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Rougher Tides Chapter Two

Inside a classroom, there was a smart board that Honey was standing in front of. In front of her were desks filled with fourth grade children, ages ranging from eight and nine. They were copying the notes from the smart-board and Honey was impressed that no one was acting up today.
Can someone tell me the past tense of are?” Honey asked.
The students murmured among themselves and Honey waited. One of her students, a little girl raised her hand.
Yes, Christina?” Honey replied.
Are?” the student asked.
Correct,” Honey replied and awarded her a gold star.
The day continued like this, with Honey asked questions and the students answering them. She longed for them to ask her something, but this was the review phase for their test the next day.
When the had been safely escorted to their buses, she walked back to her classroom and smiled. Joy filled her at the fact that she had become a teacher. In the few years of living with Jackie thus far, she had acquired her Bachelor's and a Master's degree. Never did she think she would be in this particular spot, but she was happy. Sometimes dreams did come true after all.
Honey took pride and joy in her job. She hated having to prepare them for the state required tests but she had hope that it would eventually change. Honey loved her job more than anything. A noble career that she felt only a few people could handle.
Walking out of the classroom, she walked down the hall into the faculty room. Since it was the end of the school day, she figured she would have some time to herself before getting back to her paperwork. No such luck. Pouring herself a cup of coffee, a fellow teacher walked up to her and waited for his turn with the pot. He stood six feet tall with chestnut brown hair, hazel eyes, and pearly white teeth. Honey knew him as Dean Redfield one of the first grade teachers. Flashing a smile at Honey, he finished pouring his cup and took a sip.
So, any plans tonight?” he asked.
Not tonight,” Honey replied and sipped from her own cup.
She sat down at one of the tables and immediately realized the mistake. Dean took it as an offer to accompany her. Honey withheld a sigh.
Would you like to hang out sometime?” He asked.
I'm married,” Honey answered hoping this would stop any further inquiries from the man.
I meant as friends. You can even bring your husband if you'd like,” Dean said.
Works long hours.” Honey replied simply, careful not to use the male pronoun.
She had neglected to tell anyone that she was married to a woman. Still holding her fears from the past of discrimination and intolerance, although DOMA was deemed unconstitutional and same sex marriage was a “settled law,” she did not want to give anyone ammunition to see her fired. She wouldn't jeopardize her career and since she worked with children, telling anyone she was homosexual was off limits. People would get the wrong impression if they were ignorant and in Honey's experience there was still a lot of ignorance to go around. Besides, she didn't see why she should make her personal life known at work. Whenever a student asked, Honey would just reply that she was married and then change the subject to the student's life. Dean Redfield only nodded at her answer.
Are you married Dean?” Honey asked as she sipped her coffee again.
Dean sighed. He shook his head softly and then sipped from his own coffee cup.
My wife left me for another man. I’m divorced now.” He said sadly.
I’m sorry.” Honey said, and sympathized with the man.
Dean shook his head again. He ran his fingers through his hair and chuckled.
It’s okay,” he laughed “With no children to worry about, it's a huge relief.”
Honey nodded in agreement with him. She could tell he was lying and still hurt. However, she wasn't going to pry on that. It was his business after all.
A toast to friends,” Honey said and lifted her mug.
Dean laughed and did the same.
Yes, to friendship,” he replied and they both sipped their coffees.

At home, she had dressed in her bathrobe and again turned on her computer. For an hour a night or sometimes only twenty minutes she would type whatever came to mind, hoping for a solid story to come out. Nothing substantial yet, but she kept writing anyway. So far, she had been published in various magazines and while this was a great achievement, she wanted to write a novel. Frustrating that her ideas were never coherent enough to form a novel. Still she typed and would eventually piece together what she wrote. Unfortunately, a lot of time she lost track of time and ended up pulling all nighters. Learning to combat this, Honey picked up a timer and figured it would help but twenty minutes in, she turned the timer off and just kept writing.
Jackie walked in and Honey was in the living room again, just about to turn off the computer. Looking at Jackie, Honey noticed the rose in her wife's hand. Raising her eyebrows, she waited for a response. Jackie only smiled and handed the rose to Honey.
A flower for you,” Jackie said.
Honey just stared at the flower. Jackie didn't know romance very well, so this was new. Honey stood up and walked into the kitchen looking for a vase.
Thanks babe,” Honey said. She was hoping she didn't forget anything. Jackie didn't do things like this for no reason, at least not very often.
Finding a vase, she filled it with water, cut the bottom part of the stem and place the flower in it. She placed it on the counter and felt Jackie behind her, arms around her. Smiling, Honey placed her hand on Jackie's arm.
What's the occasion?” Honey asked.
You,” Jackie breathed. “Just wanted to remind you of how much you mean to me.”
Honey turned around and hugged Jackie. She ran her fingers through Jackie's brunette head and kissed her. Wanting to do more, sudden pains shot through her abdomen and spine. Tears came to her eyes and she looked at Jackie, fear in her lover's eyes. Honey clutched her stomach and doubled over, Jackie stepping out of the way but still supporting her.
Honey,” Jackie gasped. “Do you need a hospital?”
Honey was motionless. It took everything she had not to scream as she felt like her body was on fire. She could barely breathe, each breath making the pain even more unbearable. Forcing herself to stand up straight, one arm clutching her stomach, the other on the kitchen counter. Honey looked at Jackie through tear filled eyes. She tried to caress the side of Jackie's face. The moment she took her hand off the kitchen counter though, she fell forward, a blanket of darkness enveloping her.

