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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Intrigued by First Sight Chapter Eight

Author's note: I wrote this story back in 2012. However, I am revising it again in order to write the sequel Rougher Tides. Some of the dialogue will be changed although I'm doing my best to keep it to the original story line.  If you are interested in this story, you can read the full version by clicking on the following link and purchasing it. However, the story will be updated once this revision is complete.

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Sunday arrived and Honey was dreading every moment. Dressed in a light blue blouse with a dark blue shirt underneath, she had a green skirt on as well. One her head was a blue bonnet. Looking herself over in the mirror, she discovered to her horror that she looked ten years older than she actually was. Sighing, she walked out the door, hoping to get this over with quickly.
Taking out the piece of paper in which John scribbled down instructions for her, she spent five minutes deciphering his hand writing and followed where they led. She came to a church with Gothic arches. In the front of the church was a statue of a man in a robe baptizing a child. Walking along the cobbled walkway, she entered through the double doors of the church.
Hey, Honey,” John greeted her as she walked inside the door.
She smiled briefly. John was wearing a blue suit and he held out his arm. Honey suppressed a shudder but linked her arm with his. 'At least he's being civil,' she thought. He led them to an empty row of pews. Staring around her, Honey looked at the stained glass windows that had art of different saints. She looked also at the statues of Mary and Jesus placed strategically throughout the church.
I thought you were a born-again Christian,” Honey said. “Isn't this a Catholic church?”
They're one in the same,” John replied and shrugged.
I thought there were minor differences between the two,” Honey retorted.
There is,” John said thoughtfully. “But we let other religions practice here. We are an open faith.”
Even Wicca?” Honey asked lifting an eyebrow.
No, not witchcraft,” John answered staring at Honey intently. “That is the work of the devil!”
I see,” Honey said and looked down. She wanted to get out of here even faster now.
A priest and a pastor walked down the aisles. The priest was wearing traditional black robes and the pastor was dressed in a business casual manner.
Those of the Christian faith please follow Pastor Mark into the common room. The rest of you please remain seated and be patient,” The priest spoke.
John stood up and Honey followed him. The room they walked into looked the same as the one they were just in, except there were no statues or stained glass windows. Sitting next to John, the two waited for everyone else to be seated. Honey looked at the pew in front of her and saw there was a shelf that held bibles for each church-goer. The pastor stood behind his podium and Honey wondered how this was a born-again Christian church when it still seemed more Catholic to her.
I would like to open this sermon with a prayer to the almighty. Please open your bibles to page four hundred and sixty seven and recite with me Revelations 15:3-4. Please stand while we read this opening prayer,” the pastor began his sermon.
Like sheep, everyone did as they were told. Honey picked up the bible in front of her but did not open it and she also did not recite the verse. After the chanting was over, everyone placed their bibles back and sat down.
How come you didn't recite the verse?” John asked Honey, low enough that Honey barely heard the question.
I'm not a believer,” Honey replied. “I only picked it up and stood out of respect for you and your religion.”
John grimaced but said nothing and turned back to watch the sermon. Honey's mind wondered at this revelation of John Bradley. This could explain the homophobia possibly. Though she didn't understand how anyone could be homophobic now, with the LGBT community gaining more visibility in the media and then some.
Now we move to the topic on everyone's minds,” the pastor said. “The liberals have been trying to take over this country for far too long. We must get rid of separation of church and state and let the world know that we are a Christian nation!”
'Great!' she thought. 'Here, with this nonsense!'
Honey's mind raced. America wasn't a Christian nation. It may have been founded on Christian principles but it was supposed to be a melting pot of all cultures. It was supposed to be a land of religious freedom, which meant people can practice any religion they wished as long as it didn't hurt anyone. Or people can choose not to participate in a faith and not have to worry about being punished for it. Her mind racing even faster she thought about the two different faiths in this building. Christianity and Catholism had minor differences between them although they were both from the same branch. Honey resisted the urge to shake her head. At least the pastor wasn't talking about homosexuality, but then the sermon took another turn.
Homosexuals are a burden to this land and will be the cause of our downfall. Marriage is a sacred right between a man and a woman. We must show these sick people the light of the lord. It is our duty to help them accept the love of the lord and accept Jesus Christ into their hearts.”
Honey couldn't bear to listen to the rest of the sermon. The bibles she had read in the past said a different story altogether and she cringed as the pastor waved his bible like a prop. Did any of these people read? If they did, they might reject their religion altogether. Resisting the urge to shake her head, she got up and fled the room. She didn't think anyone would notice as they were too entranced with the ignorant pastor's sermon.
She needed air and to be away from these people. It was just as she suspected. She wouldn't be welcome here. Leaning on the statue, she panted trying to catch her breath.
What the hell was that all about?” John demanded as he walked out from the double doors.
Honey swallowed and then turned to face him. Anger emanated from him, but Honey didn't care. She wouldn't show weakness in front of him.
I don't even think that Pastor read his bible,” Honey explained. “If he had, his speech would be different.”
Who are you to talk?” John asked, incredulous. “Aren't you an atheist?”
I am,” Honey replied, standing stock still. “I've read three different versions of the bible. Nothing he has said goes with any of what I have read and it doesn't go with our bill of rights either.”
We are a Christian nation,” John said, crossing his arms against his chest. “Homosexuality is evil. I don't understand why two men would want to have sex with each other. It's wrong and disgusting.”
I don't understand why that would be anyone else's business but the two men participating in the act,” Honey retorted.
John shuffled his feet, his arms still crossed against his chest.
Homosexuality goes against nature,” John said crossly.
Honey sighed.
Homosexuality has been happening since the beginning of time, and it is found in thousands of species of animals,” Honey explained, beginning to lose her patience.
Humans shouldn't act like animals. We're intelligent enough to know it's wrong,” John replied.
You're ignorant,” Honey nearly shouted at this point, and clenched her hands into fists. “I'll talk to Professor Martine about doing something else.”
Are you gay?” John asked suddenly.
That's none of your concern,” Honey shouted and quickly walked away.

