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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Intrigued by First Sight Chapter Twenty Four

Author's note: I wrote this story back in 2012. However, I am revising it again in order to write the sequel Rougher Tides. Some of the dialogue will be changed although I'm doing my best to keep it to the original story line.  If you are interested in this story, you can read the full version by clicking on the following link and purchasing it. However, the story will be updated once this revision is complete.
Standing in the backyard of the Justice of the Peace they had found, Honey waited patiently under the white arch. There was a cobblestone walkway that led from the large brown fence to the white arch and on either side flowers were arranged in a red and white color scheme. Two cherry trees stood on either side of the arch.
Honey was wearing a halter v-neck wedding dress. The Justice of the Peace was a middle aged woman wearing a suit and holding a book. Elena and Jean, Honey's brother Isaac, and her friend Tom, the only ones there to attend her wedding to Jackie. Honey opted not to invite her own family and Jackie's still weren't talking to her.
Still smiling, on the inside she was growing worried. 'Where are you Jackie?' It had been a while since she was standing there and she was beginning to think Jackie got a case of cold feet when the fence opened and Jackie walked through it.
Honey's breath caught. Jackie was in makeup which made her blue eyes stand out. Brown hair flowed in rivulets down her to her shoulders and back. Jackie was also in a wedding dress and she was holding a bouquet of roses. Honey was stunned. She was expecting Jackie in a tuxedo, but this was a different thing than she was used to. Still, Jackie in her mind, was absolutely beautiful.
Jackie walked down the cobbled pathway. Honey watched and felt as if everything was in slow motion. Eventually, Jackie stood next to her and they each smiled at each other. They waited for their ceremony to start.
The Justice of the Peace began to speak. Jackie and Honey were barely paying attention only having eyes for each other. Honey's green eyes held magic in them in Jackie's mind and her blond hair sparkled in the sunlight. Jackie was in a trance. Her daydream ended abruptly.
Jacquelyn Michelle Miller,” the Justice of the Peace said and Jackie looked at her. “You had asked to say something to Honey Agnes Elizabeth and right now would be an opportune moment, unless you're too busy undressing Honey with your eyes.”
Jackie blushed and Honey chuckled softly. Elena, Jean, Isaac, and Tom started laughing as well. Taking a breath, Jackie handed the bouquet of flowers to Elena. She then took Honey's hands into her own and looked at her blond lover.
Honey Agnes Elizabeth,” Jackie started. “I want to tell you I'll never break my promises to you and I will always keep you in my heart. I'll be there for you no matter what. Mere words can't express what I feel for you, and as we grow together I will only love you more and more every day.”
Honey smiled truly touched by Jackie's words. They still held each others hands as the Justice of the Peace began speaking again. So enthralled with each other, the Justice coughed politely to get their attention. Both woman flushed and made sure to pay more attention.
You are now wife and wife,” the Justice of the Peace declared.
She didn't have to elaborate anymore. Honey and Jackie shared a passionate kiss under the arch. Everyone there cheered for them.
Elena, Jean, Tom, and Isaac headed out once the ceremony was over. They were on their way to the newly wedded couple's house. The newly wedded couple looked at the Justice of the Peace.
Enjoy your new life together,” the Justice said and smiled at them.
The couple walked to Jackie's car. They opted not to get a limo. It was an odd sight, two women in wedding dresses sitting in the front seat of a car, but there was nothing all that traditional about them. They laughed.
Mrs. Miller,” Jackie said and quickly looked at Honey and back to the road. “It suits you.”
Today is amazing,” Honey agreed.
It's not over yet,” Jackie said and drove.
Back at their house, they had dressed in casual clothing. Honey and Jackie had set up tables in the backyard with food that everyone can help themselves to. Jean had given Honey a number to a DJ that had good rates and he was also setting up.
Honey grabbed Jackie and kissed her. Jackie hugged her tightly. Anyone could see how much the two cared about each other.
Their guests started to arrive. Jackie had invited some more of her own friends for the party and so had Honey. Honey didn't bother inviting the rest of her family because she figured she didn't need that sort of stress in her life, not on her wedding day anyway.
Once the DJ was set up, he asked the newlywed couple to dance. Jackie and Honey began to waltz and little did anyone know they had only practiced it for two weeks, Jackie taking the male lead of the dance. The song playing was one they had chosen.
Their dance continued long after their song was over. Everyone else joined in as well and others stood on the sidelines talking to each other. Tom danced with Elena and then Jean reluctantly agreed to dance with him as well.
Isaac also shared dances with the two women and even a dance with Tome. He did make sure to tell Tom he was straight. Tom shrugged this off explaining that two men dancing with each other shouldn't make them automatically gay.
Afterwards, Tom danced with Honey and then Honey switched partners. Jean seemed to be in good spirits to Honey and she was relieved. She had no idea Jean was still seething with anger and jealousy on the inside.
Congratulations Honey,” Jean said as she was twirled around by Honey. “I hope you're happy.”
Thanks,” Honey replied. “I appreciate that.”
I'm going to pick a song we both liked in high school,” Jean said and walked away.
Honey smiled and nodded. She went to grab herself a drink and a small plate of food while she waited for Jean. Smiling, she looked at her friends and Jackie's friends all getting along with each other.

Jackie was dancing with Elena. Elena had taken a male lead in their dance. Jackie was used to this from Elena.
Congratulations Jackie,” Elena said and spun Jackie around. “A shame your parents couldn't make it.”
They made their choice,” Jackie said and wished Elena hadn't brought it up. “They chose pride over love.”
Jackie was silent for a time. Her nanny had passed away when she was eighteen otherwise she would have invited her. There was no way she could reach Gerard otherwise she would have invited him and the maid. Snapping out of her reverie, she smiled at Elena as they continued their dance.
Congratulations on the police force,” Elena said. Jackie was used to her bringing things up at the wrong time. “I put in a request to Captain Hanks to have you as a partner.”
Oh,” Jackie said. “That's awesome.”

