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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Intrigued by First Sight Chapter Six

Author's note: I wrote this story back in 2012. However, I am revising it again in order to write the sequel Rougher Tides. Some of the dialogue will be changed although I'm doing my best to keep it to the original story line.  If you are interested in this story, you can read the full version by clicking on the following link and purchasing it. However, the story will be updated once this revision is complete.

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Anger flashed through Jean's eyes at the look of happy contentment on Honey's face. It was the same look Jean wore when she had sex with someone for the first time. Jean had known Honey had never slept with anyone before but she was secretly hoping she would be the first one Honey would choose. The fact that Honey chose Jackie over her, upset her even more. Damn that Miller bitch! She was destroying everything and how could Honey choose to love Jackie instead of her? Enough was enough.
Sitting on Jean's bed with her, Honey watched the television thinking to herself how nothing good was ever on. Watching television was rare for Honey as she was usually entranced in some book or another. Jean writhed inside from her earlier thoughts knowing Honey had been deflowered.
Honey, what have you done?” Jean asked, unable to take it anymore.
Surprise came over Honey's features. Jean grew angrier by the second, her face starting to contort a bit. It would have terrified anyone else, but Honey had grown used to these emotional outbursts.
What are you talking about?” Honey asked.
You had sex with her didn't you?” Jean asked, her voice ice cold and eyes flaring with rage.
What does it matter to you?” Honey asked, shocked. “We're a couple. Aren't you with Cassie? I can't believe we're even having this conversation.”
But why Jackie Miller of all the people in the college you can have?” Jean whined.
Would we be having this conversation if I slept with you?” Honey asked, losing her patience.
Jean bit her lip, speechless. Honey's accusation hit home and she didn't know how to verbally counter it.
I see clearly,” Honey said and got up.
Where are you going?” Jean asked.
Out for a bit. I need fresh air,” Honey said angrily. “I suggest you call Cassie and see if you can sleep over there if you don't want to be alone tonight. I'm not coming home for a while.”
Honey put on her sneakers. Throwing on a light jacket, she grabbed her purse and stormed out of their shared apartment.
Writhing once more, Jean was aware she may have just severed her friendship with Honey. There was no reason for her to verbally attack Honey like that but it was for her own good. In her mind, Honey needed to come to her senses and come back to her. Jackie Miller was no good for her.
After calming down, Jean decided on what she was going to do. She would invite Jackie over for dinner tomorrow night and show Honey she approved. No, she would never approve of Jackie. This was just to keep appearances up so Honey would eventually return to her. Jean resolved to be there for Honey, when Jackie eventually screwed things up between them. Yes, that would do.

