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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Intrigued by First Sight Chapter Fourteen

Author's note: I wrote this story back in 2012. However, I am revising it again in order to write the sequel Rougher Tides. Some of the dialogue will be changed although I'm doing my best to keep it to the original story line.  If you are interested in this story, you can read the full version by clicking on the following link and purchasing it. However, the story will be updated once this revision is complete.

After everything was taken care of with the police, Honey and Jackie were back at the mansion. Honey sat on the floor leaning against the bed rocking back and forth. Jackie sat on the bed, head in her hands, elbows on her knees.
I'm sorry Honey,” Jackie explained. “I didn't mean for any of this to happen.”
Will I ever have a normal life with you Jackie?” Honey asked as she continued to rock back and forth.
Jackie wished she could answer that question honestly. She didn't know. Things would at least be a bit quieter now that Mark Jr. was behind bars. Staring into space, Jackie didn't what to think or do. She didn't want Honey to leave her although after this, she wouldn't be surprised. Might be safer for her if she did. Jackie laughed silently. How could she think of Honey leaving her at a time like this?
I'm sorry” Jackie repeated softly.
Jackie,” Honey sighed. “I hate your past, but that's not who you are.”
Jackie looked at Honey searchingly. The blond still rocking back and forth, Jackie had to admire Honey's emotional strength. Honey stood up and looked down at Jackie. Jackie looked up from where she was seated.
Jacquelyn Michelle Miller, you're one interesting person,” Honey admitted.
Jackie gulped. The only time her full name had ever been used was when she was being registered by the heat seeker or getting punished by her nanny. It was so long ago.
Honey Agnes Elizabeth,” Jackie took a breath before continuing. “I'm just happy you're alive and safe.”
Honey sat down next to Jackie. She placed her hands on her legs. Staring at the dresser, she let out another sigh.
I'm dreading the court date,” Honey said.
Honey stood up. Jackie stayed seated. She felt Honey's hand squeezing her shoulder lightly.
I'm taking a shower. Don't follow me in,” Honey said and walked away.
Jackie nodded. She had no intention of joining Honey in the shower and she'd wait to take her own. Honey had the option to move back home if she wanted to but Jackie feared for her if she did that. The court date didn't worry her much. It would be a trial that she and Honey would testify for. And damn the jury if they let Mark Jr. off the hook.
What truly mattered to her was introducing Honey to her parents. She had no idea if they would accept it. Laughing at her own selfishness in this matter, she pushed her thoughts to the side. Today was a life or death fight and she wanted to calm herself. Shaking her head, she had no idea what to do with these current dilemmas.

Honey turned the knob for the shower water on. Enjoying and relaxing as the water beat down upon her back, she just wanted to live in this moment. Not to mention, she wanted to get the dirt off her from her life threatening ordeal today. Grateful for cell phone technology, she also wondered if Jackie would use that in the future. No, her lover wouldn't.
Honey thought about the Texan. He lied if Jackie had to track her via cell phone. Also, what criminal would leave a cell phone on a person they were kidnapping? She shook her head again. Best not to think those things in the shower. At the very least, all she got a was a restraining order against Mark Jr. and decided to press charges. Wondering what this restraining order would do, she had no idea. Her friends in other areas of town who had restraining orders were still terrified of their attackers since their address was now known.
Again, she pushed the thoughts away as she rubbed shampoo into her hair. Thinking about Jackie, she wondered about their relationship. She loved Jackie dearly but could she handle her violent past? Honey had already said yes to Jackie's proposal. Still, meeting each others parents was going to be strange indeed. Honey smiled. How could she think of this after the events of today? Her smile vanished just as quick. She stayed in the shower for a bit longer
After she turned the water off, she grabbed a towel and dried herself. Still wrapped in the towel she walked back into the bedroom to find Jackie still sulking in the same spot on the bed.
Do you love me?” Honey asked.
Jackie looked up at Honey, shocked. How could she ask that? Of course she loved her.
Someone as beautiful as you, couldn't possibly want me so much. I'm lucky,” Jackie replied quickly. “Yes, I love you.”
Honey nodded and put on a pair of pants and a t-shirt. Jackie still sat there, curiosity getting the best of her. Honey put her towel back in the bathroom and then got into the bed, pulling the covers over herself.
Good night Jackie,” Honey said. “And take a shower.”
Jackie smirked. She got up and walked to the bathroom. Before she opened the door to walk in, Jackie heard light snoring. Slowly turning around, she watched Honey's peaceful sleeping form for a few minutes. After, she walked into the bathroom and took a much needed shower.

