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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Intrigued by First Sight Chapter Seven

Author's note: I wrote this story back in 2012. However, I am revising it again in order to write the sequel Rougher Tides. Some of the dialogue will be changed although I'm doing my best to keep it to the original story line.  If you are interested in this story, you can read the full version by clicking on the following link and purchasing it. However, the story will be updated once this revision is complete.

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Sitting in her child psychology class, Honey began writing notes in her notebook from the power point presentation their professor was showing them. The rest of the glass only groaned as the professor lectured on. Honey soaked in every word, eager to distract herself from thoughts of the past weekend.
Ms. Elizabeth, I'm partnering you with Mr. Bradley,” Professor Martine said.
Honey groaned. What was with her rotten luck lately? Why him of all people and why were they in the same class?
What for?” Honey muttered under her breath.
The professor looked around the class and smiled. She walked up and down the aisles of desks with her hands behind her back.
I'm partnering everyone for this week's assignment. No ifs, ands, and buts.”
Honey grew mortified and slumped in her desk. This had to be the worst week ever. Being partnered with John Bradley was nothing to be excited about.
After she partnered the rest of the class, Professor Martine walked back to her computer and clicked the mouse. Another slide appeared on the smartboard screen showing the assignment the class would need to do.
Looking up at the board, Honey gulped. She knew John wouldn't be mature about this at all. When would this semester end? Their assignment was to mentor a child for the remainder of the semester with help from your partner. This would count towards internship credit for her Associate's degree. Honey gulped. How the hell was this going to work out?
The child you mentor can not be a family member whether immediate or extended. You can volunteer at a youth group organization, a church, community center, something along those lines. The foundation for Big Brothers, Big Sisters you can possibly talk to in regards to this assignment. No matter what, you will need permission,” Professor Martine explained. “I understand not all of you will be able to complete this task, so by the end of the week I expect to see some of you for alternatives to this assignment. Any questions?”
Why do we need a partner for this?” Deanna, one of Honey's classmates asked.
The way I partnered everyone is to teach you different perspectives from your own. In the workplace you will be forced to work with some people you may or may not like,” Professor Martine explained. “The second part of this assignment is to write a letter to your partner about what you learned from him or her. Your notes on the child you mentor will become a co-written paper to be handed in the week before finals.
Everyone in the class nodded their heads and groaned. Dread filled Honey as she thought about her forced partnership with John Bradley. What could she possibly learn from him other than the fact he was a stereotypical pig?
Join your groups please and discuss how you plan to complete your assignment,” Professor Martine said.
Bouncing up to Honey, John caught her eyes for a brief second and Honey darted her eyes away. John smiled. He plopped down into a desk next to her.
So we're partners,” John said stupidly.
Yeah, we are,” Honey said, unimpressed. “Where should we get a child to mentor?”
How about you come to my place and you can talk about it there?” John said and winked.
Nice try, but this is just as good a place,” Honey said irritably and resisted the urge to clench her fists.
Oh come on,” John whined. “You're the hottest chick in school. I just want to get to know you and see what melts the ice queen.”
You're trapped in a fantasy land aren't you,” Honey retorted.
Fine,” John said and shrugged. “You have any ideas?”
Not really,” Honey said not taking her eyes off John. “I don't go to any youth groups and I tend to avoid churches.”
Why?” John asked incredulous. “The church I go to is fun and there are plenty of people there with children.”
Sounds like a plan,” Honey answered, dreading stepping a foot into a church ever again.
She hid her surprise that John was a church goer. In a way it explained a lot but Honey wasn't enthused.
Great! You never answered my question,” John said. “How come you don't like churches?”
I'm an atheist,” Honey replied simply.
You know it's freedom of religion and not freedom from religion right?” John asked.
Honey braced herself. Deciding not to get into this verbal argument she changed tactic mid thought.
What religion are you?”
Born Again Christian,” John said and puffed out his chest proudly.
Wonderful,” Honey replied noticing John didn't pick up on the sarcasm.
Yep, so we can go to my church this Sunday and see if we can get a child to mentor there,” John explained.
Church and time?”Honey asked, resisting the urge to wince.
John the Baptist. Corner of Main street and South Ocean Avenue. Nine o'clock.”
Resisting the urge to say something witty about the shared name between John and his church, Honey only nodded. He looked directly into Honey's eyes and Honey couldn't pull away lest she seemed rude. She only liked staring into Jackie's eyes but she wasn't here. John's eyes were blue gray and under his red ball cap was a shock of unruly blond hair.
See you Sunday,” Honey said quickly.
The class was dismissed. Honey and John grabbed permission slips from the professor's desk and walked out.
Honey walked over to the campus courtyard and stood there for a bit. It wasn't anything spectacular to look at, but there was a small bench and flower bed. Sitting on the bench, she wished she had something to ease her nerves. Even a small cigarette may have helped. She didn't smoke but had seriously started considering taking up the habit although she knew the causes and effects of smoking. It wouldn't calm her either and just make her heart rate speed up. Maybe lavender tea would do the trick.
She sighed. Church on Sunday? Never had she ever expected to step foot in a church again. Not after she was kicked out of her own church for saying homosexuals should have the same rights as everyone else. Honey shook her head trying not to relive the memory. She didn't succeed.

