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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Intrigued by First Sight Chapter Five

Author's note: I wrote this story back in 2012. However, I am revising it again in order to write the sequel Rougher Tides. Some of the dialogue will be changed although I'm doing my best to keep it to the original story line.  If you are interested in this story, you can read the full version by clicking on the following link and purchasing it. However, the story will be updated once this revision is complete.

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The semester ended and Honey breathed a sigh of relief. She had achieved high grades on her finals and with the left over money from her scholarship she signed up for winter courses. This mean she would only have two weeks off but she wanted to earn her Associates degree and switch to a Bachelor's as soon as possible. This was the cheapest way to do it. Her degree would be in child study and her Bachelor's would be in education. That was her plan anyway.
Jackie had told Honey she'd call her around six. Honey never bothered to wait for someone to call her but she left the sound at full volume on her cell phone, while she played a game on her laptop. They had been together for six months so far, and Honey was starting to not be able to picture life without Jackie. Still, she focused on her game.
Jean started dating this woman named Cassie, but Honey could tell it wasn't going as well as expected. She shrugged this off. Eventually, Jean would open up to Cassie. She just hoped that for her friend Jean's sake, it was a good relationship. As she was thinking this, her cell phone range.
Hey,” Honey answered.
I'm outside,” Jackie answered.
Honey beamed.
I'll be right down,” she answered and then clicked the phone off on Jackie.
Rushing out of her apartment and down the stairs, she ran out of the complex nearly knocking Jackie over. Jackie hugged Honey tightly and the couple shared a quick kiss.
So, want to go to a movie?” Jackie asked.
Sounds great,” Honey replied. “I'm paying this time.”
You really don't have to,” Jackie answered and ran her fingers through her hair, grinning.
You always pay,” Honey replied exasperated. “I have money. I can pay once in a while. Heck, we can even go Dutch sometimes.”
Jackie lifted an eyebrow.
I also have money and I see no point in both of us paying.”
Honey sighed. She knew this was a losing battle. Jackie had always stopped her from paying for their dates insisting that she pay for them. Honey wanted to prove to everyone around her that she wasn't with Jackie for money. Those rumors started going around and although she knew she shouldn't be upset about them, it still upset her.
People are talking about us,” Honey whispered, looking down at the ground.
Jackie barely heard her.
What are they saying?” Jackie asked, confused.
That I'm using you for money, since you always pay for our dates,” Honey answered still looking down at the ground.
Jackie tilted her head back unable to stifle a fit of laughter. Laughing so hard, she doubled over with her hands on her knees. Honey laid a hand on Jackie's back.
Once Jackie's laughing fit was over she stood up straight. She hugged Honey close to her and then pulled away.
Who cares what people think!?” Jackie nearly yelled. “Rumors are idiotic. All that matters in our relationship is how we feel for each other.”
I still want to pay for at least one of our dates!” Honey demanded.
Why? So you can prove yourself to others who you shouldn't need to prove yourself to or because you want to?” Jackie asked sternly.
A little bit of both I guess,” Honey sighed and looked up at Jackie. “I want to show you I'm not financially unstable or unreliable.”
Honey,” Jackie said and lifted Honey's tear streaked face to meet hers. “If you weren't reliable I would have left you already. I want to be with you and I don't see a reason to leave you. There's no need to cry over an insecurity because that's all it is. You like me and I like you. We want to be together with each other. Shouldn't that be all that matters?”
Honey snuggled into Jackie. Wrapping her arms around Honey, Jackie kissed the top of Honey's head. She also ran her fingers through Honey's hair.
Now,” said Jackie as she pulled away from Honey and looked into her green eyes. “Do you want to see a movie or not?”
Chuckling, Honey quickly covered her mouth with her hand. She looked up at Jackie who was relieved instantly. Both of them climbed onto Jackie's Harley and sped off into the night.

Pulling up to the courtyard gates, still on the motorcycle Jackie felt Honey's arms go tighter around her abdomen. She waited for the heat seeker to exit through the gate post and register them. A flying ball of metal exited the gate post and hovered near Jackie.
Jacquelyn Miller and unregistered guest. Please register new guest,” said a metallic voice issued from the ball.
The ball showed a holokeypad and Jackie typed in Honey's name. The holokeypad disappeared and the ball spun once and then flew back to the gate post. Jackie waited for the heat seeker to re-register.
Jacquelyn Michelle Miller and Honey Agnes Elizabeth. Welcome to the Miller Estate.”
