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Friday, January 6, 2017

Intrigued by First Sight Chapter Eighteen

Author's note: I wrote this story back in 2012. However, I am revising it again in order to write the sequel Rougher Tides. Some of the dialogue will be changed although I'm doing my best to keep it to the original story line.  If you are interested in this story, you can read the full version by clicking on the following link and purchasing it. However, the story will be updated once this revision is complete.

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Honey had graduated at the top of her class. She was relieved and thrilled that she already had a job lined up and another school she had been accepted into. Jean was happy for her and their friendship was easier than before. Jean no longer tried to pursue her and Honey was grateful for that.
On numerous occasions, Honey had tried to visit the hospital Jackie was staying in. However, Jackie demanded no visitors, not even family. Honey wanted to know what was going on. Even if they were no longer lovers, she still cared about Jackie deeply. No matter what, she would always love her. It hurt knowing she couldn't be there for her. Her phone rang suddenly and she was surprised Jackie had called her.
Jackie?” Honey asked.
Hello,” Jackie answered in a highly fatigued voice.
How are you feeling?”
Like shit,” Jackie said and coughed.
I miss you,” Honey said, hoping for the best.
I'll be out later this week,” Jackie replied. Come visit me?”
Okay,” Honey replied.

Later that week, Honey took a cab over to Jackie's mansion. She waited for the heat seeker to register her and let her gain admittance through the gate.
Ringing the doorbell, she waited and Gerard answered.
How is she?” She asked.
The maid and I pray that you can get her out of her current slump,” Gerard answered. “She's refusing to let anyone in.”
Honey accepted this and walked up the stairs. She opened the door to the bedroom she used to share with Jackie. Honey never gave back her key to the room. Shock displayed across Honey's face. Jackie was in bed, laying under the covers, her room in perfect chaos. Clothes strewn all over the floor, and junk food wrappers here and there. Looking at Jackie, her messy and she had clearly gained ten pounds.
What are you doing here?” Jackie muttered.
You asked me to visit you,” Honey replied and sat down on the edge of Jackie's bed.
I treated you like shit,” Jackie was adamant.
I came back because I love you,” Honey replied and placed a hand on Jackie's shoulder.
Jackie grimaced and then yawned. She didn't bother moving from where she was.
How long have you been living like this?” Honey asked.
What's it matter?” Jackie groaned.
It's not healthy,” Honey said rubbing Jackie's arm.
What's healthy anymore?” Jackie asked, still not moving.
Come on Jackie,” Honey yelled. “This isn't you. Where's the woman I fell in love with?”
Maybe she died,” Jackie yelled back, and then rolled over to her other side.
No she didn't,” Honey replied stubbornly.
She pulled the blanket off of Jackie, revealing her in light blue pajamas. Jackie scrambled away from Honey still on her bed. The site was pitiful to Honey. She shook her head.
Why did you wait so long to come to me?” Jackie cried.
I had school. You didn't want visitors. I tried. You left me,” Honey explained.
Jackie looked at her. Tears in her eyes. She crawled over to Honey and placed her head on the blond's shoulder. Honey held her tightly.
What happened with the police academy?” Honey asked.
I was told to take time off,” Jackie said, crying into Honey's shoulder. “Not like I had a choice, being laid up in a hospital.”
Honey stroked Jackie's light brown hair.
Have you seen a counselor?” Honey asked.
Have you?” Jackie shot back still leaning into Honey's shoulder.
Honey sighed. She had grudgingly seen a counselor after accidentally snapping on Jean at one point. The counselor she had seen had tried to prescribe her medicine that she had explained time and again that she would not and could not take. Honey had needed to talk about events not numb her mind to the pain. She was still looking for a new therapist after the incident.
Are we still a couple?” Jackie asked and left Honey's embrace.
She stared into Honey's green eyes, a searching look on her face. Honey put her hand on the side of Jackie's face. Jackie leaned into it.
Jackie,” Honey explained. “I love you. You hurt me by pushing me away but I don't want to leave you.”
Jackie swallowed and hugged Honey close to her. Honey returned the embrace. Stroking Jackie's hair, she leaned on her shoulder and then got a whiff of Jackie's smell. Breaking the embrace, she looked at Jackie.
When's the last time you took a shower?” Honey demanded.
Jackie chuckled softly. Looking around her room, she fell depressed again.
I'm sorry Honey,” Jackie said.
Honey stood up. Jackie stared at the floor. The blond grabbed Jackie's arm and pulled her up. Both women stood there looking at each other.
You need a shower,” Honey said and marched Jackie to the bathroom.
The bathroom was also in disarray but not as bad as the bedroom. At least there wasn't mildew, which surprised Honey.
Get in the shower and don't come out until you're clean,” Honey demanded.
Jackie moped and closed the door. Honey let out a breath. Clearly, Jackie didn't do well with depression. Then again, who did? As Jackie showered, Honey started putting Jackie's clothes into a single pile. She figured it would be easier for the maid later, plus she had to get her own mind off of things. Right now, she was trying to be strong for her lover, happy they were still together.
A half hour later, Jackie walked out of the bathroom. Her hair was glistening and she was dressed in a fresh set of clothing, jeans and a t-shirt. They fit her a bit snug, but Honey didn't comment on that. She was happy Jackie was clean and hopefully would soon be back to herself. Although she knew they would never be back to their original selves, not after everything that happened.
Are you okay?” Honey asked.
I have ghosts haunting me,” Jackie replied.
You have to stop blaming yourself,” Honey said. “It's not your fault.”
It's hard,” Jackie answered.
We'll make do,” Honey said. “Let's take a walk.”
Honey knew this was a ruse. No one snapped out of depression this quickly. Still, she would just support her lover. That was what she needed. Someone to love her without judgment. Honey took Jackie's hand in hers and they walked.