Waking up in a cot, she noticed an IV attached to her wrist. Sitting up quickly, a spell of dizzziness washed over her. Honey laid back down, waiting for the dizziness to subside. Not knowing how much time had passed she wondered what hospital she was in.
Jackie was lightly snoring in a chair to her left. That confirmed she was here for a while. That wasn't good.
A nurse walked into the room, wearing green scrubs, her brown skin glistening under the hospital light. Honey would have found her attractive had it been a different setting. The nurse pushed a blood pressure monitor to Honey's bedside.
I'm sorry to say this,” the nurse said “But you're wife will have to leave. Visiting hours are over.”
Honey nodded. She'd take care of that in a little bit.
How long have I been here?” she asked.
Since yesterday,” the nurse replied. “We're doing all we can, but we can't find anything wrong.”

Honey stared at her. They couldn't find anything wrong? Did she just pass out from pain for no reason? The nurse fixed her IV and took her temperature. She followed this by taking Honey's blood pressure and offered Honey a white pill and a cup of water. Honey took both after the nurse explained it was a potassium pill.
The doctor will see you soon,” the nurse said and left.
Honey woke Jackie up. Jackie looked up at her murmuring something incoherent.
Jackie,” Honey said. “Visiting hours are over. You need to leave.”
Jackie nodded and accepted this. She kissed Honey's forehead and left without another word. Honey would text her later when got out.
The doctor walked in with a clipboard.
What have I been tested for so far?” Honey asked immediately.
The doctor looked at his clipboard. Scanning the contents, Honey waited patiently for an answer. He looked at Honey.
So far your blood levels are good on iron and more. You’re not anemic so that’s good and all your blood results are fine. You were given a potassium pill since those levels were low,” The doctor explained. “We can't find anything wrong with you, but you're going to want to see your primary care doctor.”
Can I go home now?” Honey asked.
No,” the doctor said. “We are just waiting on one more test result. Then we'll see if you can go home.”

Honey sighed. All she could do was wait. The release papers couldn't get to her soon enough.

Rougher Tides Chapter One

Chapter 1
Jackie pumped her arms gaining speed on the man she was chasing down a suburban street block. This man was wanted for selling crack and the possible rape of a local woman. It was disgusting. And to think, more people like this were coming out into the open daily. There was no end to it. Either way, she had a criminal to catch, a job to perform.
The man ran another block and Jackie was fifteen feet behind him. She did what she could to catch up. Clearly, this wasn't a common criminal and a person that actually took care of his body. No matter, he'd be behind bars before long. Elena was in the patrol car, driving on another block to keep the man cornered and unaware that two people had been chasing him.
There was no way he would get away. Eventually, Jackie caught up to him as he was about to run down another block. Before he could do anything, Jackie tackled him to the ground. She quickly handcuffed the man and then checked his pockets for hidden weapons. There was nothing but a wallet. Jackie stood up and dragged the man with her. Even handcuffed, he was struggling to get out of her grasp.
Release me bitch,” he spat.
Jackie stood still, gripping is arm tighter as he tried to run again. She didn't understand how he was thinking he'd be able to run with his hands cuffed behind his back, but he was persistent.
Any thing you say or do can be used against you in a court of law,” Jackie began but was interrupted.
Didn't do anything wrong cunt!” the man yelled.
Jackie resisted the urge to roll her eyes. As she looked at his face, she could tell he was high on something. Maybe it was the crack he sold? Poor dealer if that was the case.
Elena had the lights flashing on the patrol car and she pulled up in front of Jackie. The man again tried to wrestle out of Jackie's grasp.
The fuck is the meaning of this,” he yelled again, still trying to break free.
This was enough. Jackie quickly opened the car door and threw him into the back seat. Slamming the door on him, she got into the passenger side of the patrol car.
He's wild,” Jackie stated simply.
Elena only nodded and stepped on the gas. Jackie looked straight ahead at the road.
This is police brutality,” the man screamed.
Jackie held back a sigh. There was no police brutality involved here. The guy just didn't like being caught. Most of them didn't like being caught, but if they didn't break the law in the first place then they could get on with their lives.

