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Monday, January 2, 2017

Intrigued by First Sight Chapter Twelve

Author's note: I wrote this story back in 2012. However, I am revising it again in order to write the sequel Rougher Tides. Some of the dialogue will be changed although I'm doing my best to keep it to the original story line.  If you are interested in this story, you can read the full version by clicking on the following link and purchasing it. However, the story will be updated once this revision is complete.

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Honey had finished her semester while living with Jackie. The move wasn't easy at first, considering Jean's mental state, but she made do. Relieved when she finally was able to hand to doll back in, she scored an A+ on her assignment.
Of course, the doll did help her see Jackie's own hidden maternal side. Jackie would help whenever she thought Honey was asleep. Honey had found it amusing and thought that even though Jackie had no clue what she was doing, she'd make a great parent one day. As long as she had help of course.
She wondered about the progress about Mark Jr. Nothing new was known yet, but there had been no further attacks or incidents. It was something Honey was extremely thankful for. Honey had figured she could probably go home whenever she wanted since it had been a few months. Jackie did nothing to stop her either, but Honey enjoyed Jackie's company. Secretly she didn't want to leave. It was comfortable sleeping next to Jackie and they had grown even closer.
Honey lied in the bed still and looked to the side. Jackie wasn't there. Honey got up and grabbed one of her suitcases. As much as she wanted to stay, she knew she would have to leave eventually. She started folding her clothes when Jackie walked in.
Hey Honey,” she said beaming and then saw the suitcase. “Where are you going?”
You said to spend the rest of the semester with you,” Honey explained as she started putting clothes into her suitcase. “I did. So now I'm packing to go home.”
Can you please stay one more night?” Jackie asked.
Honey looked at her and smiled. She walked over to Jackie and wrapped her arms around her. Looking up at Jackie, she didn't want to walk away.
Since you asked so nicely,” Honey said and kissed Jackie.
Let's go to dinner tonight,” Jackie said.
What do you have in mind?” Honey asked and walked away from Jackie back to her suitcase.
Hmm. Chili's?” Jackie asked.
Sounds great,” Honey said and rummaged through her suitcase.
We leave at seven,” Jackie smiled and walked out of the bedroom.
Honey shook her head and smiled. She knew Jackie was heading to her gym. Picking out an outfit, she began reflecting on her past few months with Jackie. It was always fun.
She put on a black dress with blue trim. The black dress went down to her knees. Walking into the bathroom, she took out her makeup kit and applied it accordingly. After she was done flat ironing her hair, it was time to leave.
Jackie walked into the bedroom. She had a blue button down shirt that fit over her lithe and yet curvy form. Jackie was also wearing black slacks and shoes. Honey sighed. She wanted nothing more than to peel Jackie's clothes off her and make love to her right then and there. Looking into Jackie's eyes, she felt she wasn't alone in that thought.
You look beautiful,” Jackie said.
As do you,” Honey replied and picked up her small black purse.
Jackie held out her arm and Honey linked her arm with her. They walked together down the stairs to the antechamber. Walking out the door, they came up to Jackie's green Toyota prius. Jackie hadn't taken her motorcycle out yet, and that was fine by Honey. She just wanted Jackie.
Jackie pulled the car into the parking lot of the Chili's that they had their first dinner date in. It felt like a lifetime ago to Honey. Still, she smiled walking into the crowded restaurant with her lover. A hostess came up to them.
How many?” The waitress asked cheerfully.
