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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Intrigued By First Sight Chapter Three

Author's note: I wrote this story back in 2012. However, I am revising it again in order to write the sequel Rougher Tides. Some of the dialogue will be changed although I'm doing my best to keep it to the original story line.  If you are interested in this story, you can read the full version by clicking on the following link and purchasing it. However, the story will be updated once this revision is complete.

Where the hell were you?” Jean demanded as Honey walked through the door. “I was worried about you. We live in a bad area, you know that.”
Sorry Jean. Lost track of time and went out for a bit,” Honey replied and shrugged.
You could have called,” Jean sighed. “Where were you anyway?”
I went out with Jackie,” Honey said and started walking to her bedroom.
Jackie? Jackie Miller? That bitch from our college?” Jean asked
incredulously. “No wonder you had me worried!”
You know, Jackie's not a bitch! She's actually really sweet and I don't appreciate you talking about her in that way,” Honey shouted and stormed to her bedroom followed by slamming the door.
Jean stared at Honey's bedroom door, stunned. What happened to her friend? First, she was mentioning how much of a jerk Jackie was and now she was calling the woman sweet? It didn't make any sense. What was going on? Honey could have anyone she wanted and she chose Jackie of all people? A woman that wasn't even that good looking? Jean sighed again.
Her bitterness towards her rejection from Honey was growing. She wanted Honey to herself and would stop at nothing to have her. Why couldn't Honey see how much Jean ached for her? Heck, they were so comfortable with each other it would have been natural for them to get together. That's what Jean was secretly wishing for when they got the apartment together. But now, Jackie Miller was the enemy.
Jean pondered a way to get rid of Jackie so Honey would come back to her. Honey loved only her right, even if it was only as sisters for now? That would need to change soon. Jean got into her bed thinking of mischievous ideas of how to get rid of Jackie.

Friday came quickly. Jean was watching something on the TV and Honey was straightening her hair in the bathroom. Excitement flowed through Honey about her dinner date with Jackie. She had to be careful not to get distracted by her thoughts while the flat iron was in her hair. Honey didn't really want to get too excited since Jackie would possibly disappoint her eventually. She didn't want to think that, but it was in the back of her head.
Humming a tune to herself, she wondered what outfit she should wear. Keeping Jackie's motorcycle in mind, she considered her options in her head and she sighed. Feeling like she was 16 again, she wondered if that's how she was indeed acting. Shaking those insecure thoughts away, she finished with the flat iron, brushed her teeth, and walked to her bedroom dressed in only a teal colored towel which didn't go unnoticed by Jean.
Inside her bedroom, Honey ransacked her closet for something suitable to wear. Throwing numerous outfits on her bed, nothing suited her current needs. Briefly she was tempted to dress in aluminum foil and smirked as pictured Jackie's reaction to that specific clothing choice. Finally, she settled on her Ugg boots, a black spaghetti strap top with a bluish green blouse she threw over it and a pair of jeans. After doing her makeup she took out a silver chain from her jewelry box that had a heart locket attached to it. Placing that around her neck, she was ready and began to walk out of the apartment but stopped when she saw Jackie. The fact that Jean stared at her longingly went unnoticed or if Honey was aware of it, she didn't let it show.
Jackie stood in the kitchen with her biker leathers on but her jacket was open, revealing a nave blue spaghetti strap top of her own. Around Jackie's neck was a gold chain with a locket in the shape of a dragon pendent, also gold.
How long have you been waiting here?” Honey asked.
I let her in a while ago, while you were getting changed,” Jean answered from her bed, still watching TV.
Honey blushed and Jackie smiled. Walking over to Jackie, she threw her arms around her and Jackie returned the embrace. They seemed perfect together as Honey briefly rested her head on Jackie's shoulder.
Ready for dinner? Hope you're hungry,” Jackie said still holding Honey and running her fingers through the blond's hair.
Honey broke the embrace, smiled at Jackie, and turned to face Jean.
Want anything while we're out?” Honey asked.
Nah, you two have fun,” Jean replied.
Alright, later,” Honey said and linked her arm with Jackie's.
The couple only had eyes for each other. They walked out of Honey and Jean's apartment together, looking at each other like the rest of the world was non-existent.
Jean watched them leave and her jealousy rose. Forcing herself to keep calm, she got off her bed and walked into the kitchen looking for something to eat. She had to protect Honey from Jackie, but how? Jackie was the enemy and it was clear Honey was infatuated with her.
Jean swallowed back bitterness. It was time to find someone new. Shaking her head, she refused to accept that thought. Honey was hers. She had to be. Jackie was no good for her. She began to make herself scrambled eggs and plotted how she would get Honey away from Jackie.

