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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Intrigued by First Sight Chapter Four

Author's note: I wrote this story back in 2012. However, I am revising it again in order to write the sequel Rougher Tides. Some of the dialogue will be changed although I'm doing my best to keep it to the original story line.  If you are interested in this story, you can read the full version by clicking on the following link and purchasing it. However, the story will be updated once this revision is complete.

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In her comp class the next Monday, she waited patiently for Jackie to arrive. As the other students arrived, she began panicking inside as Jackie's desk remained empty. She shook her head in disbelief. Why the hell was she even waiting for Jackie? She wondered this as she stared at Jackie's empty desk in dismay. Her attention was diverted however, when the professor walked into class.
Take out your homework assignments. Normally I don't collect homework but today's homework will be a graded test. If you neglected to complete it, you have a zero for today's attendance,” Professor Abernathy said.
The students in the class groaned and Honey suppressed a chuckle. Nothing seemed to change from high school to college in Honey's mind, except the age groups of the students. Taking out her homework assignment, she left it on the desk. The professor was old fashioned in the assignments and it didn't phase her. Everyone in the class that completed their homework did the same as Honey and the professor collected the assignments.
After the professor collected the assignments and placed them on his desk, he wrote on the chalkboard. Everyone stated silent for the time being.
Your homework assignment is on the board for next week. Since I don't use e-mails or any of that, I trust you will take this down. If this assignment is not completed by Monday, you will be dropped from this course. No excuses, unless it's a medical excuse written on a doctor's note and believe me, I do know what those look like. Now any thoughts on last week's chapter?”
Honey looked up at Professor Abernathy. She raised her hand and waited.
Yes, Ms. Elizabeth.”
It's a well written story. I think the author was writing about how love can come at you from any angle if you're open to it. Sadly, the main character never saw it and the man's love was unrequited,” Honey explained.
Professor Abernathy nodded at Honey. Then he looked at the rest of her class mates.
What do you think Mr. Bradley?” Professor Abernathy asked.
John Bradley leaned back in his desk chair. On his head was a red baseball cap turned sideways. He was wearing a black hoodie with a band name on it and a set of headphones around his neck. Cracking his knuckles, he spoke.
Should have given up when he knew it wasn't worth it. Why waste time on some broad who wont open her legs.”
Honey gritted her teeth. She kept her hands on her lap under her desk and clenched her fists. How dare he make such an ignorant statement. She breathed a sigh of anger and willed herself not to turn around. Men like him were idiots and she couldn't stand men who had Napoleon complexes.
Mr. Bradley, it's safe to say not many women will humor a man such as yourself and I feel sorry for the ones that do,” Professor Abernathy stated and the rest of class burst out in laughter. Honey snickered despite herself.
Any other interpretations for today?” Professor Abernathy asked and the rest of the class shook their heads. “Class dismissed. We meet in room 1C on Wednesday.”
Picking up her books, Honey left the class room. Her mind on Jackie, she wondered if the woman was sick. A most likely cause to her absence but Honey took our her cell phone and called anyway.
Hello,” Jackie answered, her voice raspy.
Since you missed class, I figured I'd tell you about our assignment due next week. If it's not completed we get dropped from the course,” Honey explained. “How are you?”
I talked to Abernathy this morning. Feel like shit. Think I have the flu,” Jackie responded.
Do you want me to stop by and bring you anything?”
Nah, will only make you sick too. Wouldn't want to cause a beautiful thing like you to be sick,” Jackie said with a smile in her raspy voice.
Looks like you'll be feeling better in no time at all,” Honey replied and chuckled. “By the way, what's your address? I'll bring you some chicken noodle soup anyway.”
Trust me you don't want to know that yet. I'll be back Wednesday, talk to you later,” Jackie said and hung up.
Honey looked at her cell phone in disbelief. Why did Jackie have to be so stubborn? Shaking her head, Honey walked over to the school library.

