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Monday, January 2, 2017

Intrigued by First Sight Chapter Eleven

Author's note: I wrote this story back in 2012. However, I am revising it again in order to write the sequel Rougher Tides. Some of the dialogue will be changed although I'm doing my best to keep it to the original story line.  If you are interested in this story, you can read the full version by clicking on the following link and purchasing it. However, the story will be updated once this revision is complete.

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Jackie dressed herself in a black button down shirt and a pair of jeans. It wasn't the best in fashion but she couldn't be bothered to dress more than that. Brushing her light brown hair, she thought about her one o'clock lunch with Elena. Excitement rushed through her. She hadn't seen Elena in a while. While she thought about all the good things she'd tell her, Jackie sighed at all the negatives that came along with it.
After Jackie figured she was sufficiently prepared, she picked up her cell phone and called Elena.
Hey, Jackie,” Elena drawled.
Jackie blinked. She figured her friend worked a double shift.
Where are we meeting for lunch?” Jackie asked.
Francesca's?” Elena answered. “I'm in the mood for a gyro.”
Jackie laughed. “One o'clock still?”
Of course.”
Jackie nodded and clicked her cell phone off.

She drove to Francesca's sandwich shop. A quaint little shop placed in the middle of two buildings. Jackie smirked at the unusual set up. Pulling into a parking spot, she got out, paid the parking meter and headed inside.
Inside the shop was a green and white checkered floor. There were red booths on one side of the wall and on the other was the counter. In the back was the restroom. Jackie walked forward and sat down across from Elena, a dark brunette woman still in her police uniform.
I thought you had off today?” Jackie asked.
Supposed to, but always erratic hours for us uniforms.” Elena said and chuckled and then pointed to a plate in front of Jackie.
Jackie looked down at the steaming gyro in front of her. As much as she hated gyros, it was something she decided to never let Elena know. She appreciated her friend's gesture and began to pick at her food.
So, what's new?” Elena asked as she sipped from her coffee. “What this new woman like? She treating you right?”
I want to stay with this one,” Jackie smiled and began using a fork and knife to cut her gyro into manageable pieces.
Taking a piece of meat with her fork, she dipped it into her sour cream cup and ate it. The two ate in silence for a bit enjoying their afternoon meal.
Do you remember the tournament I was in a while back?” Jackie asked breaking the silence.
Yes,” Elena answered. A dark look quickly shot across her face but then she smiled. “I want to know more about the new woman first.”
Alright,” Jackie laughed. “Her name's Honey. Aspiring teacher. Beautiful green eyes. Blond hair that sparkles in the sunlight.”
Elena raised an eyebrow.
She's also a writer. Good heart. I feel things for her I never felt for any-
Elena held up her finger to stop Jackie from speaking. Jackie blushed. Elena smiled in turn.
Have you told your parents? Sounds like a keeper,” Elena asked.
I'm not sure how they'd take that, honestly,” Jackie replied looking down.
Jackie was still in the closet with her parents. They had to know by now though. She never brought a man home, not they were ever around to see that anyway. Jackie had already decided she wouldn't tell them until she was living on her own. This was a precaution in case they did kick her to the curb. She had no idea what her parents' feelings were on homosexuality and once they found out their only child was gay, well, she had no idea what to expect in that area. She was terrified of finding out too.
You still haven't come out to them, huh?” Elena asked.
Shaking her head, Jackie went back to playing with her food. Sighing, she didn't know how to explain it. She still needed them or rather, their money. Granted, she liked to do stuff on her own. Still, without the money from her trust-fund she would never be able to afford college. Although she did pay for the community college herself, just to prove to herself she could do it. Jackie knew too many friends that had gone into so much debt before age twenty just from student loans and she didn't want that fate for herself. As for her lover Honey, she had taken out scholarships and grants, a smart way to pay for college.
I won't say a word, but you'll have to tell them eventually,” Elena responded.
I know,” Jackie sighed heavily.
What about the tournament,” Elena asked sensing the need for the change of subject. “I thought you never wanted to talk about it again.”
Many people were angry that I even considered entering much less participated in it. Heck, even my parents wanted me not to go but you know how that goes,” Jackie said. Elena only nodded. “Do you remember my first win against the Texan man?”
Mark Solomon, if memory serves correct,” Elena answered, between bites of her gyro. “It was hard keeping up with that news, It was so hush hush you know. Amazing, if you think about it.”
Good memory,” Jackie said and sipped her bottle of coke. “Anyway, his son's here. I met him the other day.”
What?” Elena asked dumbfounded. “Here? In New York?”
He may want revenge on me,” Jackie stated.
Why did you wait to today to tell me this, Jackie,” Elena said and pounded her hand on the table. One of the staff looked over at them and Elena waved trying to smile it off. Turning back to Jackie, she said, “You should have told me this as soon as you found out!”
I'm sorry. I'm- I'm just- I don't know,” Jackie muttered.
You should have told me this sooner,” Elena answered not relenting.
I know. Sorry. I'm still in shock the man's son is even up here,” Jackie replied.
Anything else you need to tell me?” Elena asked.
Honey almost got attacked in a park a while ago. There hasn't been any further problems. Honey has no idea who her attackers were, and I'm surprised although thankful there hasn't been any recent attacks,” Jackie admitted.
I see,” Elena responded and started putting her silverware on her plate. “E-mail me your file on the Texan and I'll do a background check on the son. For now, it might be a good idea for you and Honey to stay together. She knows your rich right?”
Jackie nodded.
Good. Just because it seemed random doesn't mean squat. It could be linked and until I know for sure, it might be best for her to crash at your place.”
Alright,” Jackie nodded and started putting her own silverware on her plate.
I'll follow you to your place and then we take my car to get your girlfriend.”
Okay,” Jackie replied, wondering how she was going to explain this to Honey and hoping that Honey wouldn't be too frightened.

