a strange relationship we have-Charlotte and I. It's a flirtationship type thing. Basically, we like each other, and she wants more but I don't although that could change but as of right now, it is what it is.
I have nine chapters done and I'm just waiting for her to send me her part. She lives in Texas now and I'm in New York so it's a bit complicated but if you're reading this, thanks for your patience. Also, since our ideas tend to click rather well I'm sure this will be a strong story. This is also her words, I just happen to agree with them.
It will be book two but that is stating the obvious. In the meantime, I will post up the chapters to Rougher Tides again soon. Thanks for being patient, again, if you are still reading this.
I will possibly post a short story soon in the meantime.
Oh and another thing, I'm trying to make a lesbian literature magazine and will post more details to that soon. Still, my main objective as of right now, is to do good in school and since the Spring semester started yesterday, my time will consist in that.
Thanks again!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Welcome Back Dear Fans

I know I haven't posted anything new to this site of mine in over a year! Can you forgive my absent-mindedness? I do so many projects it's hard to keep track of everything. Really, I need to limit myself but being the daily overachiever that I am, well I'm not finishing that sentence.
I've been studying for a Bachelors of Arts in Graphic Design with a minor in Visual Arts. You may be wondering what that has to do with my stories on here. The reality is that I like both art and writing. Honestly, I'd rather be a visual arts major with a creative writing minor but graphic design is the more marketable and hence more plausible solution when it comes to money. I do like graphic design so don't get me wrong on that. I'm in an animation and web design track for it.
I can't believe my third semester in my school is almost over. I'm in Dowling College. It has its ups and downs but the professors are great! Anyway, let me move on.
I recently did a re-release of one of my poetry books and released a brand new poetry book. This blog of mine is getting revamped as you read this too. I need a change every once in a while and I shall do so here. Don't worry, you will get more to Rougher Tides very soon. Anyway, happy belated Thanksgiving and Happy Hannukah, and I hope you are all looking forward to Christmas. Honestly, I'm not looking forward to the holiday for reasons I won't share here or I may in the future but not right now. I just don't want to do so.
So look back for more updates! Thanks for your patience!
The picture below is my cover to the newest book I have released. In the future, look out for more novels and a few possible short story anthologies!
I also stress that there is more to Rougher Tides coming soon...

And check out my amazon page which will also be getting revamped.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Intrigued By First Sight (Book 1) by Erin Miller

Honey Elizabeth is a freshman in college. She is studying child study and has heart set on becoming a teacher. She lives with her friend Jean and together they barely scrape enough to get by.
One day in her freshman composition class Honey meets a woman that will change her life. Jackie Miller! .
Jackie is the bad girl type and has no room in her life for love, but when she meets Honey things stir in her heart that she has never known before.
Entranced Honey and Jackie begin a love affair like no other. However, when Jackie's demons finally show up will Honey be able to stand her ground and stick with the woman she has fallen for?
Find out in Intrigued by First Sight by Erin Miller
This is soon to be a book on Smashwords and Amazon. For now here are the links to read the amazing chapters of this novel!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Intrigued By First Sight (Chapter Twenty Four)

The day came and Honey was dressed in a silk white wedding dress. It wasn’t anything too fancy but Jackie had insisted on getting it for her from a bridal shop. Honey would have been okay getting it from a thrift store after having it dry cleaned but Jackie wouldn’t hear of it. So she had picked out a practically priced wedding dress that she thought looked good on her. She wondered what dress Jackie would be wearing but she figured her lover would probably dress in a tuxedo. She laughed as she pictured Jackie stumbling in a wedding dress. She also didn’t see the need to dress up but Jackie had insisted she wear something nice for their day and that she would wear something nice as well. What Jackie was going to wear Honey had no idea but she waited in front of the justice of the peace.
The justice of the peace was a middle aged woman with salt and pepper hair. She wore the long flowing robes of a justice and she held a book in her hands. Honey assumed it was a bible but she wasn’t too sure.
They were standing in the justice’s back yard. It was a beautiful yard with an white arch that was above the two women and cherry trees on one side. On the other side was a bunch of growing flowers in a white, pink, and red color scheme. Leading up to the arch they were standing under was a cobbled walkway. Honey thought it was beautiful and pristine. Elena and Jean were standing behind the two. Honey opted not to invite her family to her wedding except for her brother Isaac who was also there. There was also her friend Tom.
