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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Introduction (MUST BE LGBTQ+ Friendly)

Erin Miller holds a BA in visual arts and graphic design with an honors track and a special interest in art history. Two honor societies that she has been inducted into are the International Distinguished Scholars Society and the Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society. While she was an undergraduate, she was the vice president of Spoken Word (Poetry club) and president of the Art Club. As a leader, she gained a small following and created numerous events and field trips for the Art Club. All these efforts led her to winning an award for "Most Improved Club" for the year of 2015.

Erin has interned and volunteered in numerous art galleries and museums on Long Island. These places include but are not limited to; Islip Art Museum (IAM), The Phoenix Arts Gallery, The New York Art Connection, The Anthony Giordano Gallery, and Artspace Patchogue. Art is what brings communities together and Erin is always seeking opportunities in this field.

Aside from Erin's academic achievements, she is also a writer and a poet. She has been published a few times in Lesbian Connection magazine and as US poet in "The Daily Star," a newspaper in Bangladesh. Erin is also the co-owner of Diamond in the Rough Publishing and plans to do more with that in the near future.

She runs three blogs; a book review blog, an art and poetry blog, and a story blog. Erin also has an etsy shop in which she sells ready made and custom art work, a fiverr account where she sells custom art work and tarot and oracle card readings, and a smashwords account that she sells novels, short stories, and poetry collections. You can also find her on facebook.

Zombie Erin's stories was an idea she had in her head for a while before putting it into practice. Ever since Erin got into an accident where she had to get surgery in her leg so she would be able to walk again, one of her brothers nicknamed her 'Zombie' and the name stuck. So, Zombie Erin's stories was born. Erin writes stories that revolve around lesbian characters or at least have lesbian characters in them, no matter what. It is her hope that one day, labels will no longer be a necessity and true equality will be had for all.

The Novels coming up for this blog are as follows:

1. Updated and Revised Intrigued by First Sight

2. Rougher Tides

3. For the Love of Family (Novel and not the free short story currently on smashwords.)

4. Aeryin and Lanya (A science fiction novel that will need to have a better name. Erin is open to suggestions.)

5. The Dragonfly Sword

The short stories are still in the works but they will be posted as they are finished. Please note that the above list is tentative and it is not necessarily in order.

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You can see a picture of Erin Michelle Miller aka Zombie Erin below.


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