Isaac walked over to Honey who was sipping from her can of coca-cola. He helped himself to a plate of food and stood next to Honey. Honey had thrown her plate in the garbage pal.
Congratulations Honey,” Isaac said. “I understand why you didn't invite Mom.”
Please tell me you're not going to lay a guilt trip on me for it,” Honey said, hoping this wasn't going to happen.
Of course not,” Isaac said between bites of his food. “Bitch is crazy.”
Honey sighed. This was not the conversation to be had right now. It's true that their mother wasn't all there, but she thought Isaac was being disrespectful. The woman did give birth to them after all.
I'm glad I don't have to kick my own brother out of my reception,” Honey said hoping her brother would pick up on the hint and knowing well that he wouldn't.
How's teaching going?” Isaac asked.
It's a great career,” Honey responded wondering if Isaac did pick up on the hint after all.
Excellent,” Isaac said taking more bites from his food and then drinking from his own can of soda. “I joined the air force.”
What?” Honey asked in disbelief. Leave it to her brother to pick really bad times but this is something he should have told her a while ago. “Does Mom know?”
Not yet,” Isaac responded. “She'll try to keep me here.”
Honey nodded. It was true. Their mother had tried to tell her not to get an apartment after high school since she claimed Honey would have a hard time with rent and be back within six months. Honey ignored this and was now a school teacher and married to a police officer. She certainly understood why Isaac did what he did. She just hoped for his sake it was the right move.
Honey walked over to her wife. She danced with her for a bit more. Jackie beaming a bright smile at her and Honey shared a quick kiss with her.
Isaac joined the air force,” Honey said.
Good for him,” Jackie replied.
I'm worried about him and don't know what to do,” Honey confessed.
You have to let him choose his own path,” Jackie explained softly. “Besides I'm sure he doesn't depart yet.”
I know,” Honey said and kissed Jackie once more. “I need a break.”
Okay babe,” Jackie said and let her go.
Jackie walked over to one of the tables. Before she could help herself to a plate of food, she looked up and thought she saw someone at the end of their block just standing there. Curious by this, she sneaked away from her own wedding party and walked down the block.
Dad?” She asked in disbelief as she stared at her father and her former butler Gerard. “What are you doing here?”
Is it wrong for me to want to see my daughter on her wedding day?” William asked.
Jackie didn't bother questioning this. She was surprised just seeing her father. She didn't see her mother.
Where's Mom?” Jackie asked.
She is currently busy,” William said and Jackie knew that meant her mother was still un-accepting.
I wish she'd just accept,” Jackie said softly.
I do too Jackie, I do too,” William replied.
Jackie looked at Gerard, He stood there smiling at her. Then he bowed and stood back up.
Thanks for everything,” Jackie said.
I think it's time William,” Gerard said.
Yes you're right,” William agreed. “I won't dally here long since you need to get back to your wife. I came here to bring you a gift.”
Okay,” Jackie said, confused.
A gift from her father? What could that possibly be? Did she even want anything from him now? At the very least, he seemed to accept her now. William pulled out an envelope from his suit pocket and handed it to Jackie. Jackie held the envelope and looked at her father, waiting for an explanation.
I was going to give that to you on your wedding day, so you can start purchasing a house for yourself or a possible mansion of your own,” William explained on cue. “I see you have a house already, but please accept my gift anyway. Perhaps it can be of use to you in the future. Please humor an old man and accept it.”
Jackie opened the envelope and looked at the check. Did people still even write checks? The amount shocked her even more. It was a five million dollar check. She looked up at her father.
I can't accept this,” Jackie said.
I want you and Honey to have a good life together,” William said. “And if you two do have children in the future, you'll need it.”
Jackie knew there was no way out of accepting the money. She could always rip it up later and not accept it that way, but deep down Jackie knew here father was right. She had to accept it. Jackie hugged her father who returned the embrace.
Jacquelyn,” He breathed as he clutched his daughter tightly. “I'm sorry I wasn't always there for you while you were growing up. If I could change things I would and I would spend more time with you.”
It's okay Dad,” Jackie said and tears came to her eyes.
They broke their embrace. Jackie pocketed the check. She hugged Gerard tightly as well.
Jacquelyn,” William said. “To me, you are always welcome home. Now, go enjoy your special day. Marriage only happens once in a lifetime for us.”
Thanks Dad,” Jackie said not bothering to hide her tears of joy.
William and Gerard stood their. They watched as Jackie walked back to her own house. William took a handkerchief and wiped tears from his eyes. He pocketed the item and eventually he and Gerard left.

As Jackie walked back to her house, little did she know she was being watched. John Bradley was around the corner, studying every move. He had joined Jean in a religious cult and their order was growing steady and larger by the day.
John kept his post as Jean had told him to do. In his car, he observed the party. Jean had explained everything to him. Smirking to himself, he knew the lesbian couple would soon be sorry. His and Jean's plans would be set into motion soon enough. All he had to do was observe and study movements from the two women. His stake out would last a while and none would know any better.

Snickering to himself, he knew he would get his just revenge on Honey for turning him down in their college years. Oh yes, both Honey and Jackie would tremble with fear before him. He watched with an insane mirth as the couple directly and unknowingly played into Jean's hands. Oh yes, the lesbians would pay soon enough. 

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