She waited patiently for Jackie to show up. How could she be late for something she herself had set up? She was growing impatient and also a little scared when Jackie walked into the justice’s back yard. Honey’s breath caught. Jackie was in full makeup that made her blue eyes stick out and her lips were painted red which made her smile pristine. Her face was fair and her brown hair flowed in rivulets down her back. She was wearing a white wedding dress that matched the make up and Honey could have sworn her lover radiated a glow. She was also holding a bouquet of  red roses as she walked down the cobbled pathway. Honey forced herself to breathe. She was marrying Jackie who right now was so beautiful Honey was afraid to touch her, regardless of the fact that they had made love to each other constantly and that Jackie was her first and hopefully her last.
Jackie made her way up next to Honey. She was smiling as she beheld Honey’s dressed figure and Honey’s dreamy stare at her. She looked at the justice of the peace and waited for their ceremony to start.
The justice of the peace began her speech to everyone. Jackie was barely paying attention and had eyes only for Honey. Honey was beautiful in her own wedding dress. Her blond hair was sparkling in the sunlight and her brown eyes held a gleam in them. Jackie breathed.
“Jaqulyn Michelle Miller,” the justice of the peace said and Jackie perked right up. “Since you said you wanted to say something to Honey Agnes Elizabeth now would be the opportune moment. Or are you too busy undressing Honey with your eyes?”
Jackie blushed. Honey only smirked. Their other guests chuckled softly. Had the justice of the peace said her opening lines already? Jackie cursed herself for not paying attention but she held her gaze at Honey and began to speak.
“Honey Agnes Elizabeth,” Jackie started and forced herself to go on even though she was extremely nervous and she handed the bouqet of flowers to the justice of the peace and took Honey’s hands in her own. “Today is the day we wed. I want to promise you things that I can never break. As you know I always stand true to my word and I promise you I will never break your heart. I promise that in good times and even in bad times I will always be there for you no matter what. I promise my heart to you, my love, my friendship, and my companionship. I don’t think mere words can express all these things I want to give to you but Honey please know this, I love you!”
Honey smiled and she melted at Jackie’s words. She had to remember to breathe again. She wanted to kiss Jackie but she waited for the queue from the justice of the peace. She was staring into Jackie’s eyes which held a brightly intense fire of blue. The justice finished her words which both Honey and Jackie weren’t paying attention to when the Justice politely coughed to draw their attention. Honey stood straight shouldered and embarrassed. Jackie followed suit.
“Now that I have your attention, as is custom you may kiss the bride, Jacquelyn Michelle Miller and Honey Agnes Elizabeth-Miller.” The justice spoke.
“Wait!” said Honey. “I don’t want to hyphenate my last name. I want my last name to be Miller.”
“Very well.” The justice said.
Afterwards, Jackie leaned down a bit and kissed Honey. Their kiss was a passionate one but enough to seal the deal. Jackie had already picked up their marriage license and it was in the glove compartment of her car. Their ceremony was over after a while and everyone left to head over the newly wedded couple’s house. The justice of the peace nodded at them with a smile.
“Enjoy your new life together.” She said.
“Thank you!” Honey and Jackie said together.
Once they left the justice of the peace’s property they got into Jackie’s car and drove back home. Honey was thrilled and happy. She was wearing her wedding band and so was Jackie.
“Well Mrs. Miller, I gather we will have an interesting night.” Jackie teased while still concentrating on the road.
“Today has been amazing Jackie!” Honey stated.
“It’s not over yet!” Jackie smiled.
Once they were home they dressed in casual clothes. Honey and Jackie had set a buffet style table of food for everyone to help themselves when they arrived. Honey had found a DJ compliments to her friend Jean and he was setting up in the back. He had a good rate and Honey was grateful for that. After everything was set all they had to do was wait for their guests to arrive.
Honey grabbed Jackie close to her and kissed her passionately holding her in a tight embrace. Jackie returned her embrace and kiss. She loved this woman with all her heart and the day was truly special. Honey smiled at her lover. She was so beautiful and she knew she had to wait to do anything sexual with her but she wanted too-Oh how she wanted too!
Their guests arrived. It was Jean, Tom, Elena, and Isaac. It wasn’t that many people but Honey didn’t mind and neither did Jackie. Honey had neglected to invite the rest of her family simply because she didn’t want to deal with the stress-not on her wedding day thank you very much!