Jackie parked in the lot of a Chili's restaurant. Honey was impressed as it was one of her favorites. A favorite that she was able to afford sometimes anyway. She shook the thought away. Tonight wasn't a night of resentment, it was supposed to be a night of fun. Honey did think that Jackie would make a good cop one day, if she was this adamant about her future criminals to catch.
She dismounted Jackie's bike and unstrapped her helmet. Jackie did the same. She looked at Honey and smiled.
I knew this was one of your favorites but I was torn between here, red lobster, and another restaurant, but that last will be for another time. Suffice it to say that Red Lobster is my favorite restaurant,” Jackie said and winked.
Honey stuck her tongue out and Jackie laughed. Jackie stuck her own tongue out at Honey and made some playful and some sexual gestures with it. Honey laughed in spite of herself.
Oh stop,” she said and slapped Jackie's shoulder playfully.
Better to be pervy, than boring,” Jackie said, putting her hands up in mock surrender.
Honey stared, amused. Jackie let her hands drop and held Honey's hand in hers. They walked into the restaurant and waited to be seated. Honey beamed while with Jackie. It was like nothing else mattered at that moment. A brief thought struck her, but she forced it out of her mind and enjoyed the moment. She didn't even notice the décor of the restaurant or the numerous people gathered around them.
After the waiter seated them, they thumbed through their respective menus. Honey made a point to sit across the table from Jackie, so she wouldn't be distracted. Although she had to accept that all she wanted to do at that moment was kiss Jackie.
Do you know what you're getting?” Jackie asked.
I have an idea,” Honey replied.
I was looking for a 'yes' or a 'no',” Jackie said stupefied.
What are you getting?” Honey asked, laughing at Jackie's dumbstruck face.
The steak meal,” Jackie said and licked her lips hungrily.
Honey put a hand over her mouth and stifled a chuckle. Jackie was definitely an amusing date. Looking through her own menu once more, she finally decided what she wanted.
I know what I'm getting now,” Honey said.
Their waitress came up to them at that moment as if on cue. Taking out a pen and paper, she poised to start writing down their order.
Hello, welcome to Chili's. My name is Eileen and I'll be your server for tonight. Can I start you off with something to drink?” The waitress asked.
I'll take a coke with no ice,” Jackie said.
I'll have a raspberry iced tea,” Honey said when the waitress looked at her.
Okay, are you ready to order or do you need a couple more minutes?” Eileen asked.
We can order now,” Jackie said and stretched her arms out.
What will you be having,” Eileen asked as she set her pen to paper.
I'll take a medium rare steak with the mashed potato side and a side of brocoli. Oh, I also want the lobster bisque,” Jackie responded with animated gusto.
And what will you be having?” Eileen turned to Honey.
I'll take the chicken alfredo,” Honey answered and handed her menu and Jackie's to Eileen.
Thanks. I'll place your order in now,” Eileen said and walked away with the menus in her hands.
You've surprised me again,” Jackie stated.
I was expecting you to be the type to only order water and a salad. You don't seem the type to like any carb,” Jackie explained.
It just goes to show, the cliche 'Dont judge a book by its cover,' is definitely right in my case,” Honey said and laughed.
Unfortunately, books get judged by their covers all the time. Some of the greatest books written are never read because of a lame cover,” Jackie said and sighed.
I hope when I finish my book it gets a decent cover,” Honey said and her eyes wandered off.
Eileen came back to their table bearing a tray with drinks. She set the drinks on the table and straws next to them. After asking the couple if they needed anything more, they shook their heads no, and she walked away.
I thought you were going to school for child study?” Jackie asked.
Doesn't mean I can't write a book too,” Honey said defensively.
Relax,” Jackie said and placed her elbows on the table and her chin in her hands “You just keep getting more interesting and I mean that in a good way. What type of book are you writing?”
Seeing the genuine curiosity in Jackie's eyes, Honey breathed a sigh of relief.
It's still a work in progress. It's a book to expose corporate conspiracy and how women still aren't equal in today's society,” Honey said.
Wow, sounds like two books,” Jackie said simply.
That's the problem of course,” Honey sighed and looked Jackie in the eyes “I'm so disorganized with it and every time I try to complete the book there is still more to take out. The last version I wrote involved what I just mentioned and included religious and atheist indoctrination and how racism is still in existence today.”
Jackie looked at Honey thoughtfully. She pondered over Honey's topics for a moment. Honey thought she was about to fall asleep when Jackie perked up and snapped her fingers.
I got it,” Jackie said “You have an idea for a series of nonfictional books. There are plenty topics to choose from and you just got to zero in on one at a time. Or submit articles to magazines and web sites.”
You're right but I thought I was able to pick your brain on politics today. Can we go back to that?” Honey asked playfully.
Jackie closed her eyes for a minute and shrugged. She opened her eyes, spread her arms out theatrically and, and smiled widely.
Ask away and I shall answer,” Jackie said, still smiling and she put her arms down.
Jackie's smile was beautiful. Honey couldn't resist the feeling of attraction she had for her. But Jackie was a jerk. No, she couldn't be. The jerk was a facade and Honey was learning quickly that the real Jackie was a sweet heart.
How do you feel about same sex marriage?” Honey blurted and wished she could take that question back.
Panic and anxiety gripped her as Jackie looked at her silently. The brunette's face twitched a little and Honey grew even more apprehensive trying to think of any question she could ask quickly to save herself from her mishap of words. Why did she have to ask such a stupid question to begin with?
Personally, I think marriage is outdated. Still, everyone should have the right to marry. People against love are just voicing their own insecurities,” Jackie replied.
Interesting,” Honey said “Are you into polygamy?”