Two,” Honey replied.
Smiling, the hostess led them to a booth. The couple sat next to each other. The hostess handed them two menus and walked away.
A waitress walked up to them.
I'm Keri. I'll be your server today. Can I start you two with something to drink?” the waitress asked.
Coke, no ice,” Jackie responded.
The same please,” Honey said.
Jackie smiled at Honey, as the waitress wrote down their drink orders and strode away. Honey in turn, began stroking Jackie's arm and smiled back. It was like nothing else mattered at that moment but them.
Do you know what you're getting?” Jackie asked as she began to look through her menu.
I have an idea,” Honey replied leaning into Jackie's shoulder.
Steak,” Honey answered.
Wow,” Jackie replied.
Something wrong?” Honey asked and broke away from Jackie while still sitting next to her.
Thought you were going for your usual chicken alfredo dish,” Jackie laughed.
Laughing, Honey lightly squeezed Jackie's arm. She quickly kissed Jackie lightly on the lips. Jackie had a gleam in her bright blue eyes and Honey wondered what that meant. She gathered she would find out soon enough.
Kerri walked up to them again and pulled out her clipboard.
Ready to order?” Kerri asked.
I'll take the steak meal,” Honey answered first.
How would you like that cooked?” Kerri asked.
And you,” Kerri looked at Jackie.
Cajun pasta?” Jackie answered.
I'll put these orders in for you right away,” Kerri said and walked away again.
Honey looked at Jackie once more. There was just such light radiating from Jackie and Honey grew curious.
You've been happy all day,” Honey said.
Yes,” Jackie replied. “I graduated college early, I'm with you, and this night is just a promising one.”
Congratulations,” Honey said, smiling. “That's so awesome!”
She rubbed the side of Jackie's arm. Jackie continued smiling.
Graduation is next month. You have two semesters left right?” Jackie asked.
Yes,” Honey said and nodded.
Their waitress came back with their orders. She placed the plates of food in front of Honey and Jackie respectively. After questioning if they wanted anything else and was satisfied with their answers, she moved on to take orders from another table.
The couple ate their food in silence. After their meals were done, they each sipped their drinks. Honey resisted the urge to the laugh.
I have something I need to ask you Honey,” Jackie said.
Go on,” Honey replied.
I never did this before, so it's a little confusing for me to do,” Jackie admitted.
Confusion spread through Honey's features. 'What?' She looked at Jackie who was smiling nervously. At that moment, Kerri came back to them.
Can I get you anything else?” she asked.
I'll take a refill of my coke please,” Jackie said and Kerri nodded and took the empty glass.
I'm good thanks,” Honey replied.
Honey, come with me please?” Jackie asked.
The two got up and walked outside. Outside the restaurant was a stone bench that Jackie led Honey to sit down on. Still confused, Honey complied. Jackie leaned down on her knees. Taking Honey's hands into her own, she looked up at Honey.
Honey, we have been together a for a long time now,” Jackie explained.
Honey stared. She hadn't bothered keeping track of the time they were spending together. What was her lover getting at?
Yes,” said Honey. “What's this about?”
Well, I have my associate's now and will be working on a bachelor's soon. We'll always be financially set. Aside from that though, well, will you marry me?”
Honey started breathing fast as her heart raced. Was this really happening? She loved Jackie, but right now? She knew Jackie was the only one she would ever want to be with. Taking Jackie's hands, she led Jackie to stand back up. Upon looking up into Jackie's face, there was fear in her eyes. Honey found it strangely endearing. Wrapping her arms around Jackie, she kissed her neck and looked back into her eyes.
Yes, Jackie. I will,” Honey answered and kissed Jackie passionately. Jackie responded in kind.

