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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Intrigued by First Sight Chapter Thirteen

Author's note: I wrote this story back in 2012. However, I am revising it again in order to write the sequel Rougher Tides. Some of the dialogue will be changed although I'm doing my best to keep it to the original story line.  If you are interested in this story, you can read the full version by clicking on the following link and purchasing it. However, the story will be updated once this revision is complete.

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Darkness surrounded her. Blinking into the darkness, Honey found herself in a murky basement. A light switch was above her and she reached up to pull the switch. The light was poor. Still, she looked around. There was a lopsided wooden table and clothes strewn everywhere. In front of her was a staircase. She was behind it.
As she stood up, she brought her hand straight to her neck discovering she was collared and chained to the wall. Honey pulled at the chain. It wouldn't budge. 'What the hell?' She was also dressed in a white cocktail dress and upon noticing this, she involuntarily shuddered.
Hearing footsteps she resisted the urge to scream and braced herself. A man in a black jumpsuit walked towards Honey. His brown hair was unkempt and it looked as if he hadn't shaved in a few days if the stubble on his chiseled face was anything to go by.
Honey stood guarded as he looked her up and down. Recognition flashed through Honey's eyes. This was one of the men that tried attaching her in the park! She gulped.

“What do you want with me?” Honey asked.
Revenge,” he stated. “On your lover.”
Eyes widening as she put two and two together, Honey had didn't think the attacks in the park were related. It couldn't have been. She was in the park alone when it happened, and Jackie wasn't in the picture until later.
What do you have against me?” Honey pressed.
You? Simple mugging,” he replied nonchalantly. “Until Jackie showed up. She murdered my father. Didn't she tell you that?”
Honey gulped. So this was Mark Jr.? Great! She didn't want to die like this. Did the standard forty eight hour waiting period pass? Honey didn't know what to do or even if rescue was a possibility.
Didn't the tournament have a thirty percent survival rate?” Honey said in an effort to stay alive as long as possible.
She has to pay!” Mark snapped, his fists shaking.
Wasn't everyone aware?” Honey started talking rapidly. “I'm sure your father understood this and the consequences of these choices made.”
Mark smacked Honey with the back of his hand. Honey fell to the floor from the force of the blow. Still on the floor, she rubbed her face and groaned.
How dare you,” Mark started screaming and clenching his fists. “You'd be like me, if she killed one of your own. That money belonged to my father. It would have gotten us out of that hotel room and into a house. At least an apartment. That Miller bitch took everything away from me! She needs to suffer.”
Looking at him in shock, Honey had no idea about any prize money. Why would Jackie enter a tournament for money when she was already rich? She saw Mark's pain and grief and any other time, she would have felt sympathy for him, but he had kidnapped her and for what? A stupid reason as far as she was concerned. The idea of dying here though, was something she just couldn't accept.
Why me?” she asked.
His eyes began filling with annoyance. Honey saw him move as if he was about to strike her again and she braced herself. She wasn't hit.
You're close to the bitch,” he spat. “You're a just a means to an end. You should have died last time we met, so I can steal money and get my mom her prescriptions. That didn't work. But it will this time.”
'This guy's a lot of talk,' Honey thought but was grateful for it. She wondered if Mark drugged his own mother but then focused back to the present. Wanting desperately for escape, she wished for a way of contacting Jackie or Elena.
Is Jackie supposed to be coming here?” Honey asked.
Once she figures it out,” he replied.
Leave any clues?” Honey asked, hoping this question game would keep her alive a little bit longer.
While she was asking questions, she was paying attention to things just out of sight. It was hard to do while staring into Mark's eyes. Nevertheless, she wanted to survive. Wondering why he didn't cover his face, Honey hoped he wasn't to kind to kill others and then himself. No matter what scenario however, she was treading through a slippery slope right now.
There are explicit instructions,” Mark explained. “Painful thing watching my father's murderer the whole time.”
I didn't kill your father,” Honey snapped.
Yeah and?” asked Mark. “Once Jackie gets here, you die and I watch her squirm. Revenge will be served.”
Mark waved his hands and cackled. Honey just stared. Was there no hope? No, she couldn't think that.
I'll bring you to dinner around eight thirty,” Mark said and walked up the stairwell.
Dinner at eight thirty? Didn't he just admit to killing her? What? Listening for the top door to open and shut, she ran her hands along the concrete floor and walls. Honey found this extremely odd, considering she wasn't a star in a crime novel. Still, she hoped something would turn up and the collar around her neck didn't help either. She couldn't find a way to take it off and the leash attached to it, didn't have much reach.
Looking at the clothes around the table, she wondered if she could make something out of that. She searched for something to use to reach the clothes. Honey had no idea if her idea would work, but it was worth trying it right?
Laying down flat on her back, she extended her legs as far as they could go. The top part of her toe touched the clothing. She willed herself to stretch a bit further, the collar getting tight around her neck. Managing to grab the clothing with her toes, she pushed herself backwards with her elbows. Taking deep gasps of breath, she waited before moving once more. The article clothing was a bit more in reach this time and she repeated the maneuver until she was successful.
Honey stopped for a bit and grabbed at the collar around her neck. She was able to slip a finger through and she breathed a sigh of relief. After, she formed the sweatshirt she had grabbed into a knotted rope. Hoping she was strong enough to pull this off, she waited. Jackie had taught her some self defense moves but nothing compared to real life experience.
As promised, Mark came down with food for Honey later on. No clocks were available, and since there were no windows, it was impossible to keep track of the time. Honey noticed the keys on Mark's belt and kept that in mind. 'Did this guy not evolve with the 21st century?' Mark placed the food on the floor, a foot away from Honey's reach.
Thank you,” she said standing up. “I'm so scared. I can really use a hug.”
Mark looked at her and snickered to himself. Honey disguised her fear upon looking into his lascivious eyes.
Why should I give you a hug?” Mark asked.
I need comfort,” Honey replied smoothly. “From a man, before you kill me. Wouldn't you agree that's the least you can do?”
Hmm,” Mark replied. “Turn you straight before killing you in front of Jackie.”
Honey enticed him to come closer. She flirted with him, and felt disgusting on the inside but she wanted life and if this was the way to do it, so be it. She fingered a strand of the white cocktail dress she was wearing and she flashed a seductive smile at him. Mark walked over to her as he started to unzip his pants.
Why wait?” he grinned.
Honey flinched and Mark read this the wrong way. He wrapped his arms around her and Honey snap kicked Mark's now exposed penis and she jabbed her thumbs in his eyes.
You bitch!” Mark screamed.
Honey quickly grabbed the set of keys as Mark fell over holding himself. Honey kicked his head and he crumpled to the floor. Searching frantically, she found the lock on the collar, opened it, and before running up the stairs, attached the collar to his ankle. She was surprised it could wrap that small, but was relieved. Serves him right, the prick! Dashing up the stair well, she didn't bother taking in the scenery and instead fled out of the house into the night. Then she saw the woods. Fuck! Things just had to get worse, didn't they?
Panic flooded through her since she didn't know which direction to go. She continued to run, barefeet stepping over twigs and rocks but she ignored the pain. Escape was prime directive. Honey had to keep moving. To make matters even worse, the woods were enshrouded in fog. She heard another set of twigs snapping in the silence. Honey ran faster ignoring the pangs of her chest, willing only to survive. She didn't want to find out if it was the Texan's son or not.
Eventually, she tripped over one of the uprooted trees and fell on her hands and knees. Shit! She scurried to her feet and scrambled to get away from her pursuer, but her captive found her and hugged her tightly. Honey formed fists punching hard as she could to get away and after a while she stopped when she realized the person wasn't doing anything.
Elena,” she breathed.
It's okay Honey,” Elena said and let Honey go.
The people. The house,” Honey said frantically.
Elena held up a finger. Honey stared.
Jackie,” Elena said simply. Honey looked at her blankly.
I told Jackie we can find you by cell phone and so we did,” Elena explained.
Honey wanted to be angry but this was a win for cell phone technology. If they had not shown up? She shook her head, ignoring the thoughts of what could have happened to her. She was lucky.
I don't want to go back there,” Honey said.
Elena nodded and handed Honey her coat. Honey gratefully accepted and put it on. The two walked through the brush. Once they were passed that, they walked over to Elena's squad car. Honey got into the passenger's side and Elena sat next to her.