As the gates slid open, Jackie kicked her motorcycle back on and drove through. They stopped at the mansion steps and the couple dismounted the bike. A valet took Jackie's bike and the helmets from the two women.
Jackie,” Honey asked, her eyes widening as she looked at her surroundings. “How come you never told me?”
As Honey looked around the courtyard, she had to catch her breath. There was a marble fountain with a statue of an angel on top spewing water from it's hand. She was only able to see this due to the reflection of the full moon upon it.
It's not something I like to brag about,” Jackie replied and shrugged.
Possibly a good thing. If I'd known you were rich, I'd never have started dating you,” Honey admitted.
Why not?” Jackie asked after she flinched.
Rich people are normally snobs. You're not though, you're different,” Honey answered.
When some people figure out I'm rich, they only want me for my money,” Jackie said, frowning. “You're real though, I'd like to think.”
That explains why you won't let me pay for our dates and those stupid rumors,” Honey said.
Laughing, Jackie flashed Honey a smile. The doors were then opened by a man in a dark gray suit.
Welcome home, Ms. Miller,” the man said and bowed.
This is my girlfriend Honey. Honey this is Gerard. He's the butler,” Jackie introduced.
Nice to meet you Mr. Gerard,” Honey said.
The pleasure is mine Ms. Honey,” Gerard said still bowing and then stood up straight. “Welcome to the Miller Estate. Please enjoy yourself here and I insist you call me Gerard.”
Thank you,” Honey said, not knowing what else to do.
The couple walked inside. Honey was even more impressed. A double staircase led to two seperate hallways and the floors were marble. Light fixtures were placed strategically and a red carpet was on the floor and covered the stairs. Honey shook her head trying to get over the feeling of being in a movie.
Let's go upstairs. It's been a late night,” Jackie said, stretched her arms out and then covered her mouth yawning.
I just realized we never stopped at my place so I can get a change of clothes,” Honey said, distraught.
You can borrow mine. They may be a little big on you but it's alright,” Jackie replied.
Do you wish me to get Ms. Honey some clothes from the wardrobe quarters?” Gerard asked politely.
That's okay. We'll make do with what we have,” Jackie answered quickly.
Your parents would be most displeased,” Gerard said.
They're never around anyway so what's it matter?” Jackie demanded, her blue eyes flaring. “Besides I'm not a kid anymore! They're still in England right?”
They are on a business trip,” Gerard said calmly. “You are their only heir and they hope you will make use of the resources they have kindly provided you with.”
Yeah well, I think most parents are a bit more attentive to their children,” Jackie said adamantly. “I'm an adult now and it's been like this all my life.”
Jackie held Honey's hand in her own tightly and led her up the staircase, the argument clearly finished in Jackie's mind. Honey's thoughts raced a mile a minute on what she just witnessed. So Jackie had abandonment issues? She couldn't blame her. Still, Honey made a mental note of this in her mind and decided she wouldn't judge the matter. She loved Jackie. Resisting the urge to sigh, she let herself continue to be led by her brunette lover.
The two entered into a large bedroom. There was a king size bed in the middle of the room and three dressers also placed strategically. There was a door on the far left side and Honey figured it was a closet. She sat on the edge of Jackie's king size bed while Jackie rummaged through one of her wardrobes for two changes of pajamas. Once Jackie found what she was looking for she handed Honey a set of pajamas which was a light blue shirt and dark blue pants.
The bathroom is through that door,” Jackie said and pointed to the door that Honey mistook for a closet.
Nodding, Honey walked into the bathroom. It had blue tile floors, a shower, a jacuzzi bathtub and Honey shook her head in disbelief. Out of all the women, how did she end up with someone that was so well off? Stripping her clothes, she wondered if Jackie had hidden cameras in the bathroom but decided that was a stupid thing to think. After she dressed herself, she picked up her clothes and walked back into the bedroom.
Where do I put these?” She asked, motioning to her clothes.
Just leave them on the floor in the bathroom. Someone will collect it eventually,” Jackie replied.
I see,” Honey said, folded her clothes and left them on the bathroom floor.
Walking up to Jackie who was still only half dressed, Honey threw her arms around her. Jackie's skin against Honey's light blue shirt. Jackie returned the embrace and rested her head on Honey's shoulder.
Are you okay?” Honey asked.
Hmm,” Jackie said, still resting her head on Honey's shoulder. “Why, did something happen?”
The argument you had with Gerard,” Honey said, stroking Jackie's back. “About your parents? You didn't seem too thrilled.”
