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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Intrigued By First Sight Chapter One

Author's note: I wrote this story back in 2012. However, I am revising it again in order to write the sequel Rougher Tides. Some of the dialogue will be changed although I'm doing my best to keep it to the original story line.  If you are interested in this story, you can read the full version by clicking on the following link and purchasing it. However, the story will be updated once this revision is complete. 
"Chapter One"
Biting into her tuna fish sandwich, Honey chewed quietly. Her blond hair swayed in the light spring breeze. She was sitting at a picnic table across from her friend Jean Hunter who had wavy jet black hair and was currently immersed in her laptop. Both women were attending the local community college and in two different majors. They had also attended high school together and Jean had a crush on her friend, though she would never tell her. Honey was aware of her friend's feelings but did not reciprocate them. So their relationship was that of sisters, and nothing more.
Jean typed away at her laptop cursing under her breath. Honey looked up at her companion after placing her half eaten sandwich back on her plate.
What's the matter Jean?” she asked.
Jean sighed. Running her fingers through her hair, she did a quick calculation on her fingers.
I've rewritten this paper ten times so far and it's still not right!” Jean answered, defeated.
Honey looked at her thoughtfully. She pushed her paper plate to the side and grabbed Jean's laptop. Jean let her do this as was custom when she was struggling with an assignment. Honey read through the document nodding thoughtfully when a certain paragraph caught her interest. She looked up at Jean once she was done reading it.
Aside from a few grammatical errors I can't find anything wrong with it. Your article is very thought provoking, honestly,” Honey said.
Jean stared at her blankly. She took her computer back from Honey. Then she gave Honey a cynical look.
Are you sure you're not saying that because you're my best friend?” she asked.
Honey flinched, hurt by the question Jean put forth. She always did her best to answer Jean truthfully, and sometimes took painstaking care to word things so Jean wouldn't get upset. It was a painful process and one that only recently developed in their last year of high school. Right now, they were both in their freshman year of college.
You know I always answer you truthfully,” Honey explained for what seemed like the millionth time that year. She patted Jean's hand and looked sincerely into Jean's flashing emerald eyes.
I know you do,” Jean answered. “I love you.”
I love you too Jean. You're the sister I never had,” Honey stole a glance at her watch. “I have to go now, my comp class is in ten minutes.”
Jean nodded and threw herself back into the virtual world of her laptop. Honey picked up her books and purse as well as her plate with the half eaten tuna sandwich and walked away. She threw her plate out in the nearest trash can and walked across campus grounds into the building her class was in.
On the campus grounds there were five large buildings and three smaller ones. The campus grounds also contained a football field and a track. There was a baseball field and a small pond in which numerous Canadian geese and sometimes fowl or turkeys gathered.
Honey walked to her class which was on the first floor of one of the five major buildings. The building she was in contained the English department which also contained the foreign languages cluster. Once inside her class, she took a seat at one of the desks in the front of the room. She placed her purse under her chair and the books on her desk and silently waited. Glancing at her watch again, there was only five minutes left before class began.
Opening her notebook she started doodling to pass the time. Hearing footsteps she looked up from her doodle. The footsteps belonged to a woman with shoulder length light brown hair which complimented her eyes, blue as the ocean. She wore masculine biker clothing and held a helmet in one hand. A black backpack was slung over her shoulder and chains dangled down the sides of her pants. Her outfit was complete with black steel toe combat boots.
She slumped down in a desk beside Honey and dumped her pack to one side of her, and after trying to fit her helmet under her desk, decided better of it and placed it next to her backpack. The woman took a few books out of her pack as well as a pen and placed it on her desk. Placing her hand over her mouth to stifle a yawn, she turned to face Honey.
Hey, I'm Jackie Miller,” she introduced herself.
I'm Honey Elizabeth. It's nice to meet you,” Honey answered politely as possible.
Ha! Ha! You sound so formal, love it,” Jackie said, leaned back and chuckled.
Still chuckling, Jackie looked at Honey. Her blue eyes sparkled and Honey was forced to test her resolve and not stare or lose herself in those eyes.