The next morning Jackie woke up to an empty bed. Honey wasn't even in the bathroom. Panic crept upon Jackie as she searched all the spots in the mansion that Honey usually frequented.
Gerard passed by her and she stopped him. Gerard looked at her with a confused expression. Jackie looked back at him.
Have you seen Honey?” Jackie asked not bothering to hide her panic.
She left this morning,” Gerard answered after letting out a breath he didn't know he was holding. “She said she needed sometime to herself and with friends and she'll be back later.”
Jackie nodded. Mark Jr. and the two other men were safely behind bars at the moment. Then she remembered that Honey never bothered filing a report on the attempted assault in the park. Damn it! Honey should have reported it. She'd talk to her about it once she was home. Jackie stopped herself. This wasn't Honey's home. She could leave whenever she wanted but it warmed Jackie's heart to know that Honey said she'd come back. Jackie walked back upstairs and changed into her workout clothes.

Two weeks passed since Honey's kidnapping. The blond was still living with Jackie. Jackie began to suspect that Honey didn't want to leave and she was okay with that. The only thing Honey didn't do was change the address on her id, although Jackie figured she probably could have done so by now if she wanted to but was still grateful she didn't. Coming out to her parents was something she would eventually do in the future. Having someone live full time here, might be cause for questioning. She was also thankful Gerard and the other workers never said anything about it. Anyway today Honey was visiting her friend Jean again. Jackie wondered about this, but she wasn't going to stop Honey. She only hoped no more kidnappings would happen.
She was in her home gym working out with barbells when Gerard walked in to see her. He stood safe distance away as Jackie finished her reps. After she finished, she walked over to him.
This came for you today,” Gerard said and handed her a blank manila folder.
Did they say who they were?” Jackie asked as she took the folder from him.
Nothing. I imagine it's from two weeks ago,” Gerard replied.
Jackie nodded. She wouldn't be surprised. Pulling out the contents of the folder, she skimmed it. It was the court date, but what didn't make sense is that she was the defendant. What? She looked over it again and Mark Jr. was the plaintiff. Was she being sued for the tournament that happened in another country and that everyone signed a disclaimer on? She shouldn't be sued for that.
As she read through the file more carefully, she noticed she was being sued for breaking and entering. Shit. This would definitely ruin her future career as a cop and she had just been accepted into the academy. Picking up her cell phone, she dialed Honey's number.
Hey,” Honey answered.
You get anything in the mail today?” Jackie asked.
Yes,” Honey replied. “About the court date. I don't understand why you're the defendant. He kidnapped me damn it!”
I did enter the house after you left,” Jackie admitted.
If our justice system can't be bothered to see gray areas,” Honey started yelling but then took a deep breath.
It says you're with the plaintiff?” Jackie asked in disbelief.
What?” Honey asked and Jackie heard a shuffling of papers through the phone. “Holy shit. But I wouldn't sue you. What the hell?”
Where are you?” Jackie asked. “I'm picking you up in an hour.”
School,” Honey replied. “Class ends in an hour. I got to go.”
Honey hung up the phone. Jackie dialed Elena. Today was going just awful.
Hi Jackie,” Elena answered.
I got some bad news,” Jackie said without prelude.
Which is?”
Jackie explained the contents of the manila folder to Elena. Elena's gasp of shock reverberated through her cell phone. As Elena spoke, Jackie nodded. Once the call was over, Jackie showered, got dressed, and headed to the police station to see Elena. This was going to be one hell of a time.

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