Jackie looked at the coordinates were Honey's cell phone was picked up. Nodding to herself, she headed over there immediately. Hoping against hope that Honey was still alive, she wondered why the kidnapper didn't get rid of the cell phone. Talk about a criminal not with the times. Elena had come separately so they could have somewhat of an advantage.
She traveled the rest of the way on foot. If whoever it was had laid a hand on Honey, they were going to be extremely sorry. Sneaking up to the house, she hid behind one of the trees and observed. Honey dashed out of the house like a bat out of hell and Jackie hid from view. She breathed a sigh of relief that Honey was still alive. Then she looked to see what Honey was running from. When it was not immediately clear, Jackie went inside the house. Brandishing her combat knife, although Elena told her not to get too carried away and to meet her there, Jackie turned on her flashlight. Granted, she could easily be destroying her future career right now, but it didn't matter. Jackie would protect Honey no matter the cost.
Using the flashlight to see, she noted the trail of debris left by Honey and followed it to a door. She opened the door and walked down the steps and heard a man groan. Jackie gulped. Was this the jerk that kidnapped Honey?
After descending the steps, she followed the grunting and stopped. Mark Jr. was on the floor and the sight was pitiful. His eyes were red. It looked he was going blind and he was sitting next to a dirty and knotted red sweatshirt. Around his ankle was a cuff attached to a chain leash. 'Thanks Honey.' The pieces fell into place in Jackie's mind.
Hello, Mark,” she greeted.
This is not what I had in mind,” Mark said in a raspy voice, as he rubbed his damaged eyes.
What were you planning?” Jackie asked and put away her knife.
Plan didn't work. Why do you care?” Mark spat.
You kidnapped my fiance,” Jackie snapped. “I want to know why.”
You must suffer,” Mark demanded and tried to rush at Jackie but the least prevented him.
Jackie took a step back anyway. Was there anyone else here?
Crappy revenge plan,” Jackie said.
Mark grunted from where he was on the floor. He spit in her direction and again Jackie backed away. She grimaced.
I didn't want to kill anyone,” Jackie admitted. “The tournament had a thirty percent survival rate. I could have died myself.”
But you didn't,” Mark spat once more. “A woman. A fucking woman killed my father!”
Jackie grimaced again and breathed deeply. She couldn't let her battle frenzy claim her as much as she wanted to hurt this man for hurting Honey.
What if I gave you half my earnings from the tournament?” Jackie said.
Mark looked at her with a strange look on his face. It was of earnest. A tear glided down his cheek. Brown hair plastered to his head.
It won't do,” he admitted. “I'm going away for kidnapping and attempted murder. Best I could get is an insanity plea and released to a correction facility.”
You could probably use those winnings to pay for that bill and start fresh somewhere. I'm sure that's what your father would have wanted,” Jackie explained softly.
I was going to kill you,” Mark said with ice. “Why the help?”
Everyone deserves a second chance,” Jackie said and shrugged.
Mark looked up at her in disbelief. Looking at his chain leash, he tugged on it. It didn't come loose. Jackie stared.
Compliments of your blond bitch,” Mark snapped.
Her name's Honey,” Jackie said.
Weird name,” Mark replied. “Get me out of this?”
Promise not to fight me?” Jackie asked.
Whatever,” Mark replied. “Just get me out of this.”
Jackie nodded, not trusting Mark's words. She looked around and saw the key. Either Honey accidentally dropped it or she was sadistic. Jackie went with the first and picked up the key which was three feet away from Mark's reach. Mar didn't notice and was still looking at the ground.
Not taking chances, Jackie slammed her flashlight over Mark's head and he crumpled. Then she unlocked the collar from his ankle and hefted him up. The flashlight didn't do it's intended job. Mark put her into a head lock and Jackie reflexively put her hands on his arm, attempting to pry him away. This guy was a lot younger than the Texan and much stronger. Shit.
Jackie had no idea how she was going to get away from his hulking mass but there was no other option. She elbowed him in the gut and stamped on his foot. Quickly punching him in the groin, she somersaulted forward. Both crashed to the floor in a tangle or arms and legs, struggling against each other. Jackie quickly pulled out her knife and put to Mark's throat. Battle frenzy raged through her eyes and Mark was terrified.
Thought you weren't going to fight me,” Jackie hissed.
You hit me in the head with a flash light,” Mark said in disbelief. “And you weren't expecting me to fight back?”
Take my lead,” Jackie said, ignoring him. Anger surging through her body. “Don't do what I say and I'll send you to hell with your sexist father. Understood!”
Mark stayed silent. There was nothing else he could do. Unintentionally, his only reply was to piss himself. Jackie stood up, thankful his piss didn't get on her and not bothering to wonder why. She still held the knife to his throat. It was a funny sight for an outside observer- a five foot nine lithe woman and a six foot tall man cowering before her. They both walked up the basement steps. Mark didn't even notice the police officers until later.

