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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Intrigued by First Sight Chapter Fifteen

Author's note: I wrote this story back in 2012. However, I am revising it again in order to write the sequel Rougher Tides. Some of the dialogue will be changed although I'm doing my best to keep it to the original story line.  If you are interested in this story, you can read the full version by clicking on the following link and purchasing it. However, the story will be updated once this revision is complete.

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On the way to Elena's apartment Jackie had picked up Honey. In the car, Honey was changing stations trying to find something good to listen to. Jackie focused on the road. This was getting ridiculous in her mind. Couldn't things ever go right for a change? Elena had spoken to the DA and Jackie was thinking about which lawyer she should have represent her.
Once Honey decided on a station, she put her hand on Jackie's leg. Jackie ignored this. Her mind still racing with a possibly ruined career. Love did make people stupid huh? Once she pulled into the apartment complex, her and Honey entered Elena's apartment.
Elena's lived in a one bedroom apartment. She bade the couple to sit on the tan sofa in the well furnished living room. In front of the sofa was a mahogany colored coffee table and after that a television on an entertainment stand.
So Honey, anything you want to tell us?” Elena asked once the couple was seated.
Honey had no idea,” Jackie said, jumping to Honey's defense.
Relax,” Elena said, waving her hand absentmindedly. “Standard questioning procedure. You'd understand if not blinded by love for Honey.”
Jackie flinched. She grabbed Honey's hand and their fingers interlaced. Honey was trembling but it was hidden, Jackie only knew from grabbing her hand.
I called the DA to ask if there was a typo,” Elena explained. “I also asked how Honey was involved. According to Mark's lawyer, Honey was a bedroom partner and you Jackie, busted in when they were about to have a good night.”
That's bull shit!” Honey screamed and clenched Jackie's hand tighter. “He kidnapped me and had every intention of killing me.”
I know Honey,” Elena said gently, fear gripping her voice. “This is what the lawyer is saying.”
Makes no sense,” Honey said rapidly. “I would never press charges on Jackie.”
The reason it's like that is because you signed a document,” Elena stated.
What?” Honey gasped. “That's impossible.”
It's possible you were drugged and then some. If that's the case, then something needs to be done about the court,” Elena explained. “However that is giving him intelligence and in the case of finding you via cell phone, I don't think he has any.”
Honey seethed with anger. She was gripping Jackie's hand so hard it went numb. Jackie said nothing about this. She just took it figuring Honey wasn't aware.
How do we stop this?” Honey asked and loosened her grip on Jackie's hand.
You just have to prove you were coerced into signing something,” Elena explained matter of factly.
Honey's heart sank as she went pale. How was she going to do that? In her experience, each time she said her side in any argument no one ever believed her. As panic crept upon her she clutched her chest. Stabbing pains shot through her chest and a array of displaced emotions followed. Tears flowed from her eyes as she felt Jackie wrapping her arms around her. What could she do now?
An impending court case. The possibility of Jackie being thrown behind bars. A attempted murder that the aspiring murderer would possibly get away with. She cried into Jackie's shirt. Why did everything have to be a disaster?

Driving back to the mansion, Jackie kept one eye on the road and one on Honey. Her lover was shivering but she didn't think it was from the cold. She gathered it was from what Elena had told her to do. Jackie could understand Honey's fear although she wished she couldn't. Elena was harboring suspicions towards Honey. Jackie picked up on that right away. However, Honey was a bit on the submissive side so Jackie knew Elena was wrong.
Once they got inside, Honey was sitting on the bed sobbing. Jackie worried.
What's wrong?” she asked.
Honey sat stone silent and still after that. Jackie felt like she was staring at a brick wall but was patient. She waited.
If I tell you, will it change anything between us?” Honey asked suddenly.
Jackie looked at her in raw fascination. She placed one of her hands on Honey's. Honey looked up at her.
You can tell me anything,” Jackie coaxed.
Honey looked at her and nodded. She told Jackie her family history and how she was always accused for things she had never done. Not missing a beat, she also told Jackie her family didn't care about her side whenever it was her turn to speak. Since she couldn't make eye contact with her family members she was always considered a two faced liar.
Jackie nodded and wrapped her arms around Honey. Her lover leaned into her. This was a lot to take in for Jackie. Honey was psychologically damaged and had carefully hidden this. Jackie's feelings for her didn't change. She kissed the top of Honey's head.
This year changes for you,” Jackie stated, still holding Honey close.
How?” Honey asked.
I believe you,” Jackie said. “I'll always be honest with you, so you can always be honest with me.”
It won't help,” Honey said.
I know,” Jackie replied and held Honey tighter. “We'll figure this out.”

Thanks Jackie,” Honey said. “I hope so.”

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