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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Intrigued by First Sight Chapter Two

Author's note: I wrote this story back in 2012. However, I am revising it again in order to write the sequel Rougher Tides. Some of the dialogue will be changed although I'm doing my best to keep it to the original story line.  If you are interested in this story, you can read the full version by clicking on the following link and purchasing it. However, the story will be updated once this revision is complete. 

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Hey Jean,” Honey called out as she walked up to the bus terminal in front of the campus grounds.
Hey Honey,” Jean called back and waved.
Honey walked up to her friend and hugged her. They sat at the bench at the bus terminal. Jean looked at her friend expectantly.
I met someone today,” Honey blurted out.
Really?” Jean asked “Do tell.”
A woman in my comp class. Her name's Jackie. I had no idea we were in the same class until today,” Honey answered.
Ah I see,” Jean answered, hiding her feelings of jealousy.
Yeah, she's beautiful. She has the most amazing blue eyes but she's a bit of a jerk. I haven't decided yet if she's a lovable jerk or not though,” Honey smirked.
Jean looked at her friend and forced a smile. Honey smiled back at her, unaware of Jean's strenous effort.
So, what about this chick?” Jean asked.
Ha, ha, you using those lines always makes me laugh,” Honey responded. “She wants to take me to dinner on Friday night.”
Already? That was quick! Are you actually going?” Jean asked, not able to hide the surprise in her voice. Honey never went on dates with anyone until she knew them on a friendly or more personal level, which probably explained why Honey was still single, although in Jean's mind, Honey was the most beautiful woman on campus.
After some 'persuasion' on Jackie's part I said yes. She's different, you know? She told me if I didn't like how the first date went I never had to speak to her again,” Honey said with a dreamy stare into the distance.
So, Jackie? Jackie Miller is it?” Jean asked.
Huh? How'd you know?” Honey asked snapping back into reality and immensely curious at this new discovery.
She's in my intro to psych class. She's confused for a man a lot and is a jerk. How'd you get mixed up with her to begin with?” Jean responded and sighed.
I don't know how anyone can confuse her for a man. She's gorgeous and although she is a jerk I think there's more to her. I hope I get to find out on Friday. You want to know how it goes?” Honey asked and tucked a strand of blond hair behind her ear.
You're so naive. Definitely keep me posted. I'd hate to see you on the news,” Jean said and crossed her arms to her chest.
Jean, stop being so cynical. Be happy for me please? Perhaps if you weren't so cynical, you'd find someone,” Honey argued back.
Jean flinched as their bus showed up but she didn't say a word. They boarded the bus, paid their fare and sat in the back.
I can't wait to get home,” Jean sighed.
Me too,” Honey agreed.