Unbeknownst to the couple as they were smiling and only focusing on each other, Mark Jr. was watching them from his car in the parking lot next to the Chili's. One that led to an outlet of other stores. He watched as his father's murderer was happy and left him miserable. Jackie had shown no remorse for what she did and she would have to pay!
Jackie would eventually destroy that blond bimbo's life as well. Yes, she would. He didn't care about the blond woman even though he had tried to attack her in a park long ago. He shook his head. The attack in the park didn't matter. The minute the blond was alone, he would do the dirty work no one else could and once and for all stop the “Snake Style Psychopath Jackie Miller.”

Back at Jackie's mansion, the couple radiated pure joy. The unknown stress Honey had been feeling seemed to disappear as she melted into Jackie's touch. Caressing Jackie's face, Honey couldn't stop kissing her.
In Jackie's bedroom, she pushed Honey lightly to the bed, got on top of her, straddling her. Honey ripped Jackie's shirt off of her and unhooked her bra. Jackie in turn, slipped her hand under Honey's dress, surprised to find that Honey wasn't wearing anything under the dress. Smiling, she trailed her hand along Honey's stomach and was enjoying everyone of Honey's own touches against her own skin.
Honey unbuttoned Jackie's pants and Jackie had to get up so the pants would slide off. As she stood, she helped Honey out of her dress. The blond ran her hands up and down Jackie's back and the brunette followed her lead, while placing random kisses along Honey's neck and shoulders. As she kissed Honey, she flecked her tongue here and there. Running one hand, down Honey's thigh, the other she used to cup her breast. Honey let out a small moan. She ran her own hands and fingers along the contours of Jackie's body, memorizing every curve, every smooth surface, every muscle.
The couple moved back to the bed, still running their hands over each others bodies. Honey below Jackie. Honey spread her legs and wrapped them around Jackie's waist. Taking the hint, Jackie ran her fingers along the inside of Honey's thigh as she kissed her. Jackie traced her fingers slowly up Honey's inner thigh to her labia working slowly towards her clitoris. Honey sighing softly, began playing with Jackie's nipple between her finger and thumb. Jackie let out a small moan of her own. She then flecked her tongue over Honey's breasts and nipples, and lightly nibbling. Honey gasped as she cupped Jackie's breast in her hand.
Jackie,” Honey breathed.
Jackie smiled, looking into Honey's green eyes. She began using her fingers on Honey's clit while sucking upon Honey's breast. Feeling Honey quiver, she smiled as she let out a gasp of her own since Honey took one of her own hands and and started fingering Jackie.
Still using one finger on Honey's clitoris, she placed another finger inside her vagina. Feeling Honey tense, she slowly started circling her fingers in different directions and then gathered speed and momentum. 'Oh, Jackie,” Honey moaned. Noticing that Honey was climaxing faster than usual, Jackie kept up the pace with her fingers and kissed her while she moaned in pleasure once more. Honey's body was responding to her fingers and Jackie fingered her like she was playing a guitar. Honey's own hand inside Jackie increasing speed and following the same patterns, Jackie moaned in turn as her body moved with Honey's.
Honey switched their positions with Jackie still inside her. Straddling Jackie, she moved her hips to the movements of Jackie's twirling fingers inside her. The brunette kept her pace on Honey as they both explored each other with their free hands, twisting, lightly pinching, cupping each other. As their thrusting on each others hands grew harder and faster, their moans grew louder. Loud enough to break glass, it was like they were making love as if their lives depended on it. Both reaching an ultimate climax at the same time, Honey fell on top of Jackie, completely spent. Both their hands were still inside each other. Panting heavily, they held each other tightly. After they figured their break was over, they were going to continue making love to each other, but they both fell asleep rather quickly, hands still inside each other.

Honey was in high spirits the next day. The smile on her face could melt the hardest of hearts. Being engaged to Jackie was thrilling to her and if a night like last night happened more often, she couldn't say no. She was still wet from last night and wanted more of Jackie, but she took a cold shower to get herself out of it and had called Jean to hang out the next day.
Although, thinking of Jean took the pleasure of Jackie's touches last night away from her. She hoped her friend had calmed down at this point. Hoping Jean wasn't still crushing on her, she waited for the bus to the local mall. 'Was Jean still with Cassie?'
At the mall throngs of people scattered all over. Sitting down at the table she found Jean in, she gratefully accepted the cup of sweet tea. Honey refused Jean's offer to get her food, although if last night was going to happen again, she'd need her strength. She blushed at that and Jean didn't comment.
Thanks for tea. How are you?” Honey asked.
Alright,” Jean shrugged, sipping her own tea. “You? I miss you.”
I miss you too Jean,” Honey replied. “How's things with Cassie?”
Broke up,” Jean said and shrugged again.
Oh, I'm sorry,” Honey said and involuntarily shivered. Jean didn't comment on that either.
Dropped out of school,” Jean said, sipping her drink again.
Because of Cassie?”
Just not interested in the major and don't know what I want right now,” Jean looked at Honey. “I've taken an extra job.”
That's good. In this horrible economy most people can't even find one.” Honey said.
How are you and Jackie?”
Honey involuntarily shivered once more from the icy tone on Jackie. So she did still have a crush on her. Damn.
We're engaged,” Honey replied.
Jean blinked. Sipping her tea again, she put it on the table.
Congrats,” Jean said. “How's everything else?”
Good,” Honey answered and shrugged. “This tea could be better, but it's typical for mall rats.”
The two began laughing at Honey's joke. Talking over other recent events, Honey smiled. This was her best friend. The Jean she missed. A happy go lucky woman who was able to return her own cruddy humor. Jean then looked at her cell phone.
It was good seeing you,” Jean explained. “I missed you, but I have to get to work in an hour. Let me know if you need help wedding planning.”
Okay, good luck.” Honey said.
The two woman got up and embraced each other. Jean asked if Honey wanted another tea and she refused. Watching Jean walk away, Honey was confused. 'Didn't Jean have off today?' Thinking nothing of it, she decided to walk around the mall for a bit.
Little did she know, she was being followed by Mark Jr. Honey walked into one of the alleyways behind the mall to get to her needed bus. Taking the wrong turn by accident, she was going to go back on the right path, when Mark grabbed her from behind. Struggling against him, the man was too powerful for her and he quickly placed a washcloth he had laced with Chloroform over her mouth and nose. Honey fainted.
Mark grinned. He threw Honey over his shoulder and got out of public sight. He was going to make Jackie pay for what she did to his father. Her lover was going to go through hell.

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