After everything was taken care of at the precinct, Jackie got into her car and turned on the ignition. She put a CD on with some of her favorite music, tapping her fingers to the beat on the steering wheel. Pulling up to a stop sign, she looked both ways and when she turned to her left, she thought she saw a black cloaked figure. 'What?' Jackie looked to the left again and no one was there. Shaking her head, she thought nothing of it and drove home, but as a safety measure just in case, she went back to her house in an out of the way fashion.
She smiled as parked her car in her driveway. It had been a few years since she and Honey had married each other and their love was still strong. It was nice coming home to Honey. Jackie looked as the house and noticed the lights were still on. Did this mean Honey stayed up again on a school night? From experience if Honey didn't get enough sleep she wasn't pleasant to deal with. Jackie let out a sigh and hoped for the best.
Jackie opened the door, her uniform clinging with sweat to her lithe yet muscular build. Her light brown hair, matted to her head. Looking at Honey, she was in the living room wearing a white bathrobe, blond head hunched over her laptop, hands typing away.
You're still awake?” Jackie asked to start conversation.
I was just about to go to bed.” Honey replied.
Jackie knew this was a white lie but said nothing. Honey put the laptop next to her on the couch and got up. She walked over to Jackie and threw her arms around her. Jackie returned the embrace, amazed that Honey still hugged her like this no matter what time she walked in the door.
You need a shower,” Honey said and looked up into Jackie's blue eyes.
Jackie laughed and broke the embrace. This was Honey's way of welcoming her home at times. She walked up the stairs to the master bedroom, peeled her clothes off, and took a shower. The hot water and the clean smell of body soap and shampoo was a welcome break from the events of today.
Dressing herself in a light blue bathrobe, she walked back into their bedroom. Honey was lying in bed but still up, her face in deep consternation, staring at the ceiling. Even her green eyes had worry displayed in them and Jackie didn't know what to think about this and got into bed next to her wife.
Are you okay?” Jackie asked.
Thinking about something is all,” Honey replied.
I can tell,” Jackie answered and looked at her. “What is it?”
I think we should expand our family.” Honey
Hmm,” Jackie said confused. “How?”
Well, I don’t know how to say this Jackie.” Honey said.
Just tell me Honey.” Jackie said. “You can tell me anything you know that.”
I think we should have a child.” Honey said.
Jackie’s eyes widened. What? She shook her head in disbelief. They were only married a year and now Honey wanted kids? She had never mentioned wanting kids before and Jackie didn’t know what to think. What the heck was wrong with her? Jackie knew she would definitely not make a good parent. Honey would, but if she had a child they would both be parents. There was no way this would work! She sighed.
It’s only been a year Honey.” Jackie answered.
I want a child Jackie,” Honey said. “One we can raise together.”
How about a dog?” Jackie asked.
Honey turned on her side and playfully slapped Jackie who only smiled in turn. She looked at Jackie with rage in her eyes. Jackie gulped.
Can you take this seriously please?” Honey demanded.
Alright, well who is going to carry or are we adopting?” Jackie asked.
I don’t know yet,” Honey admitted. “I don’t know about adopting or not but if someone was to carry I would. Your job is too risky for the sake of a baby.”
Jackie nodded somewhat relieved. She didn’t want to ever get pregnant and she didn’t think Honey wanted children although she was the nurturing type. Jackie should have figured this would happen sooner or later, especially since Honey was also a teacher. Any woman that was a nurturing type always wanted children eventually, not always, but a majority of the time they usually did.
Can I sleep on it?” Jackie asked, failing to stifle a yawn.
Of course,” Honey said yawning herself. “Nothing is set in stone yet. ”
Jackie caressed Honey's face. Honey leaned her face into the caress and then kissed Jackie. Afterwards she snuggled into Jackie like she always did and placed a hand on her chest. Honey had quickly fallen asleep with Jackie’s arm around her.
Jackie stared at the ceiling. Being secretive millionaires, affording children wouldn't be an issue. Honey was excellent at budgeting money and even utilized dollar stores for necessary items. It amazed her how resourceful Honey could be living on a budget, even with a ton of money they had been handed at their wedding day.
A child? It was physically impossible for Jackie to give Honey a child unless they adopted or Honey got artificially inseminated. This was something she was going to have to think through. Honey had never mentioned wanting a child before and Jackie was briefly reminded of a college assignment that Honey had to do at one point involving a doll. Ah, memories.
Jackie pondered this over. How could she distract Honey from wanting a child for a little while at least? She knew from experience that once Honey’s mind was set on something she’d stop at nothing to get it. Hearing Honey snoring lightly, she stroked the blonde’s head. ‘Hmm, maybe a puppy would work?’ Having no clue on how to put a stop to this crazy idea she fell asleep. This was going to be a huge dilemma.

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Complete Intrigued by First Sight

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Intrigued by First Sight Chapter Twenty Four

Author's note: I wrote this story back in 2012. However, I am revising it again in order to write the sequel Rougher Tides. Some of the dialogue will be changed although I'm doing my best to keep it to the original story line.  If you are interested in this story, you can read the full version by clicking on the following link and purchasing it. However, the story will be updated once this revision is complete.
Standing in the backyard of the Justice of the Peace they had found, Honey waited patiently under the white arch. There was a cobblestone walkway that led from the large brown fence to the white arch and on either side flowers were arranged in a red and white color scheme. Two cherry trees stood on either side of the arch.
Honey was wearing a halter v-neck wedding dress. The Justice of the Peace was a middle aged woman wearing a suit and holding a book. Elena and Jean, Honey's brother Isaac, and her friend Tom, the only ones there to attend her wedding to Jackie. Honey opted not to invite her own family and Jackie's still weren't talking to her.
Still smiling, on the inside she was growing worried. 'Where are you Jackie?' It had been a while since she was standing there and she was beginning to think Jackie got a case of cold feet when the fence opened and Jackie walked through it.
Honey's breath caught. Jackie was in makeup which made her blue eyes stand out. Brown hair flowed in rivulets down her to her shoulders and back. Jackie was also in a wedding dress and she was holding a bouquet of roses. Honey was stunned. She was expecting Jackie in a tuxedo, but this was a different thing than she was used to. Still, Jackie in her mind, was absolutely beautiful.
Jackie walked down the cobbled pathway. Honey watched and felt as if everything was in slow motion. Eventually, Jackie stood next to her and they each smiled at each other. They waited for their ceremony to start.
The Justice of the Peace began to speak. Jackie and Honey were barely paying attention only having eyes for each other. Honey's green eyes held magic in them in Jackie's mind and her blond hair sparkled in the sunlight. Jackie was in a trance. Her daydream ended abruptly.
Jacquelyn Michelle Miller,” the Justice of the Peace said and Jackie looked at her. “You had asked to say something to Honey Agnes Elizabeth and right now would be an opportune moment, unless you're too busy undressing Honey with your eyes.”
Jackie blushed and Honey chuckled softly. Elena, Jean, Isaac, and Tom started laughing as well. Taking a breath, Jackie handed the bouquet of flowers to Elena. She then took Honey's hands into her own and looked at her blond lover.
Honey Agnes Elizabeth,” Jackie started. “I want to tell you I'll never break my promises to you and I will always keep you in my heart. I'll be there for you no matter what. Mere words can't express what I feel for you, and as we grow together I will only love you more and more every day.”
Honey smiled truly touched by Jackie's words. They still held each others hands as the Justice of the Peace began speaking again. So enthralled with each other, the Justice coughed politely to get their attention. Both woman flushed and made sure to pay more attention.
You are now wife and wife,” the Justice of the Peace declared.
She didn't have to elaborate anymore. Honey and Jackie shared a passionate kiss under the arch. Everyone there cheered for them.
Elena, Jean, Tom, and Isaac headed out once the ceremony was over. They were on their way to the newly wedded couple's house. The newly wedded couple looked at the Justice of the Peace.
Enjoy your new life together,” the Justice said and smiled at them.
The couple walked to Jackie's car. They opted not to get a limo. It was an odd sight, two women in wedding dresses sitting in the front seat of a car, but there was nothing all that traditional about them. They laughed.
Mrs. Miller,” Jackie said and quickly looked at Honey and back to the road. “It suits you.”
Today is amazing,” Honey agreed.
It's not over yet,” Jackie said and drove.
Back at their house, they had dressed in casual clothing. Honey and Jackie had set up tables in the backyard with food that everyone can help themselves to. Jean had given Honey a number to a DJ that had good rates and he was also setting up.
Honey grabbed Jackie and kissed her. Jackie hugged her tightly. Anyone could see how much the two cared about each other.
Their guests started to arrive. Jackie had invited some more of her own friends for the party and so had Honey. Honey didn't bother inviting the rest of her family because she figured she didn't need that sort of stress in her life, not on her wedding day anyway.
Once the DJ was set up, he asked the newlywed couple to dance. Jackie and Honey began to waltz and little did anyone know they had only practiced it for two weeks, Jackie taking the male lead of the dance. The song playing was one they had chosen.
Their dance continued long after their song was over. Everyone else joined in as well and others stood on the sidelines talking to each other. Tom danced with Elena and then Jean reluctantly agreed to dance with him as well.
Isaac also shared dances with the two women and even a dance with Tome. He did make sure to tell Tom he was straight. Tom shrugged this off explaining that two men dancing with each other shouldn't make them automatically gay.
Afterwards, Tom danced with Honey and then Honey switched partners. Jean seemed to be in good spirits to Honey and she was relieved. She had no idea Jean was still seething with anger and jealousy on the inside.
Congratulations Honey,” Jean said as she was twirled around by Honey. “I hope you're happy.”
Thanks,” Honey replied. “I appreciate that.”
I'm going to pick a song we both liked in high school,” Jean said and walked away.
Honey smiled and nodded. She went to grab herself a drink and a small plate of food while she waited for Jean. Smiling, she looked at her friends and Jackie's friends all getting along with each other.