I'm just not in the mood,” she stated coldly.
What's your major?” Jackie asked dryly.
Child study. What's yours?”
Criminal justice,” Jackie said and stretched her arms out.
So you're going to be a cop?” Honey asked, unimpressed.
What's with the attitude? At least I'd get paid more than a teacher,” Jackie replied.
A waste of tax dollars,” Honey said irritably.
So is teaching in a manner of speaking,” Jackie shot back forcing herself to keep her voice low.
No it's not!” Honey shouted, frustration growing on her.
Yes, it is,” said Jackie and she cracked her knuckles.
How do you figure?” Honey asked and placed her arms on her desk.
It's rare to find a kid who can read properly or doesn't have some sort of learning disability. What's your problem with cops?”
It's rare to find an honest cop.” Honey answered truthfully and stopped herself from shivering.
I imagine you'll say you want to change the reputation of teachers next and claim to be a good one,” Jackie retorted unaware of Honey's inner struggle to not stare at Jackie.
I don't think you understand the whole story behind the bad reputation of teachers but to answer you're question I plan on trying. I imagine you say you'll be an honest cop.”
I can say the same to both things,” Jackie answered and shrugged.
What made you decide to become a cop, aside from the obvious?”
Jackie laughed and ran her fingers through her hair.
I can ask you the same about being a teacher.”
I asked you first,” Honey said adamantly, refusing to let Jackie win.
Okay, okay,” Jackie chuckled once more. “I want to help people and one day try my hand at politics.”
Honey looked at Jackie thoughtfully. She couldn't deny she was fascinated by her and she couldn't afford any distractions. She sighed.
Interesting. Good luck getting into a male dominated institution such as the police force,” Honey said, still not wanting to stop the verbal play.
How about you go to dinner with me on Friday and we can talk about it more?” Jackie grinned.
Why would I want to go on a dinner date with you?” Honey asked and rolled her eyes.
Why not? It's obvious you find me irresistably attractive and intriguing. You also have the chance of a free dinner since I pay for my dates and you can ask me whatever you want. Not to mention what woman can resist riding a motorcycle,” Jackie replied still grinning, knowing she had already won.
Keep dreaming you psychopath,” Honey screamed and Jackie's grin was not to be erased.
Honey Elizabeth, I advise you to keep your socializing to a bare minimum during class time.”
Honey looked up and flushed with embarrassment but shook it off.
I apologize Professor Abernathy.”
Honey stole a quick glance at Jackie who only winked at her and went back to her books. Honey gave Jackie a look of annoyance although she didn't see it. She handn't noticed until now that the class was filled with the rest of the students in the class. Remembering to breathe, Honey focused on her school work.
So when should I pick you up?” Jackie asked as both and her and Honey walked out of the class.
I'm not going on a date with you so just forget it,” Honey replied and tried to walk away quickly but was prevented by a bustle of other students rushing by.
Why not? I already said I'd pay for you and you can't deny your attraction to me. I can read it all over your face,” Jackie answered.
Why can't you accept 'No' for an answer? This is one of the problems with people like you who become cops. None of you know the meaning of 'no' and then you wonder why people don't like cops,” Honey explained and as soon as she saw the look of pain on Jackie's face she regretted her last comment.
Well, why not just one date? After that, if you don't want to talk to me anymore I'll leave you alone,” Jackie said flatly.
Honey sighed and looked at Jackie in surprise. She was certainly persistent but was willing to compromise. To her, Jackie's type only wanted one thing which was why she always turned people like that down in the past. Honey was still a virgin to both males and females, although many people believed otherwise. Although Honey was attracted only to women, she knew letting anyone know that she was a virgin was a big mistake. Still, it seemed Jackie wasn't interested in just sex. Breathing a sigh of relief, Honey hoped her feeling was correct.
Okay, I'll go on one date with you,” Honey answered and she saw Jackie beam with happiness. Honey suppressed a smile, forcing the thought of Jackie being cute out of her mind.
On Friday then, I'll pick you up. I'll need your phone number and your address though or are you one of those extreme facebook users?” Jackie asked.
Honey chuckled.
I'll give you my number and you can call me when you want to pick me up. I'll give you directions to my house then.”
Okay, sure thing,” Jackie said and pulled out her cell phone from her belt clip.

The two exchanged numbers and each walked to their own respective classes. 

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