Back in her apartment, Honey stripped her clothes and entered the shower. Enjoying the hot water beating upon her back, she breathed a sigh of relief. It was good to be home. Stepping out of the shower, it was eleven o'clock and Honey briefly considered a nap. Jean was already gone for her shift.
As Honey thought about a nap, the pastor's and John's words kept playing through her mind. Sighing, she threw on a comfortable pair of pajamas and sat at her computer desk. She could write more to the current book she was working on or start a new book?
Honey considered getting a job with Jean just to get her mind off the events of today. They could certainly use the extra cash but Honey had always made her portion of the rent without fail. Besides, working with Jean could be a mistake, especially if she still thought she had feelings for her.
Looking at her e-reader she had received from her ex as a birthday gift, she pondered reading a book from that. Reading was always a good release and it would certainly help keep her mind off today. 'Some people really don't know their histories,' Honey thought.
Picking up her cell phone, she dialed Jackie's number. Jackie, evidently, had changed the ringback tone to a popular upbeat song. Honey smiled.
Morning,” Jackie drawled.
Did I wake you?” Honey asked.
Not at all,” Jackie replied and yawned.
Honey smiled knowing that she had indeed woke up her lover. Jackie never admitted to things like this though.
What's up?” Jackie asked.
Want to get together?” Honey asked in turn.
What do you have in mind?” Jackie said and yawned again.
We can figure that out when you're here.” Honey replied, twirling her hair in one hand.
Wait. Didn't you have church today?”
Rather not talk about that,” Honey sighed.
Alright, give me an hour.” Jackie said and hung up the phone.
Opening her closet, Honey scanned the contents looking for something decent to wear. She picked out a dark blue v-neck sweater and a pair of form fitting blue jeans. After she flat ironed her hair, she put on a small gold chain that had a small gold heart locket at the end, and then she did her makeup.
After this ritual of getting herself ready for Jackie she laid on her bed and read a book on her e-reader. Getting lost in the book, she didn't notice the doorbell ringing until the third time. Looking at the time, she realized two hours had passed. Getting up quickly, and placing her e-reader on her desk, she hurried to answer the door.
Jackie walked in and kissed Honey. Honey wrapped her arms around Jackie's neck kissing her back. As they were kissing, Jackie picked up Honey and Honey wrapped her legs around Jackie's waist. Jackie walked to Honey's bedroom and laid them both on Honey's bed. Leading Jackie on, Honey playfully nibbled her ear. Jackie let out a small moan and kissed Honey once more.
Honey ran her hands up and down Jackie's back but then took a more dominant stance. She pushed Jackie below her and crawled on top. Taking Jackie's hands, she pinned them above her lover's head. While still holding Jackie's arms above her head, Honey placed kissed along Jackie's neck. Releasing Jackie's hands, Honey began to explore her lover's body with her own hands, tracing every curve as she slid her hand under Jackie's shirt. Eventually, she stripped Jackie who helped her along by hurriedly taking her clothes off and stripping Honey in turn. Honey trailed her fingers up Jackie's stomach and caressed her nipples with forefinger and thumb. Jackie breathed heavily as she explored Honey as well.
Honey slid two of her fingers inside Jackie. She moved tentatively at first, but as she used her tongue on Jackie's breast, she got more comfortable slowly circling her fingers inside Jackie. Jackie wrapped an arm around Honey, breathing heavily still. As Honey began to circle her fingers inside Jackie a bit faster, she placed her head between Jackie's legs and inserted her own tongue near Jackie's clit. Jackie arched a bit as Honey darted her tongue in and out and then began to leave hickey on Jackie's clit. Jackie moaned and placed her hand on the back of Honey's head. Quickly she took her hand away and held onto the bed sheet. Honey got up still leaving her fingers inside Jackie and she got on top of her lover. Kissing Jackie, Honey felt her moan and her body climax. She inserted another finger, feeling Jackie's hips move in tune with her fingers. The moans turned Honey on as she began going faster. Jackie inserted her own fingers inside Honey and kissed her own neck. Honey sighed in pleasure, and as Jackie increased speed inside her, she increased her own speed inside Jackie.
Jackie,” she whispered and kissed her again.
Honey,” Jackie moaned as she kissed Honey.
Honey took out her stress on Jackie in this way. Jackie held tightly onto her with her free hand moaning her name as they continued to kiss each other. Jackie then realized she was using her dominant right hand, the hand that she had used to kill, but as looked at Honey, who was moaning her name in pure ecstasy, she stopped worrying about that. The two kept going even through each climax of their bodies, moaning each others names, screaming loudly in pleasure. Eventually, they collapsed on each other, hands still inside each other. Both were panting to catch their breath.
I love you, Honey,” Jackie said and kissed the top of Honey's blond head.
Honey smiled and settled into sleep, cuddling with her light brunette lover.

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