Jackie was dancing with Elena. Elena had taken a male lead in their dance. Jackie was used to this from Elena.
Congratulations Jackie,” Elena said and spun Jackie around. “A shame your parents couldn't make it.”
They made their choice,” Jackie said and wished Elena hadn't brought it up. “They chose pride over love.”
Jackie was silent for a time. Her nanny had passed away when she was eighteen otherwise she would have invited her. There was no way she could reach Gerard otherwise she would have invited him and the maid. Snapping out of her reverie, she smiled at Elena as they continued their dance.
Congratulations on the police force,” Elena said. Jackie was used to her bringing things up at the wrong time. “I put in a request to Captain Hanks to have you as a partner.”
Oh,” Jackie said. “That's awesome.”

Isaac walked over to Honey who was sipping from her can of coca-cola. He helped himself to a plate of food and stood next to Honey. Honey had thrown her plate in the garbage pal.
Congratulations Honey,” Isaac said. “I understand why you didn't invite Mom.”
Please tell me you're not going to lay a guilt trip on me for it,” Honey said, hoping this wasn't going to happen.
Of course not,” Isaac said between bites of his food. “Bitch is crazy.”
Honey sighed. This was not the conversation to be had right now. It's true that their mother wasn't all there, but she thought Isaac was being disrespectful. The woman did give birth to them after all.
I'm glad I don't have to kick my own brother out of my reception,” Honey said hoping her brother would pick up on the hint and knowing well that he wouldn't.
How's teaching going?” Isaac asked.
It's a great career,” Honey responded wondering if Isaac did pick up on the hint after all.
Excellent,” Isaac said taking more bites from his food and then drinking from his own can of soda. “I joined the air force.”
What?” Honey asked in disbelief. Leave it to her brother to pick really bad times but this is something he should have told her a while ago. “Does Mom know?”
Not yet,” Isaac responded. “She'll try to keep me here.”
Honey nodded. It was true. Their mother had tried to tell her not to get an apartment after high school since she claimed Honey would have a hard time with rent and be back within six months. Honey ignored this and was now a school teacher and married to a police officer. She certainly understood why Isaac did what he did. She just hoped for his sake it was the right move.
Honey walked over to her wife. She danced with her for a bit more. Jackie beaming a bright smile at her and Honey shared a quick kiss with her.
Isaac joined the air force,” Honey said.
Good for him,” Jackie replied.
I'm worried about him and don't know what to do,” Honey confessed.
You have to let him choose his own path,” Jackie explained softly. “Besides I'm sure he doesn't depart yet.”
I know,” Honey said and kissed Jackie once more. “I need a break.”
Okay babe,” Jackie said and let her go.
Jackie walked over to one of the tables. Before she could help herself to a plate of food, she looked up and thought she saw someone at the end of their block just standing there. Curious by this, she sneaked away from her own wedding party and walked down the block.
Dad?” She asked in disbelief as she stared at her father and her former butler Gerard. “What are you doing here?”
Is it wrong for me to want to see my daughter on her wedding day?” William asked.
Jackie didn't bother questioning this. She was surprised just seeing her father. She didn't see her mother.
Where's Mom?” Jackie asked.
She is currently busy,” William said and Jackie knew that meant her mother was still un-accepting.
I wish she'd just accept,” Jackie said softly.
I do too Jackie, I do too,” William replied.
Jackie looked at Gerard, He stood there smiling at her. Then he bowed and stood back up.
Thanks for everything,” Jackie said.
I think it's time William,” Gerard said.
Yes you're right,” William agreed. “I won't dally here long since you need to get back to your wife. I came here to bring you a gift.”
Okay,” Jackie said, confused.
A gift from her father? What could that possibly be? Did she even want anything from him now? At the very least, he seemed to accept her now. William pulled out an envelope from his suit pocket and handed it to Jackie. Jackie held the envelope and looked at her father, waiting for an explanation.
I was going to give that to you on your wedding day, so you can start purchasing a house for yourself or a possible mansion of your own,” William explained on cue. “I see you have a house already, but please accept my gift anyway. Perhaps it can be of use to you in the future. Please humor an old man and accept it.”
Jackie opened the envelope and looked at the check. Did people still even write checks? The amount shocked her even more. It was a five million dollar check. She looked up at her father.
I can't accept this,” Jackie said.
I want you and Honey to have a good life together,” William said. “And if you two do have children in the future, you'll need it.”
Jackie knew there was no way out of accepting the money. She could always rip it up later and not accept it that way, but deep down Jackie knew here father was right. She had to accept it. Jackie hugged her father who returned the embrace.
Jacquelyn,” He breathed as he clutched his daughter tightly. “I'm sorry I wasn't always there for you while you were growing up. If I could change things I would and I would spend more time with you.”
It's okay Dad,” Jackie said and tears came to her eyes.
They broke their embrace. Jackie pocketed the check. She hugged Gerard tightly as well.
Jacquelyn,” William said. “To me, you are always welcome home. Now, go enjoy your special day. Marriage only happens once in a lifetime for us.”
Thanks Dad,” Jackie said not bothering to hide her tears of joy.
William and Gerard stood their. They watched as Jackie walked back to her own house. William took a handkerchief and wiped tears from his eyes. He pocketed the item and eventually he and Gerard left.

