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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Intrigued by First Sight Chapter Twenty One

Author's note: I wrote this story back in 2012. However, I am revising it again in order to write the sequel Rougher Tides. Some of the dialogue will be changed although I'm doing my best to keep it to the original story line.  If you are interested in this story, you can read the full version by clicking on the following link and purchasing it. However, the story will be updated once this revision is complete.
A huge crowd was in the middle of town hall. The procession was filled with many people who had just graduated from the police academy. Honey was in a daze as she sat with other civilians of the town congratulating their future police officers. She looked for Jackie and found her lover in the procession as they walked to their seats. Eventually they were called up by the mayor.
As each person received their honors, they shook hands with the mayor, got congratulated by the commissioner of police and went on their way. When Jackie was called up, Honey clapped for her. Jackie had graduated as valedictorian of the academy. A huge smile spread across her face as Jackie walked the stage and off it, now an official officer of the law.
Jackie sat down next to her and Honey forced herself not to kiss her. It wasn't the time or place, and even though they were together, Honey made sure not to let it be known they were a couple. People could figure it out of course, but Honey shrugged that off. Even though in New York, you couldn't be harmed if you were gay, Honey had seen underhand discrimination first hand and wasn't going to be the cause of it here. A social issue more than anything, she put her thoughts aside and watched the rest of the procession.
As the speeches ended, everyone that had graduated from the academy threw their gloves in the air. Both women clapped for their fellow human beings and smiled at each other. Eventually, the ceremony was over and they went home to Honey's apartment.
Inside the apartment, Honey peeled Jackie's clothes off in a heartbeat. Jackie raised an eyebrow at this but returned the favor. Pushing Honey up against a wall in the kitchen, Jackie claimed her mouth with her own, and began swishing her fingers lightly on the inside of Honey's thighs. Honey wrapped her arms around Jackie. Using one hand to stroke Jackie's hair and her other arm to stroke her back, she wrapped her legs around Jackie's waist. Jackie inserted her fingers into Honey's vagina, using one finger to play with her clitoris. Slowly she circled her fingers in a circular motion inside Honey and gradually picked up speed. As she did this, she kissed Honey's breast while holding her still against the wall. Honey put her head back, moaning in pleasure as Jackie took her, her hips moving in tune with Jackie's fingers.
Jackie,” Honey screamed as she reached climax quickly.
Pulling her mouth away from Honey's breast, Jackie kissed Honey passionately on the lips, their tongues playing against each other. Her one hand inside Honey, she switched the direction of her fingers as Honey clung tighter to her, nails digging against her back.
Honey holding tight, lightly sucked on Jackie's neck. Jackie stopped momentarily, her fingers still inside Honey. Honey looked at her. Jackie leaned Honey, this time against the counter and continued fingering her. Another climax. Honey kissed Jackie, moaning into her mouth, pleasure consuming both of them. Honey began sliding her own fingers into Jackie's pants and began swishing her fingers around Jackie's own clitoris.
Honey,” Jackie breathed.
Jackie was quivering from Honey's touch but still supported her. Honey was growing faint from Jackie's own finger work.
Oh Honey,” Jackie moaned.
The two continued to go at it, not realizing how much time had passed. Their passionate caresses and kisses to each other. Their love for each other was all that mattered.
Jean walked in, disgusted as she watched the display. Honey's head tilted back, her mouth open, her eyes closed as she moaned Jackie's name again and again. Her nails from one hand digging into Jackie's back. Her other hand clearly inside Jackie. Jackie, her back to Jean, legs quivering, leaning into Honey's body, moaning Honey's own name. Both leaning against the kitchen counter. Jean stamped her foot.
Ahem,” she said.
The couple stopped and pulled their hands slowly out of each other. Honey was aghast as she looked at Jean. Jackie turned around slowly and gulped. Their hands dripping with each others fluids. And their clear fluids also running down their legs, causing them to turn beat red as they stood naked in front of Jean. They didn't realize how much time had passed.
I would suggest taking a shower separate from each other and cleaning your mess,” Jean said. “You two are disgusting!”
After she stated that, Jean walked into the living room, her own room. The couple had just cleaned the kitchen and were now going into the shower separately of course. Jean seethed inside. How could they? It was obvious they were having sex, but to do it in a shared kitchen? Honey did have a bedroom after all. It wasn't fair to her to see Honey orgasm from Jackie's touch and not her own. Damn lesbians! What? Wait. Where did that thought come from? She was a lesbian herself. Sighing, she realized tonight would be an incredibly long one.