In Jean and Honey's apartment, Jackie was washing the dishes that were in the sink. She had agreed to stay with Honey temporarily. Jean was standing with her back to the wall, arms crossed, watching Jackie.
Any reason you're just standing there?” Jackie asked.
Jean shrugged in response. Jackie resisted the urge to slap her. Instead, she continued washing the dishes.
I'm enjoying a trust-fund baby do actual work,” Jean said.
Jackie looked at Jean in shock. Really? She shook her head. This was not going well at all.
Honey chose me,” Jackie responded. “Not you. She has free will.”
Free will is an illusion,” Jean said without a second thought.
Jackie flinched. She continued to dry the dishes and put them away in the cupboard. How were Jean and Honey still friends?
What would you do if Honey chose you?” Jackie asked, figuring she should play along for the time being.
Treat her better than you,” Jean replied.
I doubt it,” Jackie said. “You're the jealous type and what happened to Cassie?”
She realized she liked men better,” Jean said, anger in her voice.
Sorry,” Jackie replied.
Not like you care,” Jean said.
I don't like when people lie about their sexuality,” Jackie explained. “Besides, I'd show you sympathy if you weren't such a bitch to me.”
Jean snickered and stood up straight. She looked at her cell phone and then back to Jackie. Jean smiled.
You know where Honey is?” Jean asked maliciously.
She's working.”
Shouldn't you be working?”
It's my day off today,” Jackie replied growing impatient.
Did you plan to get Honey a ring?”
Jackie stopped what she was doing. That was the last thing on her mind these past few months. It was something she had been meaning to do, but things had gotten extremely hectic. Jean was being unfair.
I see you have not,” Jean said adding fuel to the fire.
Jackie shivered inwardly. Thoughts raced through her mind once more. Honey and her had to talk about the type of wedding they wanted, who to invite, and more. Jackie had also not come out to her parents at this time and that was something that needed to be discussed as well. She hoped Honey was out to hers, but she had no idea. They had been dating so long and yet neither introduced the other to their respective families.
When her chores with the dishes were done, Jackie walked into Honey's bedroom and shut the door. As much as she tried, she couldn't think of it as their room. She looked at the laptop and at Honey's e-reader. Shaking her head, she left the apartment and took a walk around the neighborhood.

Honey came home later that night with a box of Chinese food. Seeing that the dishes were done, she smiled to herself. Sometimes she secretly rewashed them because Jackie didn't always get it properly clean but Honey was grateful she tried.
She put the Chinese food on the counter and walked into the living room. Jean was flipping through channels on her television set.
Where's Jackie?” Honey asked after seeing her open bedroom door and no sign of life from it.
Left earlier,” Jean shrugged.
Chinese on the stove,” Honey replied. “Brought dinner for everyone.”
Honey went into her bedroom. Shutting her door, she took out her cell phone and dialed Jackie. A song played and Jackie answered.
Hello,” Jackie said.
Where are you?” Honey asked.
We need to talk Honey,” Jackie said.
When you come back we'll talk,” Honey said. “Are you safe?”
I'll be back soon,” Jackie said. “I'm fine. Just taking a walk.”
Once Jackie came back, she had eaten some of the Chinese food Honey brought. She had lost the ten pounds and was nearing back to herself or so it seemed to Honey. Jackie sat at the edge of the bed watching Honey grade student papers. The blond was wearing a set of reading glasses as she hunched over her desk with a red pen.
What did you want to talk about?” Honey said after she put her pen down and took her glasses off. She turned to face Jackie.
Do you still want to marry me?” Jackie asked and before Honey could respond Jackie added “If so, I think we should set a date.”
Honey laughed. Their engagement had been the farthest thing from her mind. She smiled.
I thought I'd be the one telling you this,” Honey chuckled.
It was Jackie's turn to laugh softly. She looked at Honey, beaming. She had honestly thought the same thing. Amazing how things never worked out exactly as you pictured them happening.
I haven't come out to my parents,” Jackie said.
I'm out to my parents,” Honey replied. “I'm just afraid of you meeting them. However, whatever happens in regards to you coming out to your parents, we will always work something out.”
Honey smiled and laid her hand on top of Jackie's. Jackie looked at Honey in appreciation. This blond petite, five foot five woman had a great strength of character. Jackie couldn't wait to their wedding day.
Come to bed,” Honey said. “It's late.”

Jackie changed into more comfortable clothing. She got into bed next to Honey and kissed her forehead. They slept peacefully in each others arms that night. 

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