As Jackie walked back to her house, little did she know she was being watched. John Bradley was around the corner, studying every move. He had joined Jean in a religious cult and their order was growing steady and larger by the day.
John kept his post as Jean had told him to do. In his car, he observed the party. Jean had explained everything to him. Smirking to himself, he knew the lesbian couple would soon be sorry. His and Jean's plans would be set into motion soon enough. All he had to do was observe and study movements from the two women. His stake out would last a while and none would know any better.

Snickering to himself, he knew he would get his just revenge on Honey for turning him down in their college years. Oh yes, both Honey and Jackie would tremble with fear before him. He watched with an insane mirth as the couple directly and unknowingly played into Jean's hands. Oh yes, the lesbians would pay soon enough. 

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Intrigued by First Sight Chapter Twenty Three

Author's note: I wrote this story back in 2012. However, I am revising it again in order to write the sequel Rougher Tides. Some of the dialogue will be changed although I'm doing my best to keep it to the original story line.  If you are interested in this story, you can read the full version by clicking on the following link and purchasing it. However, the story will be updated once this revision is complete.
Several more months had passed and Honey was in the spare room that she had turned into an office. It was late and she was dressed in light green lingerie under a a white bathrobe. Jackie had called to tell her not to wait up. Still, Honey had papers to grade and it took her a while to get through every detail.
She pushed the politics of teaching out of her mind, not wanting to focus on the No Child Left Behind Act. Thankfully, most of her students were passing. She had no issues giving tutorials to them, after all she wanted her students to learn. However, certain things needed to be accounted for. One of her students obviously came from a broken home and Honey sighed thinking of it. He was an extremely bright child but unfortunately his home life prevented him from reaching his full potential. Honey had even brought this student of hers a winter coat when she saw he wasn't wearing one. Still, it never seemed like enough. She was grading his paper as she thought of this and although he could have been an A student, he skated by with a C. She shook her head. Such a waste of potential, made her feel heartbroken, but she needed a thick skin. She finished grading the rest of the papers and stuck them in a folder.
Walking into her bedroom, she got under the covers. She pushed her blond bangs out of her face and a read a book on her e-reader. Quickly after, Honey fell asleep.
Honey woke up later and it didn't even feel like five minutes had passed, when Jackie got into bed next to her. Jackie looked at Honey and smiled. Honey could tell Jackie was exhausted but she kissed Jackie. She enjoyed her company and Jackie had just gotten out of the shower.
Jackie kissed Honey and suddenly they were making love to each other. Both moaning softly to each others touches and caresses, Jackie eventually collapsed on top of Honey. Honey blinked and slowly removed Jackie's hand. Jackie had fallen asleep. She then wrapped her arms around Jackie and kissed her forehead. They stayed like this for a brief amount of time.
Honey didn't want to push Jackie away, but she wasn't going to be able to sleep like this. Gently she pushed Jackie and her sleeping form complied. Breathing a sigh of relief, Honey spooned with Jackie and put her arm around Jackie's torso. She quickly fell asleep.
Over the weekend, the couple spent time together in a local park. Jackie was carrying a cooler with sandwiches, some fruit, and two bottles of water. Honey was carrying a blanket they could sit or lie down on. She smiled at Jackie as they walked down the trail filled with trees, dirt, and scurrying squirrels.
The couple walked up to a clear pond, a rare sight indeed. Honey laid down the blanket in the dirt and after taking her sneakers and socks off, put them down as anchors to the blanket. Jackie did the same after she placed the cooler next to the blanket.
Honey rolled up her pant legs and waded in the water. Jackie followed her. Being in a playful mood, Honey splashed Jackie with water and the two started having a water fight, laughing the whole time.
As she was splashing water at Jackie, Honey lost her balance and putting her arms out to regain her balance, she failed at it. She fell into Jackie and both fell into the water, Jackie on her back and Honey on top of her. After the initial shock, Jackie and Honey started laughing.
Honey kissed Jackie's forehead and got up. She held out a hand to help Jackie up and Jackie reach for it. Both standing upright, they held each others hands and walked back to the blanket. They ate their meal in mirthful silence.
We need to figure things out for our wedding,” Jackie said.
Can't we just elope?” asked Honey. “We don't need to do the traditional thing do we?”
Jackie laughed. She took a bite out of her sandwich. After she took a sip of water she spoke once more.
No it doesn't have to be traditional. We could get a justice of the peace to our house and throw a party,” Jackie said and shrugged.
That sounds like a good idea,” Honey responded. “We just need to figure out a date.”
How about June 14?” Jackie asked.
That's only a month away,” Honey replied and sipped her water.
Alright, so June 14,” Jackie smiled.
You think we could find someone in time to marry us?” Honey asked.
We can try,” Jackie said and shrugged again.
Honey smiled. She patted her lover's leg. Once their meal was done, they helped each other clean and pack up. There was going to be more work to do.