Honey and Jean shared a one bedroom apartment. Jean turned the living room into her room and Honey took the bedroom. The two had been living together ever since they graduated high school. Jean worked as a cashier and Honey did odd jobs here and there but always managed to bring money home and come up with her portion of the rent.
I'll be back around nine or ten,” Jean said after she changed into her work clothes.
See ya,” Honey answered as was custom.
Honey focused on her homework assignments and then she checked her e-mails for job notifications. Perusing through the e-mails , she saved some of interest and then opened up a Microsoft word file. Secretly, Honey was writing a book but like all most writers, she just couldn't finish a manuscript. As she was typing away, her cell phone rang and Jackie's name was displayed across it.
What the-” she said and answered her cell.
Hey, Jackie. A bit clingy aren't we? I'm starting to get creeped out,” Honey said.
I was just testing to see how you sounded over the phone,” Jackie replied.
Nice try,” Honey laughed. “What do you want?”
Jig is up! Just wanted to talk is all, honest.”
Yeah sure,” Honey said and rolled her eyes. “Tell me that and I'll believe another. Now, what do you want?”
Want to go for a cup of coffee instead? You can tell me then if you still want to come with me on Friday or not,” Jackie answered.
Okay, we can do that,” Honey answered pulling her cell phone to her face and looking at it in disbelief.
Cool. I'm in front of your apartment.”
Wh-what? How the hell do you know where I live? I haven't given you directions or anything,” Honey answered flabbergasted.
I'm a criminal justice major remember? Oh, I'm also on a motorcycle,” Jackie answered.
Sure you didn't follow me this whole time? And a motorcycle? As if I'm stupid enough to not wear something that would end up making me get wiped off the road with a squeegee. I'll be right down you stalking jerk,” Honey could have sworn she heard Jackie laughed at that but she hung up the phone too quick to tell.
Looking at her watch, the time was 7:30. Sighing, she dressed in a pair of leather pants which she hoped would be enough. She put on a hot pink tank top and a leather jacket over it, followed by a pair of brown Ugg boots. Honey hoped Jackie had an extra helmet.
Jackie stood outside next to her Harley Davidson. It was black with flames across it and two green dragons. She held two helmets in one hand and her other hand was on her side. Honey breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of the extra helmet.
Hi Jackie,” she said.
You don't look half bad in leather,” Jackie smirked.
Honey looked at her incredulously. Neither do you, she wanted to blurt out but managed to give a half smile instead. Jackie handed Honey the extra helmet.
Where are we going?” Honey asked.
A neat little coffee shop. I figure it would be less stressful than dinner for a first date, and you seem to the type to need to take things slow,” Jackie responded and Honey just held her helmet in her hands.
Are you saying I seem retarded to you?” Honey asked annoyed.
No. Let me make a correction. I want to take things slow with you as you're intriguing and I don't want you as just a one night stand,” Jackie replied smiling.
That makes me feel, oh, so much better. Next you claim you won't want to get in bed with me right away because you feign respect for me. I know your type,” Honey answered looking at Jackie and not relenting.
As Honey looked into Jackie's eyes, she saw the same look of pain from earlier and quickly turned away. Why did Jackie have to be so open with her emotions? Why did she even care about Jackie's emotions? They only just met today, but something inside her was giving way and she had no idea what.
Jackie placed a hand under Honey's chin and lifted her face to meet hers. Staring into Honey's emerald green eyes, the blond blinked.
Well, Honey, just give me a chance tonight. If it doesn't go well, I'll leave you alone, but I really would like just one date with you,” Jackie said and a tone of uncertainty didn't escape Honey.
Honey's breath caught as she realized she didn't want Jackie to leave her alone. Confused as to why she felt this way about someone she only just met, she nodded meekly. Jackie let her hand go from under Honey's face back to her side.
Put your helmet on. We got a way to go before we get there,” Jackie said cheerfully.
Jackie strapped her own helmet on and mounted her bike. Honey followed suit. She wrapped her arms around the brunette's waist and Jackie started the Harley and they sped off.
Holding on tight, Honey had to fight panic attacks for each suicidal turn and whenever Jackie did a crazy stunt. Jackie jacked up the speed and Honey was incredulous at each move and started praying to a god she didn't even believe in.
It seemed like a long time to Honey was actually only 15 minutes. The drive was over and Honey was holding onto Jackie for dear life not realizing Jackie had already parked. Jackie placed her hand on Honey's arm.
Honey,” Jackie coaxed. “It's alright. We're here now and you're safe.”
Honey looked up and saw they were at the coffee shop that her and Jean usually frequented about once a year during the summer months. Slowly, she let go of Jackie and got off the bike. Her legs wobbled a bit but she quickly regained her balance and started taking off her helmet.
Quickly following suit, Jackie took both their helmets and placed them on her bike. She linked her arm in Honey's and they walked inside the coffee shop. Directly in front of them the counter was situated that held pastries in the display shelves and workers behind it making coffee and other things. Inside the store a few orange couches and coffee tables were strategically placed. Only a handful of patrons sat on some of the couches drinking from coffee cups and munching on small cakes. For the most part, the place looked deserted and it was odd to Honey, but it was fall, and business boomed in summer. She shrugged.
The couple walked to the counter, arms still linked. The counter clerk gave a curt nod and Jackie looked at Honey.
Order whatever you want,” Jackie said, grinning.
Honey looked at the menu and noticed her favorite drink wasn't listed. She shrugged mentally and figured what she got was seasonal anyway.
I'll have a chamomile tea,” she ordered.
The counter clerk typed in the order and looked at Jackie. She stood there a moment, glancing at the menu herself and had her hand under her chin and her arms together in a thinking pose. Honey forced herself not to laugh.
I'll have a regular tea with three sugars and a drop of milk. And three rainbow cookies,” Jackie ordered.
The counter clerk rang them up and Jackie paid the total. She waited patiently at the counter and carried their order to one of the empty coffee tables. Jackie leaned back on the couch. Honey sat down next to her and began sipping her tea.