Jackie got into the passenger's side of Elena's squad car. It had black leather seats and a cage separating the front from the back. Jackie looked around.
Do you even have a partner?” Jackie asked.
Soon as you graduate from the academy,” Elena responded and started the car.
That's a long way off,” Jackie said and buckled in. “I don't even have a degree yet.”
Where does Honey live?” Elena asked and shrugged.
Jackie gave Elena the directions to Honey's apartment complex. After completing the short drive there, Elena pulled into a parking spot. Jackie noticed Jean walking out with Cassie, but something seemed a bit off to her. Jean looked disheveled and Cassie wasn't far behind in appearances. Opening the passenger side door, Jackie stepped out and Jean spotted her.
I always knew you'd screw it up with Honey eventually,” Jean said upon seeing Jackie.
What have I ever done to you?” Jackie asked, perplexed.
You took Honey and can't be forgiven,” Jean answered stuffing her hands in her jean pockets.
Really? No I didn't. There was no 'us' between you and Honey,” Jackie explained calmly, trying to remember something useful from her past Intro to Psychology class, and fearing Jean delved into mental insanity.
There was,” Jean replied adamantly. “She just doesn't see things clearly. Bye Jackie.”
Cassie,” Jackie asked. “How do you feel in all of this?”
I have been converted,” Cassie said looking at the ground and shuffling her feet.
Jackie looked at her flabbergasted. 'Converted to what?' She shook her head.
Is Honey home?” Jackie asked, trying to change the subject. She knew she was, but figured she'd ask anyway.
Upstairs. But she shouldn't trust you at all,” Jean said. “But she never listens. She'll learn.”
Jackie stood still as Jean and Cassie walked away. 'What the heck?' It was like a dark cloud appeared over Jean. The resentment was enough to drive anyone mad and she didn't even do anything wrong. Jackie sighed. Honey made her choice, and shouldn't Jean respect that? 'Why the strangeness?'
Should I do a background check on those two?” Elena asked, snapping Jackie out of her reverie.
No need,” Jackie answered. “Jean's socially awkward but she's Honey's best friend.”
I'd still keep a watchful eye,” Elena said. “She seems a bit off aside from the socially awkward part.”
It's fine. She'll be fine once she gets over her crush on Honey,” Jackie said irritably. “Honey chose me, not her.”
They walked to Honey's apartment door. Jackie rang the bell and waited. Honey answered the door with the doll in her arm. Looking up at Elena, she frowned.
Is there something you're not telling me, Jackie?” Honey asked, still looking at Elena.
She's my friend Elena,” Jackie answered. “Can we come in?”
Honey stood aside and allowed the two women to enter. Elena locked the door behind her. Jackie looked at the living room of the apartment, Jean's room. Books and papers were strewn everywhere. Even her bed was in disarray. What the heck was happening with that woman?
It's nice to meet you Elena,” Honey said and shook Elena's proffered hand.
The feeling is mutual Honey,” Elena responded and shook Honey's hand with a firm grip and then let go.
What's going on with Jean?” Jackie asked.
I honestly don't know,” Honey answered, the trembling in her voice clear. “She came here with Cassie earlier. I just don't know.”
Jackie placed her arm around Honey. Honey leaned into her, careful with the doll in her own arm.
Has she tried to hurt you?” Elena asked.
Cassie said something about being converted. What's that about?” Jackie asked in turn.
Not sure, but lately it's been terrifying,” Honey answered and leaned into Jackie's shoulder, again careful with the doll in her arm. “She looks at me with this longing look and we fought about this damn doll earlier.”
Jackie began to rub Honey's back. This didn't bode well at all.
Ms. Honey, I think you should stay with Jackie for a bit,” Elena said. “Unless you have somewhere else you can go to for a while that's safe?”
Jean's just going through a rough patch,” Honey said and turned away from Jackie to face Elena. “I really don't think it's necessary but if Jackie agrees, I'll stay with her temporarily.”
Until things subside here, I think you staying away from your friend Jean is best. It's up to you though,” Elena said.
Is Jean under legal trouble?” Honey asked, now cradling the doll in both arms.
No,” Elena answered. “In the future it is possible if her actions persist. There is another more pressing matter though.”
Such as?” Honey asked, raising an eyebrow.
Honey, I told her about the attack in the park,” Jackie admitted.
Honey stared at Jackie and then back to Elena. How could she?
I told no one, and you told her,” Honey said sternly.
Jackie, sensing trouble, attempted to diffuse the situation.
She's been my friend since I was born. Besides, she has our interests at heart,” Jackie answered, waving her arms theatrically. “I know it's way too early to think about moving in together, so if you do stay with me I can have Gerard set you up with your own private quarters.”
Gerard still works for you? That's great. He's a good guy,” Elena said.