Honey was in the spare room, sitting in a chair at her desk. Jackie was behind her massaging her shoulders. Honey enjoyed the massage as she chewed on her pen cap and played with the pen between her fingers.
I thought we were eloping,” Jackie said as she looked over Honey's shoulder at the notebook she was writing in.
We are,” Honey said. “These are the people coming to the party.”
Cross my family out,” Jackie said immediately upon seeing her parent's names.
Being that you're their only child, I wish they weren't so cruel to you,” Honey said.
She got up from the chair and put her hands on Jackie's shoulders. Jackie picked up the cue and sat in the chair. Honey began to massage Jackie's shoulders, neck, and back.
Well they were,” Jackie said and Honey knew from her partner's tone of voice to drop the subject.
Elena will be coming right?” Honey said quickly.
Of course,” Jackie said slowly, relaxing into Honey's touch.
Honey continued the massage, working on the knots in Jackie's back and shoulders. Honey was livid at Jackie's parents. In her mind, parents who disowned their children, regardless of age, due to sexual orientation obviously didn't deserve the title of parent. Looking over Jackie's shoulder now at their guest list, she realized most people on the list were her own friends.
Jackie, did you have anyone else you wanted to invite?” Honey asked concerned.
Just Elena,” Jackie responded.
Are you sure?” Honey asked again.
Yep,” Jackie replied. “I googled JOPs earlier. One of them seems really good.”

I'll have to look,” Honey said as she continued massaging Jackie. 

Intrigued by First Sight Chapter Twenty Two

Author's note: I wrote this story back in 2012. However, I am revising it again in order to write the sequel Rougher Tides. Some of the dialogue will be changed although I'm doing my best to keep it to the original story line.  If you are interested in this story, you can read the full version by clicking on the following link and purchasing it. However, the story will be updated once this revision is complete.

A few days later they were both in Honey's apartment. Honey was packing their belongings in separate boxes and Jackie was helping her with the endeavor. It was a long and grueling process since they had collected more than they had intended to collect over the past few months.
Do you want these?” Honey asked Jackie and held up a pair of blue bunny slippers that looked worn out and that possibly belonged to a five year old.
Jackie chuckled. It was the slippers she wore as a kid. It was a Christmas gift from her parents. She walked everywhere in the mansion with those. Bringing them as a memento, she decided she no longer wanted them. If her parents didn't want to acknowledge her, she'd return the favor. So much for being the stronger person.
No,” Jackie replied and shook head.
Honey sighed knowing the history behind the slippers. Still, she threw them in a garbage bag and when Jackie wasn't looking she quickly took them out and packed them in one of the boxes. Eventually, her lover would regret getting rid of the slippers and Honey wasn't going to let her go down that path.
Jean walked into the apartment with boxes of her own. After they had discussed moving, Jean had looked for a new apartment as well. Her area was a bit more tidy and she had less to pack.
Where's your new apartment?” Honey asked from her bedroom.
Downtown,”Jean replied from the living room. “Away from most people.”
Ah, I see,” Honey said.
Jackie couldn't tell if Honey wasn't picking up on Jean's sarcasm or just blatantly ignoring it. She was relieved either way and didn't want a fight breaking out. Especially not a fight between her and Jean, that would be most cumbersome. It was no secret that Jean still had a crush on Honey and that it was growing into resentment. It certainly wasn't healthy to obsess over someone for such a long period of time and there had been arguments in the past months between them. Today was not turning towards drama and Jackie was okay with that. She just hoped that Jean would eventually come to her senses, whatever it took.
After Honey and Jackie had their possessions packed, Honey stood up and stretched. She put her hand over her mouth and yawned. Jackie did the same and got into bed. That was the one thing they would pack last. Honey smiled at her lover and went to grade her student's papers before getting into bed and snuggling next to Jackie.

