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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Rougher Tides Chapter One

Chapter 1
Jackie pumped her arms gaining speed on the man she was chasing down a suburban street block. This man was wanted for selling crack and the possible rape of a local woman. It was disgusting. And to think, more people like this were coming out into the open daily. There was no end to it. Either way, she had a criminal to catch, a job to perform.
The man ran another block and Jackie was fifteen feet behind him. She did what she could to catch up. Clearly, this wasn't a common criminal and a person that actually took care of his body. No matter, he'd be behind bars before long. Elena was in the patrol car, driving on another block to keep the man cornered and unaware that two people had been chasing him.
There was no way he would get away. Eventually, Jackie caught up to him as he was about to run down another block. Before he could do anything, Jackie tackled him to the ground. She quickly handcuffed the man and then checked his pockets for hidden weapons. There was nothing but a wallet. Jackie stood up and dragged the man with her. Even handcuffed, he was struggling to get out of her grasp.
Release me bitch,” he spat.
Jackie stood still, gripping is arm tighter as he tried to run again. She didn't understand how he was thinking he'd be able to run with his hands cuffed behind his back, but he was persistent.
Any thing you say or do can be used against you in a court of law,” Jackie began but was interrupted.
Didn't do anything wrong cunt!” the man yelled.
Jackie resisted the urge to roll her eyes. As she looked at his face, she could tell he was high on something. Maybe it was the crack he sold? Poor dealer if that was the case.
Elena had the lights flashing on the patrol car and she pulled up in front of Jackie. The man again tried to wrestle out of Jackie's grasp.
The fuck is the meaning of this,” he yelled again, still trying to break free.
This was enough. Jackie quickly opened the car door and threw him into the back seat. Slamming the door on him, she got into the passenger side of the patrol car.
He's wild,” Jackie stated simply.
Elena only nodded and stepped on the gas. Jackie looked straight ahead at the road.
This is police brutality,” the man screamed.
Jackie held back a sigh. There was no police brutality involved here. The guy just didn't like being caught. Most of them didn't like being caught, but if they didn't break the law in the first place then they could get on with their lives.

After everything was taken care of at the precinct, Jackie got into her car and turned on the ignition. She put a CD on with some of her favorite music, tapping her fingers to the beat on the steering wheel. Pulling up to a stop sign, she looked both ways and when she turned to her left, she thought she saw a black cloaked figure. 'What?' Jackie looked to the left again and no one was there. Shaking her head, she thought nothing of it and drove home, but as a safety measure just in case, she went back to her house in an out of the way fashion.
She smiled as parked her car in her driveway. It had been a few years since she and Honey had married each other and their love was still strong. It was nice coming home to Honey. Jackie looked as the house and noticed the lights were still on. Did this mean Honey stayed up again on a school night? From experience if Honey didn't get enough sleep she wasn't pleasant to deal with. Jackie let out a sigh and hoped for the best.
Jackie opened the door, her uniform clinging with sweat to her lithe yet muscular build. Her light brown hair, matted to her head. Looking at Honey, she was in the living room wearing a white bathrobe, blond head hunched over her laptop, hands typing away.
You're still awake?” Jackie asked to start conversation.
I was just about to go to bed.” Honey replied.
Jackie knew this was a white lie but said nothing. Honey put the laptop next to her on the couch and got up. She walked over to Jackie and threw her arms around her. Jackie returned the embrace, amazed that Honey still hugged her like this no matter what time she walked in the door.
You need a shower,” Honey said and looked up into Jackie's blue eyes.
Jackie laughed and broke the embrace. This was Honey's way of welcoming her home at times. She walked up the stairs to the master bedroom, peeled her clothes off, and took a shower. The hot water and the clean smell of body soap and shampoo was a welcome break from the events of today.
Dressing herself in a light blue bathrobe, she walked back into their bedroom. Honey was lying in bed but still up, her face in deep consternation, staring at the ceiling. Even her green eyes had worry displayed in them and Jackie didn't know what to think about this and got into bed next to her wife.
Are you okay?” Jackie asked.
Thinking about something is all,” Honey replied.
I can tell,” Jackie answered and looked at her. “What is it?”
I think we should expand our family.” Honey
Hmm,” Jackie said confused. “How?”
Well, I don’t know how to say this Jackie.” Honey said.
Just tell me Honey.” Jackie said. “You can tell me anything you know that.”
I think we should have a child.” Honey said.
Jackie’s eyes widened. What? She shook her head in disbelief. They were only married a year and now Honey wanted kids? She had never mentioned wanting kids before and Jackie didn’t know what to think. What the heck was wrong with her? Jackie knew she would definitely not make a good parent. Honey would, but if she had a child they would both be parents. There was no way this would work! She sighed.
It’s only been a year Honey.” Jackie answered.
I want a child Jackie,” Honey said. “One we can raise together.”
How about a dog?” Jackie asked.
Honey turned on her side and playfully slapped Jackie who only smiled in turn. She looked at Jackie with rage in her eyes. Jackie gulped.
Can you take this seriously please?” Honey demanded.
Alright, well who is going to carry or are we adopting?” Jackie asked.
I don’t know yet,” Honey admitted. “I don’t know about adopting or not but if someone was to carry I would. Your job is too risky for the sake of a baby.”
Jackie nodded somewhat relieved. She didn’t want to ever get pregnant and she didn’t think Honey wanted children although she was the nurturing type. Jackie should have figured this would happen sooner or later, especially since Honey was also a teacher. Any woman that was a nurturing type always wanted children eventually, not always, but a majority of the time they usually did.
Can I sleep on it?” Jackie asked, failing to stifle a yawn.
Of course,” Honey said yawning herself. “Nothing is set in stone yet. ”
Jackie caressed Honey's face. Honey leaned her face into the caress and then kissed Jackie. Afterwards she snuggled into Jackie like she always did and placed a hand on her chest. Honey had quickly fallen asleep with Jackie’s arm around her.
Jackie stared at the ceiling. Being secretive millionaires, affording children wouldn't be an issue. Honey was excellent at budgeting money and even utilized dollar stores for necessary items. It amazed her how resourceful Honey could be living on a budget, even with a ton of money they had been handed at their wedding day.
A child? It was physically impossible for Jackie to give Honey a child unless they adopted or Honey got artificially inseminated. This was something she was going to have to think through. Honey had never mentioned wanting a child before and Jackie was briefly reminded of a college assignment that Honey had to do at one point involving a doll. Ah, memories.
Jackie pondered this over. How could she distract Honey from wanting a child for a little while at least? She knew from experience that once Honey’s mind was set on something she’d stop at nothing to get it. Hearing Honey snoring lightly, she stroked the blonde’s head. ‘Hmm, maybe a puppy would work?’ Having no clue on how to put a stop to this crazy idea she fell asleep. This was going to be a huge dilemma.

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