Honey sighed in disbelief. She knew her friend had a crush on her but she never imagined Jean would attack her verbally like she did earlier. What was she thinking? Was she that jealous she had chosen Jackie over her? Honey walked through the park, knowing this late at night by herself was possibly a bad idea but right now, she didn't care.
It was ten o'clock at night but she just couldn't stay home right now. She thought Jean would eventually get over her crush on her and fall for Cassie. Honey guessed it didn't help that she lived with Jean. She didn't know what to do and she pondered over all the possibilities. Deciding moving back in with her mother was not an option she walked on. Living with her mother again had too many disadvantages she didn't want to think about. It didn't help that each time she visited the place it always made her sick due to the dirt and grime, along with the things her mother tended to hoard. Her brother told her recently that her mother started hoarding cats. No, she couldn't go back to her mother's place.
She thought about her father, but he was generally no help either. His house never made her sick but she couldn't take the emotional wreck he would turn her into if she let his words sink in. The accusations he always laid upon her hurt her to the core, and when she confronted him about certain things he only called her a liar. He would be no help and wouldn't offer her a place to stay either.
Moving in with Jackie for the time being was off limits in her mind. She didn't feel they were together as a couple long enough to make that significant leap. Her thoughts continued to other friends she could possibly stay with. For the time being, she couldn't afford to live on her own.
Sighing in despair as she got lost in her thoughts, she continued her walk on the trail in the park. It circled around a beautiful lake, the moon light glistening off the rippling water. Relaxing, as she listed to the calming sounds of the water, she knew she would eventually come to a solution through her chaotic thoughts.
What she didn't hear however, was the sound of lightly crunched twigs and movement through the brambles and trees. Three men were behind her, each wearing a black jumpsuit and they each had combat knifes brandished in each hand. Circling around Honey, they poised to attack her.
As Honey turned around, she froze with terror. Never having been in a fight before, let alone taken self defense classes, she had no idea what to do. Everything moved around her in slow motion as her attackers approached her. Death was imminent.
As Honey stood there accepting her death, frozen to the spot, and unable to move, Jackie appeared out of nowhere. How her lover even knew about this place or even when to show up was beyond her. All Honey was able to do was watch as her brunette lover fought.
Jackie punched one of the men which sent him sprawling. Quickly, she performed a snap kick to one of the other men's groins and followed this with a roundhouse kick to the other guy's head. The man Jackie punched, took his knife and tried to stab her, but Jackie deflected the blow and wrenched the knife from his hand. Kicking him in the groin, Jackie began to use the knife as if it was an extension of her own hand.
Honey watched as Jackie fought. She was still unable to move. As she watched Jackie fight, she could tell her lover was a skilled martial artist. Jackie deflected knife blow after knife blow. With one of the men, they were in somewhat of a clinch but Jackie had the advantage of speed on her side and quickly sent the man sprawling as she bared her teeth and hissed.
All three men were on the ground, looking at Jackie with fear in their faces. Jackie continued to hiss at them daring them to make another move. Holding a knife in each of her hands, she stood in a combat position, ready for them. The men backed up slowly still on the ground. They were trying to get far away as they saw the blood lust in Jackie's eyes and the teeth that looked almost like fangs as she hissed at them.
It's that psycho, let's get out of here!” One the men cried, still backing away.
What psycho?” one of the other men asked.
The one in the newspapers man! It was all over the news. Japan couldn't keep it hidden. She killed everyone in that tournament,” the third man cried out. “The snake style psychopath, Jackie Miller.”
She was bracing herself for a continued assault but the men got up and finally fled. Jackie swirled the knifes she held and threw them. Each landed directly in the middle of two trees as if she was aiming at bull's eye targets on a dart board.
Shuddering, Honey realized she still hadn't moved. Fear still gripping her at the thoughts of what the men could have done to her if Jackie hadn't shown up in the nick of time, she didn't know what to think of Jackie. Jackie could definitely hold her own in a fight. More thoughts rushed through Honey's mind.
Walking over to Honey, Jackie held her blond lover close. Too mortified to much more than stand there, Honey didn't return the embrace and her teeth started chattering but not from cold. This woman, who Honey loved, could possibly be a murderer and what did that mean for Honey, especially when Jackie was going to school for criminal justice?
Are you okay, Honey?” Jackie asked.
Honey could hear the concern in Jackie's voice but was terrified.
H-how did you find me?” Honey managed to choke out.
Jackie was still holding Honey close to her and stroking the blond's hair. Her caresses didn't soothe Honey. Not after the monster she just saw, regardless of the fact that Jackie just saved her life.
Jean called and said you might be here. You left your cell phone at home and I know this park pretty well. However, it was chance that I came here at this exact moment,” Jackie explained.
Jean sent Jackie? Jean hated Jackie, it made no sense. So in reality, Jean saved her life, but Jackie did the dirty work. Honey shook her head. If Jackie didn't show up when she did... And her head filled with questions about Jackie's martial arts training. Not once had Jackie ever mentioned it. Jackie was strongly toned with her lithe build but Honey figured that was from working out a lot.
As more thoughts pounded through Honey's head, she saw Jackie's lips moving but couldn't make out the words. The world suddenly started spinning and her vision doubled. She quickly glanced up at Jackie and then a blanket of darkness enveloped her.