On moving day, Honey had called her friend Tom to help move the items she didn't think she could lift herself. Jackie was okay with this as extra muscle was always appreciated. Tom had short cropped dark blond hair and a swimmer's physique and he was driving the U-haul truck that Honey had rented. Jackie and Tom got along extremely well and Honey was grateful for this.
They had managed to fit everything into one truck and Elena had come to help them to. Elena and Tom also got along and it was obvious to both Honey and Jackie that there was an attraction between the two.
At their new house, Honey had grabbed a box and brought it inside. She was placing each box she carried on the living room floor for now. It would be a matter of time before they were unpacked. Smiling Honey kept looking around the house as she brought in each new box. She was followed by Jackie, also bringing in boxes to the living room.
Honey, where you want the desk?” Tom asked as he carried the desk inside with Elena's help.
Just put it in the den for now,” Honey replied. “Thanks.”
Tom and Elena followed her directions. Honey still had no idea where she wanted to put the desk so she thought that was the best place for it, for the time being. Jackie was bringing in more boxes. Once that was done, they all took corners of the bed.
The bedroom's upstairs,” Jackie told everyone.
They walked carefully up the steps with the bed in their hands. Slowly but surely they carried each piece and assembled it in the master bedroom. Once it was put together Tom looked at Honey.
You can christen your house now,” Tom joked.
Honey blushed with embarrassment. She should have been used to this by now. Tom was quite liberal but still liked to joke. Jackie laughed lightheartedly. After everything was brought inside, everyone stood in the kitchen.
I can treat you all to dinner,” Honey said and was about to take money out to pay them but Tom put his hand on her wrist.
No need for that Honey,” He explained. “Elena and I will be taking care of our own dinner. You enjoy your new home.”
He turned to look at Jackie.
It was nice meeting you,” Tom said. “Take care of her.”
Jackie nodded not sure how else to respond to that. Honey was quite capable of taking care of herself, but she also loved Honey and would do anything for her. Tom and Elena left together through the front door. Honey and Jackie looked at each other in amusement, knowing the next step between Tom and Elena or so they guessed.
Welcome home Honey,” Jackie said and spread her arms out.
No place would be home without you,” Honey said and kissed Jackie's cheek.
Some people would claim that an unhealthy attitude,” Jackie smirked.
Honey laughed and playfully slapped Jackie's shoulder. She walked away from her to begin unpacking the boxes. Jackie walked up to her and hugged her from behind.
Why don't we go christen our new place?” Jackie whispered in Honey's ear.
Laughing again, Honey turned around to face Jackie. She looked up into her lover's blue eyes. Jackie just stood there smiling back.
We have a lot of unpacking to do first,” Honey responded.
I know,” Jackie said. “It's just so exciting having our own place together.”

You're cute baby,” Honey said and took Jackie into her arms and kissed her.

Intrigued by First Sight Chapter Twenty One

Author's note: I wrote this story back in 2012. However, I am revising it again in order to write the sequel Rougher Tides. Some of the dialogue will be changed although I'm doing my best to keep it to the original story line.  If you are interested in this story, you can read the full version by clicking on the following link and purchasing it. However, the story will be updated once this revision is complete.
A huge crowd was in the middle of town hall. The procession was filled with many people who had just graduated from the police academy. Honey was in a daze as she sat with other civilians of the town congratulating their future police officers. She looked for Jackie and found her lover in the procession as they walked to their seats. Eventually they were called up by the mayor.
As each person received their honors, they shook hands with the mayor, got congratulated by the commissioner of police and went on their way. When Jackie was called up, Honey clapped for her. Jackie had graduated as valedictorian of the academy. A huge smile spread across her face as Jackie walked the stage and off it, now an official officer of the law.
Jackie sat down next to her and Honey forced herself not to kiss her. It wasn't the time or place, and even though they were together, Honey made sure not to let it be known they were a couple. People could figure it out of course, but Honey shrugged that off. Even though in New York, you couldn't be harmed if you were gay, Honey had seen underhand discrimination first hand and wasn't going to be the cause of it here. A social issue more than anything, she put her thoughts aside and watched the rest of the procession.
As the speeches ended, everyone that had graduated from the academy threw their gloves in the air. Both women clapped for their fellow human beings and smiled at each other. Eventually, the ceremony was over and they went home to Honey's apartment.
Inside the apartment, Honey peeled Jackie's clothes off in a heartbeat. Jackie raised an eyebrow at this but returned the favor. Pushing Honey up against a wall in the kitchen, Jackie claimed her mouth with her own, and began swishing her fingers lightly on the inside of Honey's thighs. Honey wrapped her arms around Jackie. Using one hand to stroke Jackie's hair and her other arm to stroke her back, she wrapped her legs around Jackie's waist. Jackie inserted her fingers into Honey's vagina, using one finger to play with her clitoris. Slowly she circled her fingers in a circular motion inside Honey and gradually picked up speed. As she did this, she kissed Honey's breast while holding her still against the wall. Honey put her head back, moaning in pleasure as Jackie took her, her hips moving in tune with Jackie's fingers.
Jackie,” Honey screamed as she reached climax quickly.
Pulling her mouth away from Honey's breast, Jackie kissed Honey passionately on the lips, their tongues playing against each other. Her one hand inside Honey, she switched the direction of her fingers as Honey clung tighter to her, nails digging against her back.
Honey holding tight, lightly sucked on Jackie's neck. Jackie stopped momentarily, her fingers still inside Honey. Honey looked at her. Jackie leaned Honey, this time against the counter and continued fingering her. Another climax. Honey kissed Jackie, moaning into her mouth, pleasure consuming both of them. Honey began sliding her own fingers into Jackie's pants and began swishing her fingers around Jackie's own clitoris.
Honey,” Jackie breathed.
Jackie was quivering from Honey's touch but still supported her. Honey was growing faint from Jackie's own finger work.
Oh Honey,” Jackie moaned.
The two continued to go at it, not realizing how much time had passed. Their passionate caresses and kisses to each other. Their love for each other was all that mattered.
Jean walked in, disgusted as she watched the display. Honey's head tilted back, her mouth open, her eyes closed as she moaned Jackie's name again and again. Her nails from one hand digging into Jackie's back. Her other hand clearly inside Jackie. Jackie, her back to Jean, legs quivering, leaning into Honey's body, moaning Honey's own name. Both leaning against the kitchen counter. Jean stamped her foot.
Ahem,” she said.
The couple stopped and pulled their hands slowly out of each other. Honey was aghast as she looked at Jean. Jackie turned around slowly and gulped. Their hands dripping with each others fluids. And their clear fluids also running down their legs, causing them to turn beat red as they stood naked in front of Jean. They didn't realize how much time had passed.
I would suggest taking a shower separate from each other and cleaning your mess,” Jean said. “You two are disgusting!”
After she stated that, Jean walked into the living room, her own room. The couple had just cleaned the kitchen and were now going into the shower separately of course. Jean seethed inside. How could they? It was obvious they were having sex, but to do it in a shared kitchen? Honey did have a bedroom after all. It wasn't fair to her to see Honey orgasm from Jackie's touch and not her own. Damn lesbians! What? Wait. Where did that thought come from? She was a lesbian herself. Sighing, she realized tonight would be an incredibly long one.