The DJ began to play music and asked the newly wed couple to dance. Jackie led Honey out to the back yard and began to dance a waltz with Honey. It was the dance they had practiced to perfect, Jackie taking the male lead and Honey sticking with the female part. Their song was a special one. It was from a recent artist, well not that recent but it reminded them both of their relationship. That was why they had picked it to begin with. Their dance flowed casually and you can tell that the couple had practiced, though for how long they practiced was anyone’s guess. Honey certainly wasn’t about to enlighten them that they had only practiced for two weeks and had managed to get it down pat.
Their dance continued even after their song had stopped playing. Everyone else joined in as well to dance. Tom had danced with Elena and had even danced with Jean who reluctantly accepted his advance. Isaac shared a dance with Elena and Jean and grudgingly danced with Tom. Of course, he made sure Tom knew he was straight and Tom only shrugged and said he was too, but it shouldn’t matter if two men or two women danced together.
Honey had her own dance with Jean and Elena as well as Tom. It was a joyous moment for everyone there and Jean didn’t even act up on her crush, though on the inside she was seething with hatred and rage. When Honey had danced with Jean again, Jean spoke to her.
“Congratulations Honey,” Jean said. “I hope you are happy.”
“Thanks Jean,” Honey said smiling and spun as Jean twirled her around “I’m very happy. I hope you find someone.”
“Right now, I’m not even looking.” Jean confessed. “I figure I’ll just work on me and if a relationship happens that’s great, but no worries if it doesn’t.”
“That’s a good attitude to have Jean,” Honey replied smiling and this time twirled Jean around.
“I’m going to pick a song we both liked when we were in high school.” Jean said.
“Sure thing.” Honey answered. “I’ll be right here for another dance when you get back.”
Jackie was now dancing with Elena. Elena had managed to take a male lead and forced Jackie into the female role of the dance. It didn’t bother Jackie at all. Elena loved to be the dominant one which is probably why most of her relationships never lasted but that didn’t phase Jackie a bit. Elena was like a sister to her and that was all that mattered.
“Congratulations Jackie! It’s a shame your mother and father couldn’t be here.” Elena said.
“They made their choice.” Jackie said. “They chose pride over love. It can’t be helped.”
Jackie wished Elena hadn’t bought it up. It still hurt her deep down that her parents weren’t accepting of her and Honey’s relationship. Then again she guessed it shouldn’t have mattered. Her parents were never around for her anyway. Her nanny was be she had passed away when Jackie turned eighteen. She had no way of contacting Gerard either otherwise she would have invited him to their wedding. Gerard was always so supportive and didn’t care one way or the other about a person’s sexual orientation. Jackie admired that in him. She just wished she could see him one more time just so she could thank him.
She twirled Elena around and Elena followed this up by a deeper twirl. She danced with Jackie in a respectful distance apart.
“Congratulations on entering the police force, Jackie.” Elena said.
“Thanks,” Jackie responded.
“I put in a request to Captain Hanks.” Elena said.
“For what?” Jackie asked as she spun again when Elena twirled her.
“I requested you as a partner. Starting next week we will be working together.” Elena answered.
“Oh that’s great!” Jackie replied excitement creeping into her voice.
“Yes, it is good news.” Elena said. “Enjoy your special day Jackie. I have a dance with Tom to attend and Honey probably wants a dance with you.
Before Honey could accept Jackie’s request her brother Isaac asked to dance with her. Honey accepted the dance with her brother. She was pleasantly surprised that her brother was a really good dancer. She hadn’t known Isaac to be a dancer but it was okay by her. Perhaps he would so something with it or not. It was whatever he decided to do.
“Congratulations Honey! I understand why you didn’t invite Mom.” Isaac said.
“Please tell me you’re not going to lay a guilt trip on me for it Isaac?” Honey pleaded.
“Of course not! It was a good call on your part. The bitch is crazy.” Isaac said.
“Oh thank goodness, I was afraid I would have to kick my own brother out of my reception.” Honey teased.
“No not at all.” Isaac responded. “How is teaching going?”
“It’s a great career with its own perks.” Honey said. “The pay could be much better than it is, but I love teaching those children. I have my own first grade class.”
“That is excellent Honey,” Isaac said and twirled his sister around. “I’m joining the air force.”
“What?” Honey asked in disbelief.
“I’m joining the air force. I wanted to tell you.” Isaac said.