I'm never thrilled with them. And we're both adults, so let's just focus on us tonight,” Jackie replied, picked her head up, and looked at Honey smiling. “I just want to be with you Honey, and no one else.”
I feel the same Jackie,” Honey said and kissed Jackie passionately.
Honey couldn't help but let out a small moan of pleasure as Jackie kissed her. The tingle of electricity from their kiss was just as strong as ever. Feeling Jackie's hands slide under her shirt, Honey continued to kiss Jackie as the woman cupped her breasts in her hands. Still kissing Jackie, Honey felt pleasure tingling through her as Jackie's hands explored her body and their kiss broke temporarily as Jackie stripped Honey's shirt off.
Honey continued to kiss Jackie as Jackie continued to explore Honey's body with her hands. Briefly she played with Honey's breasts and then lifted her blond lover. The two women both half naked. Honey wrapped her legs around Jackie, still kissing her. Honey craved Jackie's touch, kiss, everything. Feeling herself moisten, she knew she'd need release soon but Jackie continued to only kiss her.
Eventually, Jackie placed Honey on her bed. Jackie was on top and Honey's legs were still wrapped around her. She explored Honey's body further with her hands and and began to give soft kisses around Honey's neck. Honey let out another small moan as she held onto Jackie's back.
Getting up, Jackie stripped Honey's pants off her and let Honey do this to her in turn. Honey then pulled Jackie back on top of her, kissing her again and exploring Jackie's own body with her hands. As they explored each other and played with each others breasts, thighs, and more, Honey couldn't stand the teasing any longer.
Jackie trailed her hands along Honey's inner thighs and ran her fingers softly over Honey's vaginal area. Breathing heavily, Honey ran her fingers along down Jackie's neck and back. As Honey did this, Jackie shivered in pleasure and began kissing Honey down her neck and trailing her tongue over Honey's nipples and breasts. Honey's back arched, and she was pleasantly surprised this was a turn on spot for her. Jackie proceeded to kiss Honey's neck while using her thumb and forefinger to play with Honey's nipples.
As Jackie continued her touches and kisses upon Honey's body, Honey breathed more heavily. Jackie didn't enter her yet, and Honey wanted her to do so. Her trepidation at never having had sex before, she wasn't sure what to do and didn't want her first experience to ever end. Running her hands along Jackie's back and arms, she waited.
Jackie kissed Honey on the mouth and eventually touched her thighs again. Her fingers alongside Honey's inner thighs she teased her blond lover by going closer to her vaginal area in small increments. Jackie eventually trailed her mouth and tongue around Honey going slowly downwards.
Placing her head in between Honey's legs, Jackie began to use her tongue. Her tongue darted in and out of Honey's tight folds and she licked Honey's clit. Jackie began to hum softly while she was using her tongue on Honey. Sometimes she would suck upon Honey's walls and clit. Honey held onto the bed sheets tightly, and bit her lip. Her body was starting to arch once more as Jackie continued to eat her out.
Spreading her legs wider, Honey couldn't resist moaning anymore. It was too much, the pleasure was all she felt as her body began to shake. Jackie wouldn't stop what she was doing, her tongue riding every wave of pleasure with Honey.
Please, Jackie,” Honey moaned. “Don't stop!”
Jackie didn't stop. Instead she slipped a finger into Honey's vagina as she continued her ministrations with her tongue. Her finger went slowly back and forth at first as if to ease Honey's transition. However, Honey had cummed numerous times so far and Jackie slipped in another finger. She began circling her fingers inside Honey and moved her fingers circularly and in tune with the movement of Honey's hips. Jackie got up, still leaving her fingers inside Honey and circling as she laid atop Honey. Her blond lover wrapped her legs around her and Jackie moved her fingers faster inside Honey inserting a third finger inside her.
Jackie,” Honey moaned loudly and wrapped her arms around Jackie.
Honey dug her nails into Jackie's back not knowing what else to do and still moaning loudly. Jackie kissed her neck and lightly sucked on it. As Honey held her tightly, Jackie kept up her finger work this time inside Honey and placed small hickies on Honey's breast. She even used her tongue to play with Honey's nipples once more and Honey's hips still moving in tune with Jackie's fingers, she enjoyed Honey's intense moans of pleasure. It was music to Jackie's ears and she wanted Honey to remember her first time with her. It was Honey's first time ever and Jackie wanted her badly. Feeling her lover's vaginal walls clench, Jackie drove her fingers faster inside her lover who only moaned even more loudly and dug her nails deeper into her back.