Other squad cars were parked in front of the house Honey had been held captive in. Honey wanted no part of it as she sat down in Elena's squad car. She wanted to go home and hide. Eyes starting to tear, Elena noticed and lightly squeezed Honey's shoulder. She didn't want to go inside or back to the house, but once Elena told her Jackie was there, Honey opted to go back. She didn't want to see Jackie hurt.
Jackie walked out of the house with Mark Jr. Two officers walked up to her and she handed Mark to one of them and her knife to the other. The officer handling Mark Jr. put him in the backseat of his car. Two men came out of the house after that and surrendered. Both were arrested immediately.
The police sheriff came up to Jackie. He had salt and pepper hair that was professionally groomed. Holding out a hand to Jackie, he waited. Jackie looked at him.
Welcome to the police force!” he said and handed her a badge.
Confusion spread across Jackie's face. She shook his hand but didn't understand. However, she wasn't going to say anything, lest she look a gift horse in the mouth.
Of course, you will be heavily supervised with restrictions until you graduate from the academy,” the Sheriff explained. “By the way, he's been wanted for the murder of two people that happen to look like you.”

Jackie looked at him shocked. Then she headed over to Elena's car. Getting into the back seat, she sat next to Honey. The blond sat rigid and still. It was expected. Jackie breathed a sigh of relief that they were both still alive.

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