“Does Mom know?” Honey asked.
“Not yet. You know how she is. She’ll try convincing me not to join.” Isaac said.
Honey knew that. Their mother had tried to convince her not to move out into her own apartment. She tried telling Honey she would never make it on her own and she would be back home once she got into serious financial trouble. However, she had proven her mother wrong by taking the leap, getting the apartment and going to college at the same time. Now she was an elementary school teacher and married to Jackie, a police officer.
She worried about her brother’s choice but she was happy he confided in her about his plan. She finished dancing to the song with her brother and then walked over to Jackie. She got into step with Jackie.
“Isaac is joining the air force soon.” Honey said.
“Oh,” Jackie responded. “Good for him!”
“I’m worried about him,” Honey said.
“Well, you have to let him choose his own path.” Jackie stated softly.
“I know and I have,” said Honey. “but I’m still worried.”
“I know baby, but for now let’s enjoy the day. Did Isaac say when he was leaving?”
“No, I’m the first one he told.” Honey answered.
“Okay, well I’m sure he won’t be departing yet,” Jackie said and twirled Honey around.
“I need a break Jackie. I’ve been dancing for too long.” Honey said.
Jackie nodded at her wife. She let her go and thought she saw someone staring in the distance. Curious by this, she walked over to it to investigate. Who she found shocked her. It was her father and her former butler Gerard.
“What are you doing here?” she asked her father.
“I wanted to see my daughter on her wedding day.” William Miller, her father, answered.
“Where’s mother?” Jackie asked.
“She still won’t acknowledge you. I tried to get her too. You’re our only child but she is too set in her ways, I’m afraid.” William said.
“I wish she would relent.” Jackie said.
“Me too,” William said.
“Thank you for everything Gerard.” Jackie said to her former butler.
Gerard only bowed. He smiled and turned to William. He looked as regal as ever though he was only a butler.
“I think it’s time William.” Gerard said.
“Yes, yes Gerard I know,” William said impatiently. “It’s your day today so I won’t tally long. However, you are beautiful my daughter and I wish you happiness with your new wife and in your new home. I came today to see you and to bring a gift.”
Jackie lifted an eyebrow. What could her father possibly be talking about? However, she did appreciate that her father had come to accept her. William pulled out an envelope from his suit pocked and handed it to Jackie.
“I was going to give this to you on your wedding day to use for a honey moon or even a down payment on a new house. However, I see you have managed to secure a house. I hope you take this gift from me. I’m really sorry it took me some time to come around and I apologize your mother still hasn’t, but please humor an old man and accept my gift.”
Jackie took the envelope from her father’s hands. She was torn whether to accept it or not. Gerard just nodded his head and Jackie accepted the envelope. She opened it and looked at the contents therein. It was a check for five million. She looked up at her father in shock. Five million dollars? She had grown so accustomed to Honey’s way of life she didn’t understand the implications.
“Father, I can’t possibly accept this.” Jackie said.
“Please Jackie, I insist. I want you and Honey to have a good life together and trust me, if you two have children you will need the money.” William stated.
Jackie knew there was no way out. She reluctantly accepted the check her father gave her. Then tears came to her eyes and she embraced her father who returned the hug. Tears came to William’s eyes as well. He looked upon his daughter and saw the instant reflection of his wife Jocelyn and himself mixed together into Jackie.
“Jacquelyn,” he breathed “I’m so sorry I was never there for you. I wish I could have spent more time with you while you were growing up.”
“It’s okay father,” Jackie said. “I forgive you.”
“I love you Jacquelyn, don’t you ever forget that. Regardless of what your mother says I will welcome you home anytime. And Gerard is here for you as well.” William said.
“Thank you father!” Jackie said and cried into her father’s arms.
“Go enjoy your wedding day, my daughter.” William said. “It’s a once in lifetime thing for our clan of Millers. Enjoy your new wife. You have my blessing.”
Jackie broke down into more tears of joy. She hugged her father again and kissed his cheek. She embraced Gerard and kissed his cheek too. Then she turned from them to go back and enjoy her time with her new family.
Little did she know, however, that danger was lurking around the corner from John Bradley himself. John had joined Jean in a religious cult and their order was growing steady. It wasn’t strong yet, but soon enough, the lesbian couple would be sorry. John snickered to himself as he waited and watched as the couple had played directly into Jean’s hands.