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Friday, January 6, 2017

Intrigued by First Sight Chapter Sixteen

Author's note: I wrote this story back in 2012. However, I am revising it again in order to write the sequel Rougher Tides. Some of the dialogue will be changed although I'm doing my best to keep it to the original story line.  If you are interested in this story, you can read the full version by clicking on the following link and purchasing it. However, the story will be updated once this revision is complete.

The day of the court date, Jackie braced herself and Honey shivered in fear. Jackie had asked for her parent's money after explaining the situation thoroughly to them aside from her romantic attachment to Honey. They didn't need to know that. Once that was explained, her parents transferred money over to her. She neglected to them she had set up her own separate account. Inwardly, she sighed as she drove to the court building.
Are you ready for this?” Jackie asked.
Honey nodded through her terror. The blond knew she had to persist through the ordeal. She had neglected to tell her own family members for fear that she would automatically be stoic and not let any emotion be shown. There was no way she could afford for that to happen, not while she was testifying.
Jackie,” she said softly. “I just want to get this over with.”
Jackie nodded her agreement. It would be nice when all this was over. They got out of the car and walked through the security checkpoints and were ushered inside. Walking down the long hall, Jackie looked at the electronic displays. Many cases were displayed but she moved on until she found what she was looking for. The screen flashed the following words: Solomon vs. Miller, Judge O'Leary. Sitting outside the courtroom, they waited for the doors to open.
Jackie's cell phone buzzed.
Yes, Elena?” Jackie asked.
When you get out of court, come straight to my place,” Elena said hurriedly. “You're not going to believe what I found!”
Can you tell me now?” Jackie asked again.
Not right now,” Elena said. “I'll be there shortly.”
Jackie clicked her phone off. She glanced at Honey, her lover's hands fidgeting. Jackie took a deep breath and hoped this would go well for both of them.
A man walked up to her. Jackie looked up. It was her lawyer. He was wearing a black suit and had silver hair that was neatly groomed.
Are you ready, Ms. Miller?” the lawyer asked.
Yes, Mr. Durnham,” Jackie replied and stole a quick glance at Honey.
The two women stood up and walked into the courtroom. Jackie stood in the defendant box and Honey sat in one of the pews behind her in the gallery. Mark Solomon Jr. was standing in the plaintiff box with his lawyer, a legal aid. Jackie hoped this trial would be over soon. She observed no one in the jury box and found that odd, but then hoped maybe this would be over quickly. Still, Mark killed did he not? She waited.
The judge entered the room. He had black flowing robes and was balding. Once he was in his seat, he used his gavel to grab everyone's attention. After everyone was seated, the proceeding began. Mr. Durnham waited for the judge to speak.
Mark Solomon Jr. and Jacquelyn Miller. Solomon vs. Miller. Case CUD-94-111919. Breaking and entering,” the judge stated.
Everyone stood up. Jackie quickly glanced at Mark Jr. who was looking intently at the judge. She followed his lead and looked at the judge as well.
May the prosecution and defense please be seated,” the judge said. “Let this procession continue. Mr. Zahn, you have the floor.”
After everyone was seated, the legal aid walked onto the floor. Curiosity flooded through Jackie's mind about Mark using a legal aide. Wouldn't it have been better to get a lawyer. Inwardly, she smiled. Maybe this case would be over before she knew it. Then she thought about the paperwork that Honey claimed she never signed. She silently prayed for the proceedings to go in her favor.
I'd like to call Mark Solomon Jr. to the stand,” Mr Zahn said.
Mark stood up and walked to the witness stand. After he swore an oath on the bible, the questioning began. Jackie never understood the bible prop. In a country that was supposedly built on religious freedom or rather secular values only loosely based upon Christianity, Jackie figured the swearing of the bible a slap across the face to the founding fathers. Maybe, she should reread some history books. She put the thought aside.
It is true that on the night of September 12, 2013 you were at 222 N. Belle Avenue, Northport, New York,” Mr. Zahn said.
Yes,” Mark said.
Can you explain what you were doing at this address with Ms. Honey Elizabeth?” Mr. Zahn continued.
We were about to have sex until Jackie Miller destroyed the party,” Mark explained.
Honey clenched her fists at that remark but bit her tongue. She wanted to punch the man, kick him, anything to make him stop lying. Counting backwards from ten silently in her head, she waited.
Objection!” Mr. Durnham said. “That's speculation on the plaintiff's part.”
Objection denied,” the judge reprimanded. “Please continue Mr. Zahn.”
Why did Jackie destroy your plans?” Mr. Zahn continued.
Jealousy? She's one of those dykes anyway,” Mark said quickly.
Say that word again and I'll hold you in contempt of court,” the judge said calmly.
Jackie's anger flashed through her body. How could he? Homophobic as well as a murderer? Wasn't this the 21st century?
Can you explained what happened when Ms. Miller broke into your house?” the legal aid asked.
Her eyes were crazy and she hit me over the head with a flashlight,” Mark explained.
No further questions,” Mr. Zahn responded. He motioned for Jackie's lawyer to begin his own line of questioning.
Why would Ms. Miller have followed you?” Mr. Durnham asked.
Why else? She just can't share,” Mark responded.
Is there a reason to suspect that Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Miller are romantically involved?” Mr. Durnham asked.
Mark shrugged. He looked at Jackie and then Honey and back to Mr. Durnham. Crossing his arms against his chest he answered.
Don't know. Honey and I were supposed to have a good night, when she showed up.”
How did Jackie know about your residence?” Mr. Durnham asked unperturbed.
Fuck if I know,” Mark shouted and uncrossed his arms.
The judge slammed his gavel on the podium.
That's enough,” the judge demanded. “I will not have you in hear acting in contempt of court.”
I'm sorry your honor,” Mark replied.
No further questions,” Mr. Durnham said and walked away from the witness stand.
The legal aid stood back up and looked around the room. He spotted Honey. Nodding to himself, he spoke.
I'd like to call Ms. Honey Elizabeth to the stand.”
Jackie gulped and Honey stood up. She was trembling but managed to persist. She climbed into the witness stand and also made the oath on the bible. Jackie forced herself to hold back a laugh. Honey is an atheist and the scene was ludicrous.
Can you tell me where you were on the night of September 12, 2013?” Mr. Zahn asked her.
I woke up in a basement,” Honey explained and then spoke in vivid detail about what she remembered of that day.
Liar!” Mark shouted.
The judge slammed his gavel once more. Mark looked up. Patience was wearing thin.
Regardless of today's outcome you are sentenced to two days in jail for contempt of court,” the judge explained.
Mr. Zahn nodded at this. This was new information to him. He moved on to the next topic.
Did you have plans with Mr. Solomon?” Mr. Zahn asked her.
No,” Honey replied adamantly. “He kidnapped me and wanted to kill me.”
Some women are turned on by danger? Can't this be the case with you?”
Objection!” Mr. Durnham shouted.
Objection granted,” the judge stated.
No further questions, your honor,” Mr. Zahn repied.
Mr. Durnham began his own series of questioning. Honey couldn't hide her tears any longer and Mr. Durnham offered her a tissue. She took it gratefully and wiped her tears away.
After he was done questioning Honey, he called Jackie to the stand. As Jackie relayed the events, Mark was visibly angry.
This is odd,” the judge admitted. “Court is adjourned until tomorrow morning at nine am.”