Picking up a rainbow cookie, Jackie threw it in her mouth ate it and washed it down with her tea.
So what was the main reason you decided to become a teacher?” Jackie asked.
I always loved school and got along with my teachers. It made sense. If my future students become successful in their adult lives as well as their academic careers I will know I'm a good teacher,” Honey answered and shrugged. “What about you? What made you want to become a cop? Why not a lawyer, or even political science since you say you want to try your hand at politics eventually?”
Jackie smiled and tucked a loose strand of hair behind Honey's ear. Secretly, she loved that Honey didn't pull away from her. She had her alright.
I was always drawn to cops. My family expected me to be creative but I don't have a creative bone in my body, at least not for literature and art although I certainly appreciate it. I'm more practical and being a cop gives me a steady income and I can get a great workout. Of course, helping people is a plus. Although studying to become a lawyer may be something I'll do in the future, and maybe make a better criminal justice system,” Jackie responded and shrugged.
Honey took a sip of her tea and watched as Jackie wolfed down another rainbow cookie. “Is your family creative?” Honey asked.
Yeah, I guess you can say that,” Jackie said and shrugged again, followed by taking another sip of her tea.
You'll have to tell me about them eventually,” Honey said.
Jackie smiled at Honey and Honey flashed a genuine smile back. Jackie pecked Honey on the cheek and Honey blushed.
So what's your stance on politics?” Honey asked, in an effort to veer away from imagining Jackie without her leathers. Jackie laughed.
Depends on which issue you want to know about,” Jackie answered.
Honey sighed. She sipped her tea and searched for a topic. What was popular right now?
How do you feel about abortion?” Honey asked without skipping a beat.
Jackie looked at her stunned. She sipped her tea and calculated thoughtfully.
I don't how to answer that since I'm afraid to. I wasn't expecting our conversation to get this heavy,” Jackie said. “I'm also afraid you might reject me, if I do answer you.”
Honey looked at Jackie, also stunned. Seeing Jackie's expression of angst, she laughed.
Why would I reject you for an opinion? I'd probably agree with you or not. Besides you said I can pick your brains on politics and you of all people should know that two people don't necessarily have to have the same opinion on something,” Honey explained and leaned her hand on the side of Jackie's face. Jackie took her own hand and held Honey's hand there against her face for a few minutes. Eventually she let go, and Honey took her hand back.
Honestly, it's none of my business,” Jackie said. “What a woman does with her body is her choice. Why does anyone need a say in what someone else chooses to do with their own body?”
Interesting,” Honey said “I feel the same way although many pro-lifers would disagree with out viewpoint on this. How about men's reproductive health?”
That doesn't affect me, so why should I care?” Jackie asked and drank another sip of her tea, followed by placing her leg over her other leg. “Let's leave politics alone for right now, and go with something light. What kind of music do you listen to?”
I'm eclectic and listen to a little of everything. I just can't stand rap or classical,” Honey said in between sips of her own tea. “My favorite is rock and grunge.”
Wow, wasn't expecting that. I was expecting you to say pop and R and B,” Jackie laughed.
Oh hush,” Honey said and slapped Jackie's shoulder playfully. “Do you read books?”
Yep. Law books, science journals, things like that.”
How original,” Honey gritted her teeth “No fiction at all?”
Stephen King, Tami Hoag, John Crisham, Dean Koonts, Joyce Carol Oates, the list goes on. Some lesbian fiction authors too but I can't remember all of their names. You?”
Honey swallowed and looked at Jackie with surprise. There was more to this jerk than she had originally expected.
I do like the authors you mentioned. I have them on my e-reader.”
Nothing wrong with e-readers,” Jackie clapped. “I have some myself.”
Honey smiled at Jackie. Most of the people she talked to hated e-readers and said some excuse or other to not use them. Jackie was proving to be different. She looked into the brunette's eyes and Jackie leaned closer to her. Before Honey was aware, Jackie's lips met hers. Eyes widening as Jackie's closed, Honey relented, closed her eyes and responded to the kiss and wrapped her arms around Jackie's neck. Still kissing, Jackie wrapped her own arms around Honey's waist.
Heart racing as she kissed Jackie, her heart stirred and it went down to her groin. She felt like she was having her first kiss all over again, but with Jackie who not only was a great kisser in her mind, but she also didn't want the kiss to end. Suppressing a small moan that wanted to escape from her lips, as a tingling sensation went up and down her body, she began wondering what the bedroom would be like. Honey held Jackie even tighter as their tongues played in a rough manner.
After a while, Jackie pulled away from Honey breaking their kiss. Honey breathed and didn't bother to loosen her grip from Jackie. Instead she looked into Jackie's eyes and pecked her lips. Finally, she pulled away.
Closing time is in five minutes,” the counter clerk called and both of them snapped back to reality.
Honey glanced at her watch and it was 11:00. Shoot, she knew Jean would worry and she didn't leave a note. The couple stood up and linked their arms again as they exited the coffee shop.
Guess it's safe to say I'll pick you up Friday night,” Jackie said and chuckled.
Honey smiled and then pulled Jackie into her arms. It was a bit awkward, Jackie's five foot ten to Honey's five foot five but it worked. Honey kissed Jackie deeply. The same feeling from before tingling through her body, her knees growing weak, and this time she couldn't suppress her small moan. Hoping it went unnoticed, the brunette only held her tighter. Honey broke the kiss this time around.
Friday should be more interesting. I shouldn't have kissed you though, not on the first date,” Honey lamented.
Jackie placed a hand on Honey's shoulder. Honey looked up at her and Jackie only smiled.
I believe every moment of our kissed worth it and I hope we have many more in the future,” Jackie said and winked.
I hate you,” Honey answered, and Jackie only laughed.
Let me get you home. It's late and it's a school night,” Jackie said and started strapping on her helmet.
What are you, my mother?” Honey asked and heard a muffled laugh from Jackie's helmet.

Honey strapped her own helmet and mounted the bike after Jackie did. On the ride back home, Jackie didn't pull any cray stunts and Honey was relieved.

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