I can see I don't have much of a choice,” Honey said. “Let me pack and leave a note for Jean. Jackie, can you hold Augustus for me?”
Augustus?” Jackie asked.
It's the doll's name,” Honey replied and handed the doll to Jackie. “And you better be careful with him. If I get a lower grade than an A+ I will never forgive you!”
Elena laughed and Jackie held the doll. She followed Honey into her room and noticed a suitcase was already out.
Where you planning to run away?” Jackie asked.
No,” Honey admitted. “I was considering going back to my mother's house for a bit.”
We could drop you off at your Mom's if you want,” Jackie replied.
Honey looked up from her dresser at Jackie incredulous. Jackie stared back, confused. Sighing, Honey folded some clothes and placed them in her suitcase.
Baby,” Honey said. “I'd rather be with you.”
Will you tell me about your parents eventually?” Jackie asked and realized it was an inappropriate time to ask.
Not today,” Honey replied, folded another article of clothing and placed it in her suitcase.
Jackie shrugged. The doll started crying. 'Uh-oh!' Frantically, she looked around Honey's room and found a bottle. Quickly, she grabbed the bottle and put it to the doll's mouth. The crying stopped. Jackie blinked.
After Honey finished stuffing her suitcase with clothes, she placed her laptop in it and an e-reader. Jackie noticed Honey had also placed a sketchbook and a package of pencils in the suitcase. Honey never mentioned an interest in visual arts so it struck Jackie as odd. Still, she was happy for her and wouldn't pry on that. Honey proceeded to fill the diaper bag and packed her school things.
Walking out of Honey's bedroom, Elena stood there stock still. She observed the two women and nodded softly. Soon they were all in Elena's squad car. Jackie was still holding Augustus in the passenger side. Honey was in the back seat.
After Elena dropped them off at Jackie's mansion and then sped off, the two women walked inside. Jackie quickly explained the situation to Gerard who only nodded.
Shall I get Ms. Elizabeth settled into her own quarters?” Gerard asked and bowed.
Won't be necessary,” Honey said. “Thank you, Mr. Gerard.”
Just Gerard please,” He said. “I'll be happy to set you up with your own quarters as soon as you require them.”
Honey nodded. Following Jackie upstairs, she placed Augustus on Jackie's bed. She walked over to Jackie, hugged her tight, and buried her face in her shoulder. Jackie stroked Honey's hair and back as she held her. Honey was crying.
Honey, what's wrong?” Jackie asked, knowing that it was an asinine question.
Everything,” Honey muttered into Jackie's shirt, and then she looked up at Jackie. “Everything's wrong! You come into my life, Jean still has a crush on me, I almost get attacked in a park. I find out that someone is after you because you murdered someone in a tournament. We're attached and I love you, and yet all this is happening. It's making my head spin. I haven't slept in four days and this just keeps getting crazier and crazier!”
Jackie gulped and held Honey tighter.
I'm sorry,” Jackie said. “Not so sure about Jean.”
I'm overwhelmed and don't what to do about it,” Honey said. “I've never faced this before.”
Honey's tears stained Jackie's shirt. Jackie stood there holding Honey tightly not sure of what else she could do. She kissed the top of Honey's blond head.
Honey,” Jackie said. “I want to give you everything. I didn't mean for all this to happen.”
Jackie,” Honey said and looked up at Jackie with tears still coming out of her eyes. “You've already given me everything. I don't need your money or your overpriced living space. I hate the demons in your closet but I love you. I hate what Jean is becoming but still, Jackie, you make me happy. But everything right now, it's just so much.”
Jackie rubbed Honey's tear filled eyes and kissed her forehead.
Honey, I understand,” Jackie said. “Finish your semester with me please? Gerard already offered to set you up with your own quarters. After the semester things should be back to normal, well, at least semi-normal.”
Honey buried her face into Jackie's shoulder again.
I just want to be with you right now,” Honey said. “I need a place for that stupid doll.”
You don't seem happy about this project,” Jackie said.
I'm not. A kid should be later in life, when I'm financially stable. I'd want help raising the child too, but I'm not even sure I want a kid right now.”
Understandable. Great that you would be in your child's life,” Jackie said.
Where's that coming from?” Honey asked stepping away from Jackie.
Curiosity,” Jackie replied quickly. “Rest for a bit and I'll take care of Augustus.”
He's my responsibility,” Honey said and walked over to the doll.
You need sleep,” Jackie said and picked up the doll before Honey could get close. “Think of it like you're letting me take care of our child.”
That's freaky,” Honey admitted and stifled a yawn.
Free babysitting service?” Jackie said quickly.
Jackie, are you sure?” Honey asked.
Jackie caressed the side of Honey's face with her hand. Honey smiled. Relieved, Jackie kissed her on the lips.

Get some sleep Honey. It's well earned.”

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