Later that night in Honey's bedroom, Honey was dressed in a bathrobe. Jackie had done the same. They were each sitting in Honey's bed watching a movie on her laptop. Leaning her head against Jackie's shoulder, Honey picked the next movie for them to watch.
I'm still embarrassed,” Honey said.
Same here,” Jackie responded as she stroked Honey's hair with her free.
There's one good thing about it,” Honey said mysteriously.
Oh yeah,” Jackie asked. “What's that?”
Honey got up and put the laptop on her desk. She walked back to Jackie who was still on the bed. Jackie looked at her, confused. Smiling, Honey stripped Jackie's bathrobe off of her. Straddling Jackie, she took off her own bathrobe and kissed Jackie, followed by continuing to make love to her. Jackie responded in turn and their lovemaking again lasted almost through the night. They fell asleep in each others arms content.
The next morning Jackie was snuggling up to Honey. She looked up at her blond lover and smiled at her peaceful sleeping form.
She placed her hand on the side of Honey's face. Honey blinked, waking up to Jackie's touch. Her green eyes on Jackie, she smiled and kissed her.
Baby, I have a surprise for you,” Jackie said and took her hand away from Honey's face.
What?” Honey asked groggily, and started rubbing sleep from her eyes as she yawned.
Take a shower and get ready,” Jackie said cheerfully and got out of bed.
Honey slowly sat up. Their lovemaking of yesterday and last night left her completely exhausted. The fact that Jackie had to cover her moans with her hand to prevent Jean from hearing them last night, didn't help matters all that much.
Where do you get all this energy from?” Honey asked as she tried to stifle a yawn with no success.
Honey managed to get out of bed and slowly dragged her feet to the kitchen. She put on a cup of coffee and Jackie hugged her from behind. Honey placed her hand on Jackie's arm, smiling. Then she thought of something.
My parents called the other day,” Honey said.
What did they want?” Jackie asked as she broke her embrace from Honey.
If we were still together and our wedding date which we still haven't set,” Honey explained.
What did you tell them?” Jackie asked.
Said I'd let them know,” Honey replied as she grabbed two mugs and poured the water from the teapot into each of them. “What about your parents? Any luck talking to them again?”
No,” Jackie shook her head and looked at the floor. She didn't want Honey to see her tears that threatened to come.
I see,” Honey said and put her hand on Jackie's shoulder. Jackie leaned into her and Honey hugged her.
A moment later, Jackie was energetic.
You're going to love this, go get dressed,” Jackie said.
You are way too giddy this morning,” Honey replied as she continued making both of their cups of tea.
Honey showered and quickly dressed. For today, she opted for leggings and a t-shirt. Jackie followed wore jeans and a t-shirt. Once they were in Jackie's car, she turned to Honey.
Put this on,” Jackie said as she grabbed a blindfold from the glove box and handed it to Honey.
Why?” Honey asked, taking the blindfold.
Please trust me,” Jackie said.
Honey sighed. She put on the blindfold and let Jackie take her to where they were going. After what seemed like a long drive to Honey, she peeled off the blindfold. She stole a glance at Jackie and glared at her to which Jackie chuckled. Turning around, Honey saw they were in front of a light blue house and it had a for sale sign in the yard that read “sold.” Honey wondered why there were here and then it dawned on her. Jackie succeeded in finding them a house.
That was quick,” she said immediately upon realizing that Jackie had just brought a house. She was also a little annoyed she wasn't involved in the planning process and decided to talk about that later. “How did you find one so quickly?”
Elena had some really good contacts,” Jackie answered and shrugged.
The two women got out of the car. At the door, Jackie pulled out a key from her pocket and opened the lock. Entering the house, she ushered Honey inside, smiling the whole time.
Inside the house, Honey was filled with wonder. There was a den with polished wooden floors. A full size kitchen with an island. A living room that also had polished wooden floors and cream white walls. A bathroom with a full size bath and a shower. The house was not furnished but Honey could already see a future here with Jackie. She followed her lover upstairs to find an upstairs bathroom and two bedrooms, one of the bedrooms being the master bedroom. There was another room that could be used as an office.
Honey pictured a new life with Jackie and possibly a child, their own future child. She stopped that thought immediately. She didn't want to think of children right now and had never even thought about having children. Being in this house with her lover however, made her reconsider.
What do you think?” Jackie asked her, grinning.
I think it's beautiful,” Honey agreed.
We move in next week,” Jackie said cheerfully.
Honey hugged Jackie and shared a kiss with her. This woman was amazing to her. The anger she had felt toward Jackie earlier dissipated. Then reality hit.
We're going to have to tell Jean,” Honey said.

We'll cross that bridge when we get there,” Jackie answered. “Let's get boxes and start packing.”