At home, Honey was silent. She had dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Hugging herself, she had no idea what to do. She didn't want to go home and liked staying with Jackie, but if Mark was on the loose again... How could he lie? Well, not everyone was honest, but in Honey's mind something was way off. She just didn't understand what, being as stressed as she was. Maybe she couldn't handle pressure after all. If Jackie's body language was anything to go by, her lover felt the same way she did.
Jackie turned her cell phone back on and immediately, it buzzed.
Hello,” Jackie said.
I'm outside,” Elena responded.
I'll be there in a sec,” Jackie said and hung up. She wondered why Gerard didn't let her in. Then again, she was probably standing in the foyer.
The two walked into the foyer, to meet Elena. She was still wearing her court clothes and two women pretended not to notice.
Let's go into the dining area,” Elena said and the trio walked over there.
The dining area had expensive and polished wooden floors. Two china cabinets stood alongside each other on one wall. In the middle of the room was a long dining table with a chandelier hanging above it. Each of the three women sat down.
Did you realize the court case was rigged?” Elena asked not bothering with any more formalities.
Jackie nodded piecing everything together. How could she have been so ignorant?
Makes sense,” Jackie responded.
Under law, you need a trial by jury. You need a jury of your peers,” Honey responded softly.
You could have done well choosing a criminal justice major,” Elena said, acknowledging Honey's intelligence.
Jackie laughed softly. She looked at Honey and they briefly smiled at each other. They remembered when they first met. Elena nodded at the couple.
Mark Jr. is related to the judge,” Elena said. “They're distant cousins.”
Jackie pounded her fist on the table. Honey slumped in her seat. Thoughts raced through her mind. How did no one see the hypocrisy in the court system? How was this even allowed?
Honey?” Elena asked.
The whole world is falling apart,” Honey replied.
We'll get through this,” Jackie said, placing a hand on Honey's shoulder.
There's more,” Elena said.
Such as?” Jackie lifted an eye brow.
Judge O ' Leary is planning to run for mayor and if this gets loose he will lose the election.”
This keeps getting better and better,” Jackie said.
It gets worse,” Elena continued. “The judge has an issue with your father and is going to stop at nothing to get to him, by going through you.”
Jackie's eyes widened. What the hell? What could her parents have done? Then again, she didn't really know them. Lately holidays had been vid-screen chats and the like.
I'm at a loss,” Jackie admitted. She hated feeling helpless.
I would talk to your parents,” Elena said.
I'll have to tell you to go home,” Jackie said looking at Honey. Honey nodded and excused herself from the room.
You seem sad telling Honey to leave,” Elena said.
I asked her to marry me,” Jackie explained. “The day before she got kidnapped.”
Elena smiled. Jackie looked at her confused.
Gerard may be of some help, if not your parents,” Elena said.

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