Please say no. Please say no! Honey was hoping Jackie was monogamous but she wasn't sure. Right now polygamy was in and Honey was old fashioned when it came to dating or relationships. She only wanted to be one on one with someone. Mentally crossing her fingers, she waited for Jackie's response.
Honestly, no, unless I'm single. When I'm single anyone is game as long as no one is hurt in the process. But if I'm committed to someone, I only want that person and no one else,” Jackie replied truthfully.
Honey eased her shoulders unaware that she had scrunched them up waiting for Jackie's response. Looking at Jackie, the brunette only smiled. Jackie winked and placed a hand over Honey's.
If I was in a relationship with you, I'd commit to you,” Jackie stated.
Honey looked at her in surprised. This was only the second date, did they intend to get together more often? She had the burning desire to tell Jackie yes, but she wanted to go slow. Did she really want Jackie to be the first person she could be serious with. Honey didn't know.
Are you asking to be in a relationship with me? That's kind of fast don't you think? I don't want to fall for the U-haul trap,” Honey said, which led Jackie to lean back and laugh while her hand was still on Honey's.
U-haul trap. Ha, that's hilarious. Seriously where do you come up with this stuff?” Jackie blurted between laughs.
Dinner is served,” Eileen came in just then and set their plates down.
Jackie picked up her fork and knife, cut into her steak and started shoveling bites down her mouth. Honey in contrast, cut up her chicken and mixed it with her alfredo and noodles. She looked at Jackie who was now working on her mashed potatoes leaving half of her steak alone for the time being. Honey took a forkful of her own food and chewed slowly. Silence passed between them as they ate.
What's with Jean?” Jackie asked between forkfuls of food.
What about her,” Honey asked and lifted an eyebrow.
She seems possessive. Are two together?” Jackie asked.
Me and Jean? Dating?” Honey laughed. “We've been best friends since high school. We're not dating, we only live together.”
Could have fooled me with the way Jean was obsessing over you while you were in your bedroom,” Jackie replied and spoonful of her bisque.
Really?” Honey grew annoyed “What did she say?”
She was mentioning how beautiful you are and how naive you can be,” Jackie responded “You are beautiful. She also mentioned about you not knowing when someone has a crush on you. Honestly, I think she has feelings for you. Have you ever acted on them? She's not bad looking, not my type, but certainly not ugly.”
Sighing and putting her fork down, Honey looked at Jackie. Jackie looked at her and waited.
I knew Jean had a crush on me ever since our last year of high school but I don't share those feelings. Even if I did share the feelings, Jean is much to jealous and possessive. She'd explode over the smallest mishap and I don't need that in a relationship,” Honey explained.
You haven't even slept with her?” Jackie asked, eyes wide in shock.
No I haven't,” Honey answered.
Have you slept with anyone?” Jackie asked.
That's personal information that no one needs to share,” Honey shot back with ice.
Oh wow, you're a virgin,” Jackie exclaimed.
Having enough, Honey stood over the table and clamped her hands over Jackie's mouth. Jackie's eyes belied true fear and as she stared at Honey, she noticed that the blond's expression was hurt and angry.
Please don't do that,” Honey said, after calming down and sat back down in her seat. “I don't want people to know and I imagine you'll ask me how I know I'm gay next? Do you know how frustrating it is being asked that? I have to lie about sleeping with men just so I can avoid the temper tantrums most people throw at me for being a virgin and attracted to the same sex!”
I wasn't going to ask that,” Jackie said truthfully. “I can't stand when people ask that either. I hate when people do that. It's like asking a man how he knows he's interested in women if he has never had sex with women before. You don't need to have a sexual experience with the opposite sex to know if you are attracted to them and it's the same for same sex couples. People just don't know how to accept differences is all.”
Still, some of the dates I've had in the past always ended in failure once the other person realized I never had any sexual experiences before,” Honey admitted “They think I'll end up cheating on them with some man and then some. I'm not like that at all though.”
You're probably being labeled as bisexual or bi-curious then,” Jackie replied and went back to eating her bisque “Don't sweat it.”
What's wrong with a person who identifies as bisexual or bi-curious?” Honey asked irritated and took another small bite of her own food.
For starters, most of the bisexuals I know want a girl and a guy at the same damn time, and to me that's greedy,” Jackie said and clenched her fist “In my own personal experience, relationships like that never end well. If all parties in the relationship consent it's really none of my business but I don't like being dragged into threesomes I have no intention of doing or being treated like a side dish. As for bi-curious people, most of them need to be honest instead of leading people in a string of games.”
In that case I agree with you,” Honey said “But not every bisexual and bicurious person is like what you just mentioned. Really it's none of our business and there are people who identify as lesbians and gays who do the same thing. I wont take part in a relationship like that but I don't think it's fair to judge someone who does take part in a relationship like that.”
Honey, I'm monogamous. Please tell me you're the same,” Jackie said.
I am,” Honey replied “I guess we would be classified as too conservative for our own good.”
Both of them laughed. Jackie looked at Honey.
Would you like to commit to me, and we can be our conservative selves together while the liberal minded bedroom people scoff at us?”
Honey laughed in turn and looked once more into Jackie's blue eyes. This could never get old to her.
This is only the second date, but I feel drawn to you. I think I'll take the gamble and say yes,” Honey replied.
Okay, so Friday wasn't that bad if you want me to stay,” Jackie teased.
Oh hush you,” Honey said and chuckled.
Oh and Honey,” Jackie said and peered into Honey's green eyes. “Don't feel pressured about sex. No need to rush. And if it doesn't happen with us, make sure it's with someone you trust and will treat you right.”
Honey smiled a warm smile.
Thank you,” Honey said.
Would you two like anything for desert?” Eileen asked when she walked by.
Just the check please,” Jackie answered.