Jackie wouldn't tell Honey this yet, but she was in love with her and wanted to make love to her every day like this. As she rode Honey with her fingers, and drank in her moans, Honey's body finally went limp. Jackie stopped and pulled her hand, covered in Honey's fluids out of her. Honey was panting. She looked up at Jackie, a gleam in her eyes, and she smiled.
Are you okay?” Jackie asked.
Never felt better,” Honey said between pants.
Did I wear you out? I wasn't even done,” Jackie said and winked.
There's more?” Honey asked not concealing her excitement.
Yes, there is,” Jackie replied thinking of all the ways she could pleasure Honey and make her scream her name once more.
I'm not sure I can take much more for tonight,” Honey replied, still panting.
It's alright,” Jackie said and hugged Honey tightly, still on top of her.
Looking into her lover's eyes, she smiled. Jackie knew within five minutes Honey would want more but she would have to wait. She was tired herself and right now gazing into Honey's green depths was more than enough for her.
You know, you are really special,” Jackie said.
I want you,” Honey replied breathlessly.
You can have me another time. Right now, you need to sleep,” Jackie said and cupped her hand to Honey's face.
Honey kissed her. Their feelings for each other stirred even more as they enjoyed their lingering and passionate kiss. Honey looked at Jackie.
We can go on still,” Honey said eagerly.
Jackie placed a finger on Honey's lips. Honey stared up at her and Jackie kissed Honey's lips while still shushing her with her finger.
Rest,” Jackie said softly for their own mutual benefit.
She didn't want them to remember sex while overtired and compare it to other times. Looking out her bedroom window she saw the sun coming up. Looking back at Honey, she saw her blond lover was already fast asleep. Kissing Honey's forehead, she rolled off of her and onto her back. Closing her eyes, she felt Honey roll over and snuggle up to her. She wrapped her arm around Honey and fell into a pleasant and dreamless sleep.

Jackie woke up to her lover still snuggled up to her and sleeping. Honey looked so at peace that Jackie didn't want to disturb her. Unfortunately, Honey was going to have to move before her bladder burst.
Gently, she tried to pry Honey away from her. Having no intention of waking her, she hoped Honey was a heavy sleeper. Panicking she realized she wasn't when Honey stirred.
Hmm,” she murmured into Jackie's breast. So much for being a light sleeper!
Honey, I need to use the bathroom,” Jackie admitted.
Honey rolled over, freeing Jackie and quickly fell back asleep. Jackie got up and headed to the bathroom. Once she relieved herself, she looked into the mirror. Her hair a complete mess as she expected.
Deciding to brush her teeth really fast, she figured she'd go back to bed but Honey was already up. Honey stretched next to her bed and Jackie was fascinated. Honey wasn't wearing any clothes and Jackie felt a stirring of desire go through her. Honey's supple breasts moving easily as she stretched. Once Honey spotted Jackie, her face went beet red and she stopped.
Oh, don't stop because of me,” Jackie said.
You're also naked,” Honey said blatantly.
Jackie looked down as if noticing for the first time she wasn't clothed. Looking back up at Honey, she grinned.
So I am,” Jackie said.
Are you hungry?” Jackie asked after her stomach let out a huge growl.
Honey nodded in the affirmative and then walked towards the bathroom. Before she entered, Jackie wrapped her arms around her from behind and pressed her breasts against Honey's back. Enjoying the lingering hug, Honey laid a hand on Jackie's arm.
Jackie, I really need to pee,” Honey said and Jackie laughed.
Jackie let her go and Honey walked into the bathroom. Jackie stole a quick glance at her bedspread, and knew it would have to be washed. She was happy to be Honey's first and hoped that Honey would want her for the rest of their lives. She knew she wanted Honey for life. She placed the blanket over the messed bed sheets.
I need my clothes, Jackie,” Honey said.
There,” Jackie said and pointed to one of the dressers.
Honey stared in shock. No one she had seen had come in and considering their love making lasted a long time last night, did someone see? She took her clothes which were freshly cleaned and folded.
Come take a shower,” Jackie said and smiled. “We can both use one.”
Honey laughed and had a feeling she knew where this was going. Taking Jackie's proffered hand, they both stepped into the bathroom. She loved these moments with Jackie. To her, these were the best moments thus far in her life. Last night she would never forget either. She loved Jackie dearly even though there relationship was only a short six months. But what did time matter, when love was involved?

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