Later that night in Honey's bedroom, Honey was dressed in a bathrobe. Jackie had done the same. They were each sitting in Honey's bed watching a movie on her laptop. Leaning her head against Jackie's shoulder, Honey picked the next movie for them to watch.
I'm still embarrassed,” Honey said.
Same here,” Jackie responded as she stroked Honey's hair with her free.
There's one good thing about it,” Honey said mysteriously.
Oh yeah,” Jackie asked. “What's that?”
Honey got up and put the laptop on her desk. She walked back to Jackie who was still on the bed. Jackie looked at her, confused. Smiling, Honey stripped Jackie's bathrobe off of her. Straddling Jackie, she took off her own bathrobe and kissed Jackie, followed by continuing to make love to her. Jackie responded in turn and their lovemaking again lasted almost through the night. They fell asleep in each others arms content.
The next morning Jackie was snuggling up to Honey. She looked up at her blond lover and smiled at her peaceful sleeping form.
She placed her hand on the side of Honey's face. Honey blinked, waking up to Jackie's touch. Her green eyes on Jackie, she smiled and kissed her.
Baby, I have a surprise for you,” Jackie said and took her hand away from Honey's face.
What?” Honey asked groggily, and started rubbing sleep from her eyes as she yawned.
Take a shower and get ready,” Jackie said cheerfully and got out of bed.
Honey slowly sat up. Their lovemaking of yesterday and last night left her completely exhausted. The fact that Jackie had to cover her moans with her hand to prevent Jean from hearing them last night, didn't help matters all that much.
Where do you get all this energy from?” Honey asked as she tried to stifle a yawn with no success.
Honey managed to get out of bed and slowly dragged her feet to the kitchen. She put on a cup of coffee and Jackie hugged her from behind. Honey placed her hand on Jackie's arm, smiling. Then she thought of something.
My parents called the other day,” Honey said.
What did they want?” Jackie asked as she broke her embrace from Honey.
If we were still together and our wedding date which we still haven't set,” Honey explained.
What did you tell them?” Jackie asked.
Said I'd let them know,” Honey replied as she grabbed two mugs and poured the water from the teapot into each of them. “What about your parents? Any luck talking to them again?”
No,” Jackie shook her head and looked at the floor. She didn't want Honey to see her tears that threatened to come.
I see,” Honey said and put her hand on Jackie's shoulder. Jackie leaned into her and Honey hugged her.
A moment later, Jackie was energetic.
You're going to love this, go get dressed,” Jackie said.
You are way too giddy this morning,” Honey replied as she continued making both of their cups of tea.
Honey showered and quickly dressed. For today, she opted for leggings and a t-shirt. Jackie followed wore jeans and a t-shirt. Once they were in Jackie's car, she turned to Honey.
Put this on,” Jackie said as she grabbed a blindfold from the glove box and handed it to Honey.
Why?” Honey asked, taking the blindfold.
Please trust me,” Jackie said.
Honey sighed. She put on the blindfold and let Jackie take her to where they were going. After what seemed like a long drive to Honey, she peeled off the blindfold. She stole a glance at Jackie and glared at her to which Jackie chuckled. Turning around, Honey saw they were in front of a light blue house and it had a for sale sign in the yard that read “sold.” Honey wondered why there were here and then it dawned on her. Jackie succeeded in finding them a house.
That was quick,” she said immediately upon realizing that Jackie had just brought a house. She was also a little annoyed she wasn't involved in the planning process and decided to talk about that later. “How did you find one so quickly?”
Elena had some really good contacts,” Jackie answered and shrugged.
The two women got out of the car. At the door, Jackie pulled out a key from her pocket and opened the lock. Entering the house, she ushered Honey inside, smiling the whole time.
Inside the house, Honey was filled with wonder. There was a den with polished wooden floors. A full size kitchen with an island. A living room that also had polished wooden floors and cream white walls. A bathroom with a full size bath and a shower. The house was not furnished but Honey could already see a future here with Jackie. She followed her lover upstairs to find an upstairs bathroom and two bedrooms, one of the bedrooms being the master bedroom. There was another room that could be used as an office.
Honey pictured a new life with Jackie and possibly a child, their own future child. She stopped that thought immediately. She didn't want to think of children right now and had never even thought about having children. Being in this house with her lover however, made her reconsider.
What do you think?” Jackie asked her, grinning.
I think it's beautiful,” Honey agreed.
We move in next week,” Jackie said cheerfully.
Honey hugged Jackie and shared a kiss with her. This woman was amazing to her. The anger she had felt toward Jackie earlier dissipated. Then reality hit.
We're going to have to tell Jean,” Honey said.

We'll cross that bridge when we get there,” Jackie answered. “Let's get boxes and start packing.”

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