Waking up to Jackie kneeling down next to her and patting her face with a damp cloth, Honey silently resisted the temptation to flee. Jean was standing next to Jackie her arms folded across her chest. Honey regained her bearings as she realized she was lying down in her own bed in her room of the shared apartment between her and Jean.
Welcome back to the world of the living,” Jean said coldly.
What happened?” Honey asked, but her question was directed at Jackie and not Jean.
You almost got yourself killed,” Jean answered, bitterness in her voice.
Jackie,” Honey murmured.
Jackie turned to face Jean. They both gave each other reproachful glances.
Can I talk to her for a few minutes alone please?” Jackie asked.
Jean snorted. Then she upturned her nose as she walked out of Honey's bedroom.
Honey, are you okay?” Jackie asked as she turned back to face her.
How come you never told me your were a martial artist?” Honey asked, attempting to change the subject quickly.
Don't like to talk about it. Know who your attackers were?” Jackie asked, bringing the verbal play back to her own.
As Honey flinched, Jackie held up the damp cloth and then proceeded to back to patting Honey's forehead with it. Honey brushed it away and Jackie stopped.
No idea If you hadn't shown up when you did...” Honey confessed.
I see. Don't worry about it for right now,” Jackie replied and sat at the edge of Honey's bed. “Let's not go walking through a park that late ever again okay? Especially in this bad neighborhood.”
Jackie, I don't know why Jean called you,” Honey said. “She was upset because I'm with you-”
Jackie placed a finger on top of Honey's lips shushing her. Honey just looked perplexed at Jackie.
It's okay,” Jackie responded and took her finger away. “I'm aware of what happened from what Jean told me. I figured out the rest.”
Getting up, Jackie was about to walk out when Honey stopped her by getting out of her own bed. Honey hugged Jackie close and then broke the embrace.
What were those men talking about when they called you “Snake Style Psychopath?” Honey asked.
Honey looked up at Jackie waiting for her answer. Jackie's blue eyes shown brightly with fear in front of Honey at the words. Staying silent for a moment, it seemed as if Jackie was contemplating how best to answer. She sighed.
I was part of Shaolin Martial Arts. I'm easily mistaken for a man in uniform so I was a hot topic for everyone,” Jackie explained casually. “There was a tournament in Japan. Unfortunately, there was a Texan man participating in the tournament as well. It only a had a 30% survival rate.”
Go on,” Honey said after Jackie stopped speaking.
Jackie gulped and continued.
One fight was brutal for me. I was fighting the Texan man and my gi was ripped showing the sports bra I had on underneath. The Texan took it easy on me after that. You know how sexist men can be at times- No I don't hate men!- Anyway, he kept taunting me about how women should be in the kitchen and all that misogynistic crap. I forget the last thing he mentioned but I snapped. In my rage, I killed him.”
Honey's eyes widened. Jackie backed away and sat on Honey's desk chair. She ran her fingers through her hair and tears started coming to her eyes. Jackie continued her story.
I killed other people who got in my way. I couldn't control my blood lust. All my anger...” Jackie sighed once more. “I won the tournament but I resigned from my dojo after wishing my former sensei prosperity in his school. I can't bear to ever go to another martial arts event. This was when I was 19. I'm twenty two now. I try to avoid it all but I couldn't let those men attack you.”
Honey grew weak in her knees and sat down on the edge of her bed. Flabbergasted, she could only stare at her brunette lover.
That's a lot to take in,” Honey admitted, not knowing what to do.
If I could do it again, I wouldn't have killed so many people. I was trained never to let emotion overtake me and that's exactly what I did. It was in Japan and we all signed waivers for it. We all expected this but none of us ever thought we would actually go through it,” Jackie said, unable to control her tears.
Honey got back up and threw her arms around Jackie. Jackie held back and cried into her shoulder. Jackie had never cried before. Not in front of her anyway. Honey just held her tightly and stroked her hair and back.
All the contestants knew about the survival rate. I think it would have been the same had positions been reversed, but I'm glad you're alive,” Honey said and kissed the top of Jackie's head.
I'm glad I'm alive too,” Jackie admitted. “But I don't always feel I deserve to be alive.”
It's understandable, considering what you've been through,” Honey said still Holding Jackie close. “But you're here, you're with me and I hope I never see those men again.”
Me neither,” Jackie agreed. “Are you going to file a police report?”
Honey broke her embrace with Jackie and backed away a few steps. Jackie looked up at her confusion across her face.
I don't trust police,” Honey said blankly.
You realize you're dating a future police officer?” Jackie asked stunned.

You already know my feelings on cops,” Honey said, patience wearing thin. “You're the only exception.” 

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