The church was huge to a small twelve year old child. Honey's hair was down to her waist, blond and shiny. Wearing a size zero girls sundress and holding a bible, she walked with her mother inside the church. Her mother sat a pew along with the rest of the adults. Honey looked around always amazed at the stained glass windows of the saints and other biblical scenes.
Stop looking around and pay attention,” Her mother silently snapped at her.
Honey stayed silent. Her mother, taller than her had black hair, a powerful build and was wearing a sundress that her body type would never allow. No one said anything to her though.
The Sunday school leader walked down the aisle between the pews. He motioned for the children to follow him for their Sunday school lessons. Honey got up from the pew and stood in line with the other children, and she was still holding her bible. They headed down a hallway into a room. Honey sat down in one of the chairs and the other children followed suit.
So we must not judge others,” the Sunday school teacher said.
He was continuing with the day's lesson and Honey began to day dream. Her dreams flitted to the next book she'd read, riding her bicycle around town instead of being stuck in this room. She suddenly snapped back to attention.
W-what?” Honey asked.
I was just wondering who has been reading their bibles,” the Sunday school teacher said. “And Honey, you're carrying yours.”
Why do you always call her Honey? Doesn't she have a normal name!” One of the kids demanded.
Honey looked over at him. He was definitely a few years younger. She couldn't help but flinch. Her name was Honey and her peers made fun of her for this all the time.
I read through it all,” Honey replied.
The Sunday school teacher looked at Honey nonplussed. Honey knew what was coming. No one expected her to be an intellectual or even an early intellectual given what her mother was like.
So, what can you tell us about what you read,” the Sunday school teacher asked carefully.
It doesn't make sense,” Honey replied.
She began repeating quotes from the bible she was holding and making arguments of her own against each one. The other kids looked at her shocked and then began making fun of her behind her back. The Sunday school teacher was still shocked. One of the other Sunday school helpers walked in.
Hey, can you watch them for a bit?” He asked. “I'll be right back. Honey come with me.”
Honey got up and walked with the Sunday school teacher out of the room. They walked back into the area where the pews and stained glass windows where. The adults were standing up from the pews reciting a bible verse and then sat back down.
The service continued and the preacher was mentioning something about homosexuals. Honey had no idea what a homosexual was and she sat down next to the Sunday school teacher on a pew. Her feet not touching the floor. When she found out that homosexuals were humans, she couldn't help but call out.
Why can't homosexuals have rights too?” Honey shouted.
All the adults turned around and looked at her in shock. She didn't understand what was going on. Why couldn't all humans have the same rights? The Sunday school teacher hushed everyone. The preacher stopped preaching but when he saw the Sunday school teacher he continued with her sermon.
Do you know what a homosexual is?” he asked Honey.
Honey shook her head. She had never come in contact with the word before today. The Sunday school teacher nodded.
I probably shouldn't tell you this. It's really up to your mother after all,” he explained but after seeing the look on Honey's face he sighed. “Alright, have you ever seen two women or two men kiss each other?”
Like on the cheek?” Honey asked, not knowing what the big deal was.
No, not on the cheek,” the Sunday school teacher explained patiently. “I mean as a couple.”
Honey stayed silent for a moment. Now that she thought about it, she had never seen it. Shaking her head no, the Sunday school teacher breathed a sigh of relief.
Homosexuality is when two people of the same gender, whether two males or two females, fall in love with each other.”
What's wrong with that?” Honey asked innocently.
It's not natural,” the Sunday school teacher said.
Honey sat in silence momentarily. She thought about the crushes she had on the girls at school and how she wouldn't dare approach them. Was she unnatural? She didn't want to risk asking about that.
I think homosexuals should have rights,” she repeated.
The Sunday school teacher just looked at her sadly. One of the church goers next to her looked at her with disgust.
If you think that, don't ever come back.”
Honey gulped and stayed silent. Once the sermon was over, the Sunday school teacher took her up to the vicar and explained the situation. The vicar looked down at Honey as fidgeted playing with her fingers unsure of what to do.
We may need to fix you Ms. Honey Elizabeth,” the Vicar explained patiently.
Fix what?” Honey asked.
Are you attracted to women?” the vicar asked suddenly.
Honey's eyes widened in more fear. Was he a mind reader? Quickly, she shook her head.
I'm more interested in books,” Honey replied quickly.
That's a relief,” the vicar said and smiled. “But I think that this church won't be a good fit for you and I'll be asking you and your mother not to return here.”
The Sunday school teacher took Honey's hand and walked her out of the room. She went back to her mother and they left the church.

Honey shook her head. The next few years after that she had struggled with her sexuality and kept it secret. Her mother never forgave her for getting them kicked out. Getting up she walked to the cafeteria to finally get herself a cup of lavender tea. Frowning when she realized the cafeteria didn't sell it she walked over to her art appreciation class which would be starting soon. Perhaps this would be another way to take her mind off things. She loved to draw and this class was a good outlet for that.