Jean inwardly cringed when Honey entered their apartment in high spirits. The blond's smile brightened the room and Jean wanted none of it. Honey waltzed around the kitchen, oblivious to Jackie's inner turmoil.
How'd it go?” Jean asked.
It was wonderful,” Honey answered “Jackie's so different from what you'd expect.”
Jean nodded. She turned off her video game and looked at Honey.
What did you two do?” She asked, knowing Honey needed direct questions once in a while.
We ate at Chili's and just talked,” Honey replied and walked into her bedroom, leaving the door open.
As Honey was changing into more comfortable clothing Jean shuddered, realizing she had lost. She pondered convincing Honey to have an open relationship with Jackie so this way she can have her as well. No, that wouldn't work. She wanted Honey to herself. Jackie had to go.
I can't believe all you two did was talk,” Jean said.
Oh we're only seeing each other as well. Both of us are monogamous, so that's awesome and I'm oddly relieved,” Honey said happily.
Jean's eyes widened. She felt like she was stabbed in the heart. Why, oh why, did this happen? Why couldn't Honey realize the feelings she had for her.
Good for you,” Jean said hiding her scorn.
She's really wonderful. You would never expect how sweet she is,” Honey said.
Or maybe she just wants to get into your pants and leave you at the drop of a hat,” Jean retorted.
Oh come on Jean. Don't do this. Why do you always do this?”
Or she'll be like Sarah,” Jean replied.
That's not fair and you know it,” Honey shot back.
Honey had dated a woman named Sarah back in high school. Once Sarah found out she liked men better, she left Honey in a heartbeat. She didn't understand why Sarah didn't just say she was experimenting and Honey wondered if what Sarah said what she felt at the time for her was even real. Honey shook her head. The past was the past and didn't need to be brought up. Anger seethed through her at Jean's blatant disregard for her past lover.
Good night Jean,” Honey said, not hiding her annoyance.

Night Honey,” Jean said, oblivious.

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