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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Intrigued by First Sight Chapter Twenty Three

Author's note: I wrote this story back in 2012. However, I am revising it again in order to write the sequel Rougher Tides. Some of the dialogue will be changed although I'm doing my best to keep it to the original story line.  If you are interested in this story, you can read the full version by clicking on the following link and purchasing it. However, the story will be updated once this revision is complete.
Several more months had passed and Honey was in the spare room that she had turned into an office. It was late and she was dressed in light green lingerie under a a white bathrobe. Jackie had called to tell her not to wait up. Still, Honey had papers to grade and it took her a while to get through every detail.
She pushed the politics of teaching out of her mind, not wanting to focus on the No Child Left Behind Act. Thankfully, most of her students were passing. She had no issues giving tutorials to them, after all she wanted her students to learn. However, certain things needed to be accounted for. One of her students obviously came from a broken home and Honey sighed thinking of it. He was an extremely bright child but unfortunately his home life prevented him from reaching his full potential. Honey had even brought this student of hers a winter coat when she saw he wasn't wearing one. Still, it never seemed like enough. She was grading his paper as she thought of this and although he could have been an A student, he skated by with a C. She shook her head. Such a waste of potential, made her feel heartbroken, but she needed a thick skin. She finished grading the rest of the papers and stuck them in a folder.
Walking into her bedroom, she got under the covers. She pushed her blond bangs out of her face and a read a book on her e-reader. Quickly after, Honey fell asleep.
Honey woke up later and it didn't even feel like five minutes had passed, when Jackie got into bed next to her. Jackie looked at Honey and smiled. Honey could tell Jackie was exhausted but she kissed Jackie. She enjoyed her company and Jackie had just gotten out of the shower.
Jackie kissed Honey and suddenly they were making love to each other. Both moaning softly to each others touches and caresses, Jackie eventually collapsed on top of Honey. Honey blinked and slowly removed Jackie's hand. Jackie had fallen asleep. She then wrapped her arms around Jackie and kissed her forehead. They stayed like this for a brief amount of time.
Honey didn't want to push Jackie away, but she wasn't going to be able to sleep like this. Gently she pushed Jackie and her sleeping form complied. Breathing a sigh of relief, Honey spooned with Jackie and put her arm around Jackie's torso. She quickly fell asleep.
Over the weekend, the couple spent time together in a local park. Jackie was carrying a cooler with sandwiches, some fruit, and two bottles of water. Honey was carrying a blanket they could sit or lie down on. She smiled at Jackie as they walked down the trail filled with trees, dirt, and scurrying squirrels.
The couple walked up to a clear pond, a rare sight indeed. Honey laid down the blanket in the dirt and after taking her sneakers and socks off, put them down as anchors to the blanket. Jackie did the same after she placed the cooler next to the blanket.
Honey rolled up her pant legs and waded in the water. Jackie followed her. Being in a playful mood, Honey splashed Jackie with water and the two started having a water fight, laughing the whole time.
As she was splashing water at Jackie, Honey lost her balance and putting her arms out to regain her balance, she failed at it. She fell into Jackie and both fell into the water, Jackie on her back and Honey on top of her. After the initial shock, Jackie and Honey started laughing.
Honey kissed Jackie's forehead and got up. She held out a hand to help Jackie up and Jackie reach for it. Both standing upright, they held each others hands and walked back to the blanket. They ate their meal in mirthful silence.
We need to figure things out for our wedding,” Jackie said.
Can't we just elope?” asked Honey. “We don't need to do the traditional thing do we?”
Jackie laughed. She took a bite out of her sandwich. After she took a sip of water she spoke once more.
No it doesn't have to be traditional. We could get a justice of the peace to our house and throw a party,” Jackie said and shrugged.
That sounds like a good idea,” Honey responded. “We just need to figure out a date.”
How about June 14?” Jackie asked.
That's only a month away,” Honey replied and sipped her water.
Alright, so June 14,” Jackie smiled.
You think we could find someone in time to marry us?” Honey asked.
We can try,” Jackie said and shrugged again.
Honey smiled. She patted her lover's leg. Once their meal was done, they helped each other clean and pack up. There was going to be more work to do.

Honey was in the spare room, sitting in a chair at her desk. Jackie was behind her massaging her shoulders. Honey enjoyed the massage as she chewed on her pen cap and played with the pen between her fingers.
I thought we were eloping,” Jackie said as she looked over Honey's shoulder at the notebook she was writing in.
We are,” Honey said. “These are the people coming to the party.”
Cross my family out,” Jackie said immediately upon seeing her parent's names.
Being that you're their only child, I wish they weren't so cruel to you,” Honey said.
She got up from the chair and put her hands on Jackie's shoulders. Jackie picked up the cue and sat in the chair. Honey began to massage Jackie's shoulders, neck, and back.
Well they were,” Jackie said and Honey knew from her partner's tone of voice to drop the subject.
Elena will be coming right?” Honey said quickly.
Of course,” Jackie said slowly, relaxing into Honey's touch.
Honey continued the massage, working on the knots in Jackie's back and shoulders. Honey was livid at Jackie's parents. In her mind, parents who disowned their children, regardless of age, due to sexual orientation obviously didn't deserve the title of parent. Looking over Jackie's shoulder now at their guest list, she realized most people on the list were her own friends.
Jackie, did you have anyone else you wanted to invite?” Honey asked concerned.
Just Elena,” Jackie responded.
Are you sure?” Honey asked again.
Yep,” Jackie replied. “I googled JOPs earlier. One of them seems really good.”

I'll have to look,” Honey said as she continued massaging Jackie. 

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