At home Honey placed a teapot on the stove top and turned it on. Seeing that the futon Jean used for a bed was up in couch form, she sat down and pondered. Picking up the remote, she flipped through channels on the television eventually giving up on that endeavor after seeing nothing she was interested in.
The teapot began whistling and she hurried into the kitchen. She took a mug out from the cabinet and placed a teabag inside it. Placing three teaspoons of sugar into her cup along with a drop of milk, she stirred it and started to relax.
Holding her mug, Honey walked into her bedroom and turned her laptop on. Signing into her youtube account, she looked for a free movie to watch. Something that would take her mind off Sunday, today, and the events of last week. Finding a movie, she pressed play and watched.
Thirty minutes into it, Jackie called her. She groaned wondering why Jackie couldn't at least text her once in a while. Pausing the movie, she answered her cell phone.
Hey,” Honey said.
Pleased to see you too,” Jackie said sarcastically.
Long day,” Honey replied and sighed.
Tell me about it,” Jackie replied. “Want to see another movie?”
Not really,” Hone muttered, now checking her e-mail.
Mini-golf?” Jackie asked hopefully.
Not in the mood,” Honey replied.
Not in the mood to hang out with me today are you?” Jackie asked.
Um..” Honey answered and thought for a moment. “Maybe I'll come play mini-golf with you.”
Sounds good,” Jackie replied. “I'll be there at seven.”
They both hung up their phones. Honey turned her movie back on and looked at the time on her phone. It was five o'clock. Sipping her tea, she waited.
At seven o'clock, the doorbell rang and Honey got up from her chair. Smiling briefly, she let Jackie inside. Jackie, looking at Honey, knew something was wrong but couldn't figure out what.
I'm a bit stressed,” Honey answered on cue.
That's obvious,” Jackie replied carefully. “Did I do something wrong?”
Honey chuckled and Jackie grew relieved. Setting her tea mug on the counter, Honey embraced Jackie. Jackie returned the hug, holding Honey tightly.
I have to go to church on Sunday,” Honey said, resting her head on Jackie's shoulder.
Eyes widening, Jackie looked down at Honey.
Church? Aren't you an atheist?” Jackie asked.
It's a project for school,” Honey explained. “Professor Martine paired me with John Bradley and it's his church we're going to.”
Ah,” Jackie replied. “He's homophobic.”
Didn't know that but I'll be sure not to let him know I'm gay or with you for that matter,” Honey answered.
Might be a good idea depending on the church,” Jackie replied and broke the embrace, looking into Honey's eyes. “You'll have to pretend your straight.”
I just don't understand religions that supposedly preach love, yet hate what they don't understand,” Honey sighed heavily and looked down.
Let's go play mini-golf. I'm going to beat you in it,” Jackie smirked.
Honey smiled. She wrapped her arms around Jackie once more and they kissed. Jackie broke the embrace again, grinning.
No need for leathers,” Jackie said still grinning. “I have a car with me this time.”
Honey only nodded in response. They both headed out of the apartment to a blue Porsche with pin stripes of white. Honey wasn't even shocked. She knew Jackie was rich although it didn't make sense she'd go to a community college. Still, she was happy to have met Jackie. Getting into the car, they headed to the mini-golf course.
At the golf course, Honey looked around. Jackie just stood there smiling as she took out a wad of cash and paid for them to have three games. After Jackie collected her change, an attendant gave them a bucket of balls and two golf clubs.
Jackie,” Honey said. “I never played this before.”
Oh,” Jackie said laughing. “It's like normal golf but the route is shorter and there are obstacles. It's fun. Give it a shot and see. No need to keep score.”
Honey looked around. Artificial ponds were located in various spots around the course. Small bridges you could walk three to four steps over where at certain intervals over the ponds. A windmill was in one corner and a huge pink and purple plastic clown's face was in the other.
The couple took turns hitting golf balls. Honey hit a lot of hers into the pond and Jackie followed suit. Both of them laughed at themselves, enjoying each others company.
Taking her golf club and giving a large swing, Honey hit her last golf ball. It ricocheted off the clown, bounced off a bridge, and landed into one of the ponds. Honey's cheeks flushed with embarrassment and Jackie just smiled.
When their three games of mini-golf was over, they were both laughing warmly with each other. It was as if only they existed in this world and Honey, loved it. She loved Jackie.
However, in a tree thicket near the course, a man was watching them through his binoculars. His shaggy brown hair hadn't been combed in at least three days. His clothes were baggy and worn. This man was one of Honey's attackers. Watching as the lovers laughed and smiled with each other the whole time and started to collect their gold clubs. The balls would eventually fall back in place. Either that or he'd have to retrieve them himself.
Being more upset that Jackie Miller was alive and free, he clenched his free hand into a fist. Seeing them share one too many kisses, he looked down. Jackie had murdered his father in the tournament. She didn't deserve to live. They both had to die and it was his job to get rid of the abominations.

Patiently, he watched the couple get into Jackie's car. Who knew a random encounter in the park would lead him to the woman he hated most, Jackie Miller. Revenge would come for him and justice would be served. He'd kill Jackie and her precious little whore.

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