Over the weekend, Honey agreed to meet an online client of hers in person at the local library. She figured it would be safer this way and since all the librarians knew her very well, she'd be protected in a worst case scenario. She hoped nothing would go wrong, but as with any online clients, you just never knew. She had also asked Jean to come with her just in case.
Honey was sitting in one of the backrooms where tutorials were usually administered to students who were struggling. As it was almost 8pm the rooms weren't in use and Honey received permission to use one. Jean was sitting across from Honey, tapping her fingers on table in annoyance. Jean didn't want to be there but she didn't want to turn Honey down. She was also annoyed at how much time Honey was spending with Jackie, after only a week.
After some time passed, a man rapped lightly on the tutorial room door. Honey answered. The man was dressed in a dark suit and held a black leather briefcase at his side. He nodded his head toward Jean and looked at Honey.
Are you Ms. Honey Elizabeth?” He asked.
Honey nodded.
Yes, and she's my friend Jean Hunter,” Honey introduced. “Mr. Hawkins, it's a pleasure to meet you in person.”
She shook his hand and they both had a seat. Mr. Hawkins looked briefly at Jean and then at Honey. He put his briefcase on the desk and pulled out a stack of papers. After doing this he looked at Honey.
This is supposed to be a confidential project. I would appreciate if Ms. Hunter would leave the room for now,” Mr. Hunter said.
Jean grunted her disapproval but got up and left. Honey just looked at her apologetically.
It's okay Jean. Just wait for me please?” Honey asked.
Yup,” Jean said and walked out.
Now that we are alone, I want to go over these details with you. What I have here is a contract I want you to sign if you wish to work for me.”
Honey looked at the stack of papers and gulped. Her eyes widened and her chest pounded with anxiety.
You weren't clear earlier about what this job is. You mentioned something about writing, but what part of writing are we talking about?” Honey asked.
I'm impressed Ms. Elizabeth. Most people just sign the contract for a job because of this economy.” Mr. Hawkins replied and tapped his own fingers on the table.
I'm aware of the economy but I have self-respect. What type of writer do you need?”
You're an intelligent woman. I need a ghost writer for a blog of mine. You'll get twenty cents per word and an affiliate commission when someone buys a product you write about. Your commission will be forty percent. A generous offer considering your lack of experience.”
And the stack of papers is a contract?” Honey asked motioning with her hand over the stack of papers.
Mr. Hawkins smiled. He motioned for her to look through them. After Honey did so, her eyes widened again.
An advance?” she asked. “Why?”
To show good faith on my part,” He said and leaned over the table, placing his elbows on them, and resting his head on his hands.
Do I have to decide right now?” Honey asked not falling for this. In her mind, this was now starting to sound too good to be true.
No, you don't have to right now, but I will need an answer by the end of this week,” Mr. Hawkins said and sat upright.
I appreciate you coming down here to talk to me about this opportunity,” Honey said and resisted the urge to once again leaf through the papers in front of her.
I'd like to meet you at the end of this week at the same place, alone preferably. I feel Ms. Hunter will only hinder your ambitions,” Mr. Hunter stated.
You're wrong! Jean is my friend and only wants what is best for me. Now that I know you however, I will come alone,” Honey retorted as she clenched her hands into fists under the table.
It's just a suggestion. I'd like to take you on a dinner date so we may get to know each other better,” he said and winked.
I'm not interested Mr. Hawkins, but thanks for your offer,” Honey replied, resisting the urge to run.
You're not on the other side of the fence are you? It would be most unfortunate if you were in a relationship with Ms. Hunter,” Mr. Hawkins replied.
Honey glowered and stood up. She couldn't hide the fact that she was clenching her fists any longer but did her best not to do anything physical. She couldn't stop herself from screaming however.
Who I sleep with, regardless if female or male, should have no standing in the work place. I thought this was the 21st century and New York!” Honey was about to storm out of the room when Mr. Hawkins stopped her.
You won't receive a better offer than this one, Ms. Elizabeth. You will destroy any future career in writing should you leave now,” He said adamantly.
So be it,” Honey replied and proceeded to storm out.
Honey eyes filled with rage as she found Jean.
Are you okay,” Jean asked.
I'm leaving,” Honey replied. “Are you coming with me?”
Jean nodded and followed Honey out of the library.

Once the two were back in their shared apartment, Honey entered the shower and ran her fingers through her blond hair. Sighing, she realized she turned down what could have been a good paying career.
'I did the right thing,' Honey thought. 'It's the 21st century. Homosexuality is accepted but some people are just ass holes about it.'
She thought more about when the time came, and she wanted to marry Ms. Right. Marriage was an outdated institution- no that was Jackie's line. Honey sighed. She was spending a lot of time with Jackie and she always wondered what Jackie's touch would feel like. Her spine tingled and she tried to force the thought out of her mind. There would be plenty of time for that. After she got out of the shower, she wrapped herself in a towel and walked past the living room into her room, oblivious to Jean's stare.
Honey,” Jean said.
Honey, still wrapped in a towel, looked at Jean. Jean forced her mouth open but couldn't get her words out.
What's up?” Honey asked.
I like you,” Jean said.
Yeah, so do I. We've been best friends for the longest time,” Honey replied confused.
I like you as more than a friend,” Jean blurted out.
Honey pondered this over in her mind. How was she going to turn Jean down gently? Sitting down next to Jean, she patted her friend's shoulder lightly, and braced herself.
Jean, I'm seeing someone right now. I love you, but I'm not in love with you. Don't give up though, you will find someone meant for you, but it's not me.”
But I want you!” Jean stated, looking at Honey.
Jean. I'm with Jackie. There are other people who would love to be with you, just give them a chance,” Honey pleaded.
I'll think about it,” Jean said.
The defeated tone didn't get past Honey. Suppressing the urge to sigh, she got up and walked back to her room.
Cassie from school likes you,” Honey said and closed her bedroom door gently.
She took her towel off, hung it on her closet door and dressed in purple pajamas. Honey hoped Jean would get over her crush on her. She didn't return those feelings for Jean. Sighing, she hoped Jean would be willing to give Cassie a chance.

Laying down on her bed with her hands behind her head on the pillow, she wondered what she should do. There wasn't really anything she could do, but she still wondered. Honey thought about spending the night at Jackie's but then figured that might be too soon. Pulling the covers over her, she tried to sleep but her thoughts went towards what to do about Jean and not destroying her relationship with Jackie, because Jean would eventually become jealous of it. 

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